Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Valentine's Day Books for Littles

Growing up, my mom always gifted us with a small little something for holidays like Valentine's Day and Halloween, just as something fun to make the day a little more special. I have carried that tradition onto my children, and it's one I hope they'll do for their babies, too! 

I like to give holiday-themed books for Valentine's Day, along with another small something. I found the cutest heart-shaped plates in Target's Dollar Aisle that I'm giving the boys this year, along with the Curious George book {Walker} and "I Love You More" {Knox}. 

If you're like me and resolved this year to be a little more on top of things, here are some Valentine's Day book ideas for your littles almost one month in advance! ;) 

one || two || three

four || five || six 

seven || eight || nine 


  1. I love all these valentines books! I always like to put a book in with a little something else for them!

  2. I love holiday themed books so much! I haven't picked up any Valentine's Day ones for Camden yet so thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I have totally been eyeing the mouse valentine's book! And also snagged those plates from the dollar spot! I agree it makes the 'little' holidays feel so special to do fun traditions like this!

  4. I need to get some of these for Jack! So sweet!

  5. Love Valentine's books!! We have way too many books in the house these days and I'm always trying to purge, but every holiday I still love adding new ones to the collection!


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