Friday, January 13, 2017


Happy Friday, y'all! 


It's Friday the 13th! I'm not that superstitious, but I will say that I always keep my eyes a little more peeled on this day. For what, I'm not exactly sure, but I'll be noticing a black cat wandering my way and won't be walking under any ladders today. Ha! And of course, I always think of the movie, "Freaky Friday" -- the 1976 film...not the Lindsay Lohan pre-crazy days version -- on this day. ;) 

Ever since Kelly posted about Snips & Snails on her blog, I've been completely addicted to that little Facebook group! I like to dress my boys in sweet little smocked Jon Jons for holidays, church and special occasions, and this little site has me buying ALL THE THINGS for my boys...namely Knox since Walker is none too thrilled to wear a Jon Jon anymore. I mean, I have snagged these things for about $12-18 a piece! You most definitely cannot beat that! {The below are user photos from the site, but I can't wait to share pictures of Knox wearing these sweet outfits!} 

If there's one thing I love, it's a good sunrise. I used to really love sunsets, but since having children and being up early with them in time to see the sun rise, I've grown to love them more. Tuesday morning, we had the most spectacular sun beautiful that I had to walk outside and snap a photo. This is completely unfiltered because there was absolutely no need to put a filter on it! Isn't God the best artist?! 

I would just like to remind y'all that this time last week, it was snowing. Exhibit A: 

And a week later, we have been donning short sleeves and taking walks in our new wagon almost every afternoon. Only in Texas, y'all. 

I'm sure y'all are, but please tell me you're watching the train wreck that is "The Bachelor?" Y'all, Corinne is a complete whack-a-doo...her parents must be so proud. I haven't read any of the spoilers, but I think he's going to end up with Vanessa -- the Special Education teacher from Canada. I really like her and Danielle M. {The seemingly normal ones...and isn't it funny that they're the two oldest contestants. Something to ponder.} 

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  1. Love snips and snails!! I've got to list some stuff soon! That sunset is beautiful! I am watching the bachelor.. Corrine is crazy. And I've decided I hate nick so maybe they are meant for each other haha. Happy Friday, friend!!

  2. I only buy smocked stuff second hand! I can't stomach the prices of something new that my girls will only wear once. I have a ton that I could resell right now but I keep thinking some day I might have a third girl and she will want to wear her sisters' stuff! Have you heard of Shrimp and Grits?

    Happy Friday! Stopping over from the link up - hope you can hop by my blog as well!

  3. So jealous of your warm weather! It's been so cold, one day in the 60s and then it's supposed to snow tomorrow here. I am over winter already! Corinne drives me crazy! I was also not a fan of Jen, the doula, from the wedding AT ALL. I like the NICU nurse but she seems a little plain, which may be a good thing. I am (sadly) very excited to see what happens next week.

  4. Those little Jon Jon's are SO adorable!! I'll have to check that place out in the future - I love all things smocked! The boys are so adorable in their new wagon - Know just looks so grown up, yet little at the same time :) That's so funny about the Bachelor. I'm always blown away at their ages because now they're all either my age or younger (I'm only 25!) and when I watched it in college, they all seemed so much older lol Have a great weekend!!

  5. Ooh! I need to check out that group you mentioned.. as if the online shopping for baby boy isn't already bad enough!

  6. Corinne is might be crazier than Lace and Olivia combined, and that is really saying something to me! Those little outfits are the cutest! I may need to join that group!!

  7. Beautiful sunrise and I love the jon jon's you put the boys in! This season is crazy. I'm giving it one more episode and then I may give it up. These girls are just gross.

  8. Those jon-jons are so cute! It is really not a 'thing' to wear smocked clothing up in MN..but I am always so tempted! Sunrises have become one of my favorites too. We are almost always up before the sun, especially in the winter, so watching it rise is just the best and makes those early mornings *almost* worth it. The bachelor. OMG. I think we need to open up our phone lines and gossip during it haha! Corinne is just embarrassing. I adore Danielle M. Yay for normal ladies! Have a great weekend!

  9. The weather with its ups and downs is just crazy!! I like your pick too - she seems the most normal!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. So this is the first season I'm making my boyfriend watch The Bachelor with me and he is DYING! He had to walk out of the room because of how awkward it is. I can't handle it but it is just too good to turn away from. Train wreck city. They definitely know how to keep the ratings high!

  11. That sunrise is GORGEOUS!! Not sure what part of Texas you are in, but we definitely got the snow last Friday... then the gorgeous seventies this week... and back to cold tonight!! This weather is crazy!! -Sara


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