Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Belated Christmas Weekending Rewind

Well, Christmas 2016 is in the books! I know I say it every year, but December practically flew by and I'm still in denial we're in the post-Christmas lull already. 

We had a wonderful Christmas -- Knox's first -- and while full of family fun and wonderful memories, I'm enjoying a little Christmas detox right about now. We had a trip to Urgent Care in my hometown for Knox {since our pediatrician was four hours away} who was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection, poor little guy. My kids really love to get sick on their first Christmases...I think we've made it a tradition! ;)

And even though it was a little stressful, I still giggle thinking about Walker's quip when he saw his ride-on excavator Santa brought him {which he saw at Sam's on a trip there with me and asked for it ever since}: "SANTA WENT TO SAM'S!!!!!!" And my mind will forever remember seeing my 98-year-old great-grandfather hold his two great-great-grandsons on Christmas Eve.

Here's a big photo dump of everything we enjoyed this past week: 

+ Time in my hometown in the piney woods of East Texas with my parents, including an ugly sweater decorating contest. I'm pretty sure Walker got more icing on his face than his cookies, but it was precious to see him sit up at the bar with my husband, brothers and their girlfriends and decorate. My Christmas heart was happy.

 + Exploring the new little Christmas Train Village in my hometown, and getting Walker and my best friend for nearly 30 years' little boy together to watch the "choo choos."

+ Celebrating Christmas with my family and grandparents at my parents' house. Walker was just over-the-moon excited with his new bike, fishing pole and astronaut costume that, when I handed him another gift to open, he said, "No, ma'am, I'm fine." Precious guy!

 + My Dad took Walker out to drive real-life construction machines, and let me tell you, his little life was made. If you know anything about Walker, you know that he can name anything from a skid steer to a backhoe to a tractor and disc to an excavator. He was just thrilled to do that with his Papa! And if that wasn't enough, the spoiling continued with a trip out to the deer lease to explore and ride the Mule. I'm pretty sure Walker thinks our house is extremely boring now after experiencing all that! 

 + Celebrated Christmas with my other set of grandparents, where Brandon looked up and realized he was the shortest male on that side of the family. Needless to say, there are some tall genes running deep there! 

 + Ventured out to my hometown's downtown area to see their light chandelier they display every year. And since it's such a small town, we were able to take the picture in the middle of the street and not a car was in sight at 9 p.m. Oh, how I miss that small town life sometimes!

 + Celebrated one last time with family, and seeing my 98-year-old great-grandfather hold his two great-great-grandsons...well, I had to try really hard to hold back my tears at that sight. My sweet Paw-Paw is a World War II veteran, and he was wounded on Nov. 11 in France. We sat and talked to him about some of his war memories, and we all got tickled when he told us, "Woodrow Wilson was President when I was born in 1918!" Y'all, Woodrow Wilson. I just...wow. 

+ Made the nearly four-hour trek home and unpacked all the things {seriously} and then got ready for Santa to come! I think we had two pretty sweet little boys this year because Santa was awful good to them, and he somehow left his footprints on my wood floor to prove he was there. ;) The wagon was a big hit, along with his excavator

+ We didn't even get out of our Christmas jammies all day long, and it was wonderful. We opened gifts, cleaned up, had our traditional beef tenderloin dinner, and indulged in eggnog and wine. It was perfect.

+ We ventured out to the Galleria yesterday to get some links taken out of Brandon's new watch and have lunch {and let's be honest, to get out of the house}, and while crazy, it was a fun time with my people. I made a trip to Target -- with all the crazies who were practically stocking up for Christmases from now to eternity -- and even though it was a complete and utter madhouse, I was able to score our wrapping paper and tags for next year, along with some precious little Santa plates for Walker's "school" Christmas party next year, and a few stocking stuffers for the boys. 

I hope y'all had wonderful Christmases celebrated with the ones you love. Cheers! 

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  1. Y'all had a wonderful Christmas this year! Glad it was a good one :)

  2. How amazing that Walker remembered where he saw that present!! I'm sorry Knox wasn't feeling well but glad you guys had a great Christmas!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Nothing beats spending a day in PJs-we did that yesterday! Your great-grandma looks amazing-98, seriously!? What precious pictures to have. And Walker just seems like such a hoot-that astronaut suit kills me! Hope you had the best Christmas, lady!

  4. Glad it was a great one despite the sickness (and despite everything we chatted about) knox's outfit and Walkers excitement melts my heart!

  5. Love your whole weekend but especially those sweet boys on Christmas morning an Knox's first one - yay! Love how you did the Santa footprints - I've been loving the snaps of all you guys are up to!

  6. Ugh, I'm still in denial that Christmas is over. So so glad y'all had such a great Christmas (minus the sickness) and Walker is so adorable with his excavator. The boys looked so cute and that's so neat they got to see their great-great-grandfather!


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