Monday, December 12, 2016


What a wonderful Christmas-y weekend! I am in complete denial that there's officially less than two weeks until Christmas; hasn't this month just flown by? 

-FRIDAY we...

+ Met some friends at a local indoor play place to let the kids run some energy out, and it had been such a crazy day that I poured a glass of wine the second the clock struck 5 p.m. ;) 

+ Made my Aunt Katherine's chili, which was the perfect warm meal for a cold -- to us Texans -- night.

+ Had a wild night putting together a puzzle with a glass of wine and some chocolate chip cookies once the kids were in bed. We're party animals, y'all!

+ Watched the latest episode of "Dateline" and called it an early night.


+ Dropped Walker off at church for "Parents Day Out," something our church does once a year in December to give parents time to shop for Christmas presents, wrap them, or just have a little day date. We kept Knox home with us since he still takes two naps a day and he never, ever naps unless we're at home. Anyway, I spent the morning wrapping some gifts, taking my time getting ready, cleaning the house and getting some things organized before we had lunch at Taco Diner and then went to get our biggest little guy...who, by the way, had a great time with his church friends jumping on the massive bounce house they had brought in, making a craft, eating Chick-fil-A and being a wild maniac. Ha! 

 + Got Walker's letter from "Santa" in the mail, of which he practically jumped out of his booster seat at the kitchen table he was so excited. 

 + Made chocolate chip cookies and took them to our new neighbor, who just so happens to be a college friend; what a small world! 

+ Took the boys out {in matching Christmas jammies, of course!} for our 6th annual "Jammie Lights!" It's a tradition Brandon and I have been doing since we got married -- hence the "6th annual," and it's one of our favorites. I've seen lots of people doing this or something similar, but basically, you don Christmas pajamas, grab hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Walker was just in awe and woke up Sunday morning saying, "Hey, where's Jammie Lights?" 

-SUNDAY we...

+ Went to church, then came home and I made a yummy homemade meal of meatloaf, smashed potatoes and peas; it's one of Brandon and Walker's favorites and I just love a good homemade Sunday lunch! 

+ Did a ton of laundry and picking up/organizing around the house, and then proceeded to be lazy all day watching football and napping. 

+ Prepared for the last full week of everything for all of us this week -- school, work and Bible Study -- until 2017! 

I hope y'all have great weeks! I can't wait to read about your weekend happenings!

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  1. We made a chili last night too - love that it cooks all day!! So awesome that you had a parents day out - that's wonderful that they have that for you guys! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Jammie Lights sounds like such a fun tradition to have with your family! I'm all for pajamas and Christmas lights :) Happy Monday!

  3. The Christmas lights tradition is one that my mom and I used to do, too, and definitely one I'll want to carry on with my kids in the future!
    We're puzzle fans here, party animal status lol

  4. Aw, I love the Jammie Lights tradition! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. What a fun Christmas tradition, I am going to copy that next year! Also, puzzle + wine sounds like the perfect night to me!

  6. What an amazing weekend!!! Last year, we walked around our neighborhood a few different nights to see the lights but this year we're going to have to drive it since we don't have time lol! Have a great week!


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