Friday, December 16, 2016


Happy Friday, y'all! 

Brandon is currently on his way home from his final business trip of the year. We have 12 of them under our belts -- that's 60 nights he's been away from home over the past year -- and I'm so excited to celebrate when he gets home today. It's not easy for him to be away from us, or us away from him, but we're thankful for his hard work and all that it affords our little family. 

Even though I'm still not 100% feeling the holiday spirit {see this post on that}, we're in full-on Christmas mode over here! Walker is done with "school" for the semester, we're both done with Bible Study for the semester, and Brandon will soon be home for 13 whole days. #allthepraisehands 

This little cutie asks me every day how Santa gets down the "chim-mey," why his reindeer fly, and how are we going to give presents to Jesus on his birthday. ;) Oh, having a child -- especially one who's old enough to get it -- during the holidays is just perfection. 

I got a free sample of charcoal soap in my recent Sephora order, and I quickly fell in love. So much so that I went back and ordered the full size bar! Marketing win, Sephora! I use it in the morning and at night and, coupled with my Clarisonic, I'm really noticing a big difference in pore size and blemishes. This will definitely be on my skincare routine moving forward!  

I'm sure I've told y'all about these before, but they make the cutest little stocking stuffer for kids! We use them nightly for the boys, and just ran out the other night, so I grabbed some more to stick in Walker's stocking from Santa. 

I want this shirt sooooo badly! It's surprisingly from Aeropostale...and I'm pretty sure I've never shopped there in my life. It's currently sold out, but I think it's super cute! I need to find a similar one ASAP for Christmas morning. ;) 

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  1. Yay for having the hubs back and getting to spend so many days together!! Love all of Walker's questions--I need to start preparing mentally for all of that down the road lol

  2. Oh man, I refuse to add up the days Nathan has been gone - I don't think I could handle it!! That is so awesome that Brandon will be home with you guys for almost two weeks! I got a charcoal bar sample from BeautyCounter this week and I can't wait to try it!! Have a good weekend, girl!

  3. That charcoal sounds amazing - definitely going to check that out and yay for Brandon being done with work trips!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. So glad that you are going to have your hubby back. My husband travels to, so I know what it is like. Have a great weekend with him
    Chelsea @

  5. That tee is super cute! I haven't set foot in Aeropostale since middle school ;-) We just used those bath colors last night, they are seriously so much fun for the littles. So happy Brandon will be home with you guys for the next few weeks-enjoy and have a great weekend!

  6. I can totally relate to having a traveling husband. My husband travels at least three days every week and we are always so excited when he comes home! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Jessica @

  7. So glad you all are going to have Brandon home for an extended amount of time!! Love charcoal soap! BeautyCounter has a charcoal bar I love and I'm getting ready to try their charcoal face mask. I've also heard that taking charcoal supplements is great but I haven't been brave enough to try that yet.

  8. Woo that your hubs will be home so long! I totally love that top too.. I can't believe it's from Aeropostale! Now I need to scour the stores :)

  9. SO excited for you to have your hubs back! My hubs has been away an average of two weeks a month this year and nearly 180 flights - and it is crazy hectic on us and our family. Enjoy the special time together x

  10. That charcoal bar sounds so neat I need to try that! Also, sooo thankful your hub is home. Major props to you for raising two boys while he travels so much, you are superwoman! Xoxo

  11. Bahaha that shirt is so funny! That was THE.PLACE to shop at in middle school lol! So excited that Brandon is HOME and y'all get to enjoy the rest of Christmas together :) Walker's Christmas questions are so adorable - it's got to be so much fun seeing Christmas through his eyes. Hope y'all had a fun weekend!


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