Monday, January 9, 2017


This weekend was fabulous! We haven't had one in a while that included absolutely zero plans, and I couldn't have been more thrilled about that. I'm linking up with Biana today to share what we were up to the past couple of days. 

-FRIDAY we...

+ Met some friends at PlayStreet, a super cute indoor children's "museum." We were forecasted some flurries for the day -- a big deal for us Texans! -- so we played in the morning before the snow blew through. 

+ We came home just in time for the first little snowflakes to fall, and Walker loved trying to "catch them." 

+ Cuddled up by the fire with Walker and watched the snow fall from our living room windows. It was so quiet, so still and so magical.

+ Put the boys down for a nap and watched the snow lightly fall while cuddled up on the couch. To us Texans who get snow maybe twice a year, this was pretty significant! Obviously not Minnesota or Wisconsin significant, but significant! {And those of you Northerners laughing at us about our "snow," I'll remind you of this when we're in 100+ degree July days with 110+ degree heat indices! ;) } 

+ Took Walker outside to see the snow, which he's only seen one other time two years ago. My sweet little Texan said, "Mommy, is it raining?" I died laughing and made a mental note to take him skiing soon so he can see real snow. He was over it in about three minutes, and we hurried inside to sip hot chocolate and sit by the fire. 

+ Because our state practically shuts down at the mere mention of ice, Brandon sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic on his way home and didn't get here until super late. The boys and I got lots of cuddles in and they got to wear their fleece Christmas jammies they couldn't wear last month when we had our 75* Christmas Day. 

+ Brandon and I watched a DVR'd episode of "Fixer Upper" and called it an early night after a long week. 


+ Had a lazy morning! Brandon and Walker picked up yummy donuts for us for breakfast, and I made a quick run to get a much-needed hair cut. 

+ Were complete lazy bums on the couch watching "Toy Story" before we decided to drive down to Dallas to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Desperados

+ Arrived at Desperado's only to find they were closed due to a power outage, so we hightailed it over to Ozona for their Bloody Mary brunch! Walker got a pancake the size of his head; Brandon ordered steak and eggs; and I had my favorite item on their menu: sour cream chicken enchiladas! Knox was content to sit and try to chew on the table {#secondchild} and eat his Mum-Mum rice rusk. 

+ We drove down the road to Society Bakery, a special little place to us that we were excited to introduce the boys to. Nearly seven years ago, Brandon proposed to me with these cupcakes at White Rock Lake. We went out there to a little dock to "eat cupcakes" {since these are my favorite} and he asked what flavor I wanted. I responded, "Red velvet!" and then he said, "Well, how about a red box?" and got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife. It was fun going back to the place where it all started with our kids in tow. 

This picture is hilariously awkward and such a bad angle, but I laugh hard every time I see it. Real life, y'all!

-SUNDAY we...

+ Went to church, but of course had to get a picture of the boys in their matching Janie & Jack outfits before we left! 

+ Had a lazy afternoon of cleaning, laundry and naps. 

+ Watched the Golden Globes -- I'll be back with my favorite looks tomorrow -- and I lasted as long as I could before hitting the hay. 

I hope y'all had wonderful weekends!


  1. I make fun of your snow, but also know I could never handle your summers! So glad Walker got to see some snow! That cupcake proposal is the cutest thing!! And those Janie and Jack outfits..I die!

  2. What a fun weekend!! I love the cupcake engagement story. How sweet that you could sort of relive it! I know walker enjoyed the snow.. or I mean rain? Haha

  3. Looks like a fun a snowflake-y weekend! Love that you got some of those cupcakes and walked down memory lane! :) The boys look adorable in their matching outfits!

  4. Glad you guys got some snow and to enjoy it! Those cupcakes look delicious and how sweet that you still go back!

  5. All the things you have post that Walker said about the snow have just been too adorable! Those cupcakes look incredible, they are making my mouth water. It's been too long since I've had a good cupcake, lol. Glad you guys had a fun, low key weekend!!

  6. I'm over the snow in about 3 minutes as well so me and walker have that in common LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. That's so fun to have a weekend of spending time together as a family after being busy for so long! I'm glad you got snow up there in Dallas! My sister was texting me pics, and I'm so jealous because we didn't get any here in Austin!!

  8. What a sweet, family-filled weekend!! Your insta-stories of Walker & the snow were too cute! I'm hoping we get some more snow here soon!

  9. Aw poor Walker not knowing what snow is lol It looks like you all had such a fun weekend!

  10. What a wonderful weekend! That's so much fun y'all got some snow (even if it was only a little). I was slightly jealous of everyone's snow snaps lol


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