Monday, October 17, 2016


Happy Monday! We had a fun weekend spent with our little family, and I'm linking up with Biana to share a bit about it.

-FRIDAY we...

+ Spent a rainy, yucky day inside all. day. long. It was fun to spend a lazy day with the boys, but I was definitely ready for a glass of wine by 5 p.m.! ;)

Walker decided to "feed" his stuffed animals in my bed. ;)

+ Had this cute chipmunk-cheeked boy join us at the table for supper! {And don't worry: he was buckled in and the food in front of him was Walker's that he thought his brother needed to "try." We haven't started solid foods yet. Just had to put the disclaimers out there! ;) } 

+ Watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix after the boys went to bed and I think I'm just as confused as I was before I ever watched! 

-SATURDAY we... 

+ Hit up our local farmer's market for the very first time! It was absolutely packed, but it was fun to wander through the stalls and see all of the locally-grown Texas produce, cheese, meat, etc. I came home with two bars of handmade soap -- Tea Tree and Eucalyptus scents. I'm loving them so far!  

+ Watched Baylor beat Kansas during the Homecoming game. We were so sad to miss Baylor Homecoming this year, but are looking forward to taking both boys next year for their first time! 

+ Took advantage of a warm, windy day and got out Walker's kite to fly after naps. He had so much fun and was so amazed.

This is him telling me "thank you" for the kite-flying experience. Love him!

+ Had ice cream sundaes and watched our latest "Dateline" episode after the boys went to bed. {Clearly our only time to watch anything these days!} 

-SUNDAY we...

+ Had a very slow morning, after which we took Walker to a local mall to let him ride the carousel. That boy LOVES him a carousel!  

+ Then, Brandon let him wander through an arcade they have there and he had a ball. I'm pretty sure he touched every button and spent about 10 seconds at each arcade game before moving on to the next. He kept asking us to go back to "the button place." Ha! 

+ Watched the Cowboys vs. Green Bay win! Go Cowboys! 

+ Ate this super easy, yummy meal for supper, and then cuddled up to watch "Killing Reagan" when the boys were down.  

All in all, it was a relaxing, fun little weekend spent together and while we are sad for Monday, we're already looking forward to a full week!  


  1. Okay Walker and your hubs hugging after flying the kite - I mean how does your heart not explode LOL!! SO sweet!! So glad you had a nice and relaxing weekend and that the weather was enjoyable for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. those pumpkin gourds though, I want them all

  3. Such pretty pumpkins! And I love Walker flying his kite! So cute!

    The Lovely Latte

  4. I pinned that tostada recipe when you linked it in a previous post, and we LOVED it. So simple and yummy.

  5. It will be such fun taking the boys to homecoming next year! The farmer's market looks like such fun and I love all the outdoor time you guys got in!

  6. What a fun weekend!! The farmer's market looks like a really good one! Walker sounds like the sweetest - being so thankful for flying s kite, building a fort - so cute! That Killing Reagan movie looked interesting! We kept seeing commercials for it in the hotel this weekend lol Glad y'all had a great weekend :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your guys! Wine by 5? Soulmate!!

  8. A fun weekend!! I love the farmers market but yes it is always packed this time of year!!

  9. I love those little chipmunk cheeks!!! :) So glad it was a good weekend despite the rainy Friday start


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