Monday, December 19, 2016


Happy Monday! Less than one week to go until Christmas; I can't believe it! Our Christmas-y weekend flew by in a flash. Here's what we were up to: 
-FRIDAY we...

+ Had a super lazy day running errands and then welcomed Brandon home from his business trip with open arms! 

+ Ate a super easy meal of spaghetti with homemade meatballs and of course, a celebratory glass of wine for Brandon completing his 12th business trip of the year. 

+ Got in bed early because I was so worn out from the week; I watched three episodes of "Blue Bloods" on Netflix and fell asleep in the middle of the last one. #partyanimal


+ Celebrated Christmas with Brandon's side of the family! My mother-in-law started a new tradition this year of serving Mexican food, so we just kept calling it the "Whitacre Family Fiesta." It has a good ring to it. ;) I made The Pioneer Woman's Mexican rice, and I thought it turned out pretty well! 

Seeing Knox celebrate his first Christmas has just been a joy, and I love how he's truly more interested in the tissue paper, bags and wrapping paper than anything else. Sweet boy!

Our family of four

The boys opening gifts with their Daddy

Brandon and his Dad and brothers

All the boys: Brandon's brother, Jeff; our nephew, Brayden; Brandon's brother, Todd; Knox; Brandon; Brandon's dad; and Walker {making a ridiculous face}

All the girls: one of my twin nieces, Noelle; my sister-in-law, Becca; my mother-in-law; my other twin niece, Caroline; me; my niece, Ellie Kate; and my sister-in-law, Nikki

All of the grandchildren (L-R): Noelle, Caroline, Knox, Walker, Ellie Kate and Brayden

Uncle Todd holding Noelle and Knox

Precious Knox donning a Santa hat...and playing with the rug. Ha!

He's our favorite gift under the tree this year!

-SUNDAY we...

+ Were up every other hour with Walker, who was so sick with a nasty head cold that he couldn't breathe, and then was just crying out in pain from that and then told us around 3 a.m. that his ear hurt. Sigh. So he and I will be making a trip to the pediatrician today. But yesterday, we were all so ridiculously exhausted that we obviously stayed home from church, and as much as I hated to miss it, it was probably a good day to stay at home; the high for the day was 29* and when I went out to drop off gifts for the boys' Sunday School teachers, the thermometer in my car said 18*. Uh, no. I don't know how you Northerners do it! 

+ I put this soup in the Crock Pot and we ate that, disinfected the house, did laundry and watched the Cowboys game. 

Not the most thrilling weekend, but it was a fun precursor to next weekend's fun Christmas celebrations!

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  1. I hope sweet Walker starts feeling better soon! I love the idea of Mexican food at Christmas. But then again, I'd eat Mexican food every day and be fine with it!

  2. Poor Walker! I hope he gets better by Christmas!! And I need to try that Mexican rice recipe!! I love the Pioneer Woman!

  3. Love all the family photos you took this weekend!! I hope everything goes well at the pediatrician for Walker... xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I hope Walker is on the mend soon! Nothing is worse than when they cry out in their sleep :-( Love sweet Knox in his hanna jams, too precious!

  5. What a fun Whitacre Christmas!! Love that you're able to do a whole Christmas early... I might have to TRY to institute something like that when we have kids. I hope Walker feels better, especially before Christmas!!!

  6. Mexican food to celebrate Christmas - now that's something I can get on board with! What a smart idea! Love that you guys had one great celebration already!

  7. Mexican rice sounds good. Awe, love the picture of all the grandkids together, so cute!


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