Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Weekending: Happy 2017!

Happy 2017! 

Like most people, I'll say that 2016 wasn't my favorite. Yes, we welcomed precious Knox and that was definitely the highlight of my year, of course! But we have much to anticipate and be excited about in 2017 -- fun vacations, celebrating milestone birthdays {my 30th and Knox's 1st}, and just a little bit more normalcy, as 2016 really threw us for a loop. 

I have mentioned before how I prefer to do "goals" as opposed to resolutions, and even though my husband teases me because, 99 percent of the time, my goals aren't tangible, my biggest one this year is this: be intentional -- with my time, my money, my kids, my husband, my friends and this blog. But oh man, especially with my kids and my husband. Time is something I'll never, ever get back with them and I'm really going to be intentional about plugging my phone in in my bedroom and focusing more on these three precious souls who reside in this home with me. So, not quite tangible, but important nonetheless. 

So, now that that's out of the way, let's get onto our extended weekend, shall we? It was that weird week between Christmas and New Year's Day in which I wasn't sure what day it was, what I should be doing nor what was even happening, really. Bowl games were on TV at all hours of the day, Christmas and New Year's Day both fell on the weekend and I was overall just generally confused. Ha!

-FRIDAY we: 

+ Had a "do everything" day: took down the Christmas decorations, cleaned up and cleaned out post-Christmas, and even some yard work. Walker was excited to "dress like Daddy" and help him rake outside, which then turned into him jumping into said pile of leaves. As Brandon said, "Raking with a two-year-old is equatable to not raking at all." But it was still fun. ;) 

 -SATURDAY we...

+ Celebrated New Year's Eve...family style! We took the boys to a super cute new indoor play place near our house and let them play for almost two hours. It was beyond precious, ridiculously clean and definitely a place we'll be visiting again.

+ Took our last family photo of 2016 in front of a gorgeous sunset. It was too pretty to pass up!

+ Let Walker stay up until 7:30 p.m. {wooo, party animals!} and have a living room picnic and watch "Toy Story 2." He was in heaven! 

+ Once the boys were in bed, Brandon grilled filets; I made Ina's spinach gratin; we popped open our favorite bottle of wine from our favorite vineyard in Fredricksburg, Texas; and we watched all of the cute 2016 countdown shows and reminisced about our highs and lows from the year. 

 + Then, we popped a nice $10 bottle of sparkling wine and were in bed by 11 p.m. #lifewithkids 

-SUNDAY we...

+ Were up and at 'em {because again, kids...ha!} and went to church. 

+ Came home and had our traditional New Year's Day meal of pork tenderloin {for health}, black-eyed peas {for luck}, cabbage {for wealth} and cornbread {for gold}. We invited my aunt over and had a fun afternoon! 

+ Had a completely lazy afternoon full of naps for the kids and lots of chores for Brandon and me. And lots of pictures because, of course! 

-MONDAY we...

+ Took Walker on a little "Mommy/Daddy/Walker" date since Brandon had the day off and we just needed to spend some one-on-one time with our biggest boy. We got a babysitter for Knox, and we saw a 9:30 a.m. showing of "Sing" at a local Moviehouse & Eatery and it was perfect: breakfast tacos for us and an "unlimited refill" bowl of popcorn with a bowl so big that Walker could have sat in it comfortably if he wanted to. ;) He did great and loved the movie; we only had to leave with about 10 minutes left because he was getting antsy...but I'm totally okay with him not being content to just sit and watch a screen for two hours!

+ Got Walker's hair cut while we were out and I just have to say, it's clearly good to be this kid sometimes...ha! Sunglasses, sucker, water bottle and being chauffeured around...sign me up!

+ Spent the rest of yesterday doing ALL THE THINGS before Brandon went back to work today. It was so fun having him off for a full 13 days; we sure are going to miss having him around all day, every day {and I'm going to miss the extra pair of hands...and the adult interaction!}, but alas, back to the office he goes. 

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  1. Okay I must live in the wrong place there are so many fun cute things for kids around you! I love all the meaning behind the New Years meal you guys eat! Hope your first day back to running the show solo goes well mama!

  2. What a fun weekend! That play place you went to looks so cute, I wish we had places like that around here. Even from the pictures I can tell it is super clean, how nice!! Nathan goes back to work again today too, sad face. It has been so nice to be able to be so productive these last few weeks with the extra help!!

  3. I think your NYE weekend was absolutely perfect! I love how you and Brandon celebrated with the dinner and the highs/lows of the year!! You two are such a cute couple! Wishing you and the boys a wonderful 2017! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Walker definitely got some loving this weekend--and much deserved after his hard work with those leaves! haha.
    I like your goal of being more intentional. You're a great mom, but I'm sure you feel the stresses of every day life, but just know you're doing an awesome job!

  5. You all had a great weekend! That play place looks so cute & very clean! What a great idea for someone to open that. We don't have anything like that in our area. Love your goal for 2017! Oh and we're not even parents and we were asleep before 12!! #noshame

  6. Slow claps for Toy Story 2, that's my favorite of the bunch! And I totally lost track of what day it was last week--I had to start putting plans with friends in my phone calendar with reminders!

  7. Those pictures of them working in the yard are so cute!!

  8. What a wonderful end of 2016 and beginning of 2017! So glad y'all had so much family time the past few weeks! We had a really hard time last night accepting we had to go back to work today. Also, that kids play area looks amazing!!!

  9. Aw, such sweet photos! I love the goal you set for the year, I definitely want to be more intentional in my life as well. And what a sweet little playspot! Happy New Year! :)

  10. Such a sweet weekend - loved your New Years Eve night! We don't have kids yet but we were still in bed by 11! ha! I'm jealous you're able to do lawn work.. and I never thought I'd say that :) We have too much snow for that!


  11. How adorable is that little play place?! Happy New Year lady! xo


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