Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Drink Favorites

Well, the day is here: Election Day. Regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, today is an interesting day {to say the least}. I'm just busy fervently praying for our country and the people in it today.

And with that said, I think we're all going to need an adult beverage tonight -- or lots of chocolate if you're pregnant! 

So, I pulled my favorite bevvy recipes from Pinterest {see my full "Sips" board here} and will very likely be whipping up one of these tonight:  

The Reds: 

The Whites:  

The Blues: 


  1. umm, I think I will be trying that pomegranate champagne punch tonight!! I just bought some pomegranates at the store yesterday :)

  2. Very cute idea. If only I could drink away my sorrows...

  3. These are so cute - we definitely had the wine out last night!

  4. I totally ran to the store yesterday for a bottle of wine due to the election (and crabby babies)! Ha! The white wine mojito sounds delish!

  5. Yes please!!! I still need them today haha

  6. I still need these after scrolling through my FB feed lol. These look good!


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