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Guest Blogger Post: Meet Mackensey from Stang & Co.

Hey, y'all! My blogger friend Mackensey from Stang & Co. and I wanted to continue the fun post Julie and I did in December {which you can read here} about being boy moms. Mackensey and I met through this lovely blogging world and she's seriously a doll. I love that we've become real-life friends, too, texting each other from halfway across the United States! :) 

Please stop by her blog today to check out my feature, as we've swapped blogs for the day for this fun tell-all about being a boy mama. 

Tell us about yourself and your family: 
My name is Mackensey, and I am a born and raised Minnesotan. I met my husband seven years ago at the ripe old age of 19 at one of his softball games. One of my good friends was dating his brother at the time, and after getting to know each other, and maybe a few hard tea and lemonades, we all decided it would be fun to play a game of "Red Rover" outside. After lining up next to each other, my now brother-in-law ran at us and couldn’t break our hold. Once the game ended, Mike kept holding my hand :) 

We have been married for three years, and welcomed our first baby boy ten months later. We then decided it would be fun (okay, not really fun) to build a house while preparing for the arrival of our second little man, and this past summer we underwent construction and bringing home a baby. Life is finally settling down a bit, and we are loving the new memories and traditions we are building as a family in our new home.

When I’m not busy being mommy and a wife, I work full-time outside of the home doing communications for a health system. I love to try my hand at crafts, and would bake brownies and chocolate chip cookies every day if my time (and waistline!) would allow it. Most of the time I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but I love to be busy and am so blessed!

How did you get started blogging?
I first started blogging just days before Jackson was born. I was intrigued by the chalkboard trend all over Pinterest, and thought it would be so fun to document my belly and newborn that way. Of course, Jackson arrived four weeks early, so I managed to get in all but one bumpdate before his arrival ;) 

Since then, I have loved tracking milestones, holidays, and family experiences through my little corner of the Internet. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked back on old posts and felt so thankful to have such detailed keepsakes of this sweet time in our lives. It is the little things we tend to forget, and blogging has allowed me to remember so many things I likely wouldn’t have otherwise, and I am so appreciative and thankful for that!

Over the years, my blog slowly morphs and changes. I have had stages that were all about pregnancy, then all about surviving newborn life, and so on. Most recently, I have started to dive a bit more into fashion and lifestyle, but my babies have, and likely always will be, the most important part of my blogging.

Thoughts on being a boy mom: 

I will be completely honest. When I found out my first baby was a boy, I cried. Not in front of anyone. I plastered the biggest smile on my face that I could. Mike and I went out and bought a cute little outfit to celebrate. I did the whole gender reveal with family and a gorgeous cake. But inside, I was so sad. I had always pictured nothing but little girls in my life. Playing dress up, talking about sweet little girl things, decorating with all things pink. I had no idea what to do with a boy. It really took me a while to come around. 

And then I met my sweet Jackson, and my heart was forever changed. I know it is cliché, but I did not know my heart was capable of loving someone so much. He instantly became my world.

When I found out I was having another baby, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for it to be a girl. But in my gut, I knew, pretty early on, it would be another boy. When I saw Lincoln’s sweet profile on the ultrasound, I felt an instant connection to him, I think because I immediately remembered how sweet my first boy was and what a magical connection I would have with not one, but two little boys.

As a boy mom who never thought I would be a boy mom, all that I can tell you is that I now could not imagine anything else. My two boys are my entire world, and bring me more joy than I could have possibly imagined. I am constantly stumbling over trains and toy cars, and spend my days talking about snowmen, robots, and fishies. Boys love their mamas something fierce, and I get the best snuggles and smiles. My boys love their daddy, but I melt knowing I am their first love. It really is something I never knew I wanted, but is everything that I needed. 

What has surprised you most about being a boy mom?

I have honestly been surprised by how naturally it comes. As a girly girl, I was so nervous about how I would do all of the "boy things." It is nice to have a husband who is a bit more willing to get down and dirty, and to wrestle and do those types of things. But not only do I manage to play and do "boy things," but I genuinely enjoy it. Anything that makes my boys happy, I will do a million times over.

I can also say I never knew that having two boys they could be so different. While there have been some similarities, for the most part my boys are polar opposites. One wanted nothing but to be held as a baby, the other was colicky and never content. One never stuck anything in his mouth and was pretty easy, and the other is a daredevil and cannot be trusted to be left alone for a second. They are hitting milestones differently, have gone about learning to eat solids differently, they are just so different. While I may not be experiencing the difference in gender with my kiddos, I really have been shocked by how unique and one of a kind they have both been from day one.

What do you love the most about being a boy mom?
I love how much they love their mama. Probably a little bit selfish, but when all else fails, I am the one that they want, and I love it. Of course this usually means when I am trying to wash dishes they cry for me while in their dad’s arms, but that’s okay! There is something so magically sweet about little boys, and I love how after they have worked off all of their energy, and laughed at fart noises and destroyed the toy room, they always want to end the day with snuggles and big hugs. I love that I have been given the opportunity to shape these boys into men. I will do everything in my power to ensure that they are God-fearing, compassionate, loving men who put others before themselves. I just cannot say enough about being a boy mom. It is something so special that I never really understood before, and I am proud that I have been blessed with this responsibility.

Your answer when people ask if you're going to try for a girl: 

I try not to get too bothered by it, because honestly, I have probably asked that question in the past, before being a mom with all boys myself. I do get annoyed when people turn it into a pressure situation. It is fine to ask, but when I say that we may be done, I usually get, "Oh but you just have to have one more and try for a girl. You are so girly, you need a girl." 

Would I like a little girl if God decided to bless me with one? Of course. But if all I have are the two sweet boys I have right now, then I already have more than enough and more than I deserve. Recently, someone was asking about my kids and when she found out my second baby had been a boy, she honestly acted sad for me and basically said how disappointing that must have been. I cannot say with certainty one way or another if I will have another baby, but whether I do or not, and whether it would be a boy or a girl, I am beyond blessed and wish others would realize that it is entirely possible to not experience having a girl and still be happy. My boys are more than enough!

Words of wisdom for other boy moms: 
If you hoped for a boy, it is every bit as amazing as you have dreamed. But if you are nervous or disappointed, know that you are about to experience the greatest love that is out of this world. You will play in the dirt, you will read hundreds of books about trucks and monsters, you will get more snuggles than you know what to do with. Do not worry if you aren’t good at "boy things," you will be. Don’t be afraid to seek out support and advice from other moms of boys. One of my greatest blessings has been this community and finding others who are going through similar stages and experiences in life.

There is nothing truer than the saying that the days are long, but the years are short. When the laundry is overflowing and the dishes aren’t washed, but your two year old wants to lay on you and watch a cartoon before bed, do it. I sometimes find myself in moments where I am entirely overwhelmed by knowing that I am in the midst of a memory that I already know I am going to want back so badly one day. Squeeze your boys and breathe in the smell of their baby shampoo mixed with dirt and sweat after a long day of playing outside. Watch them interact together, my gosh, just watch them. You will feel no greater joy than watching your boys love each other, and the sweet things they say when they don’t think you are watching. It will make your heart break and swell all at once when you watch them discover and begin to master the world around them. Enjoy every last second of it and live in the moment. There is truly nothing sweeter than these long, tiring, exhausting, beautiful days.


  1. Such a fun post! Boy moms are the best! I can relate to so much of this including crying when you found out you were having a boy. Funny how so many of us admit this after the fact.. I never would have told anyone at the time.

  2. So lucky to have found you my friend!

  3. I just read your interview on Mackensey's blog so I thought that I would stop by and say hello! You have a beautiful family!

    And Mackensey, I loved reading your interview! I learned a few more things about you that I didn't already know!

  4. Hey! I'm a new reader! I can't wait to learn more about you and your adorable family!


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