Monday, October 10, 2016


Happy Monday! We had a fabulous fall weekend filled with lots of celebrating. 

-FRIDAY we...

+ Spent a rainy, chilly morning indoors watching "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" and cuddling with blankets. No shame in our game! 

+ Ventured out to meet my friend Stacy for a play date with her littles. {And yes, we bribed the boys with fruit snacks for this picture. Again, no shame in our game!} 

+ Made my aunt's spaghetti pie for supper and caught up on DVR'd shows after the boys went to bed. 


+ Went to our local pumpkin patch! The weather was perfect Texas fall weather with blue skies and a crisp breeze and it was just amazing to be out in it!

In my honest opinion, our pumpkin patch is the best around and it just screams fall to me! The place has pumpkins off all shapes and sizes as far as the eye can see; "train" rides; bounce houses; hay rides; wooden character cutouts; hay bales and wheat stalks; wagons provided to pull your kiddos {and pumpkins} around; areas for that perfect photo opp; and everything is just so well thought-out. 

There's that sound machine I blogged about on Friday!

+ Went out to dinner to celebrate our six-year wedding anniversary! We sat out on the patio and enjoyed a delicious meal, drinks and time with each other. 

-SUNDAY we...

 + Reminisced about this special day six years ago. {Look at those skinny, rested kids!} 

+ I took Walker to church and Brandon stayed home with Knox because he was congested and fussy. We grabbed Panera for lunch and brought that home before we all took a good, long Sunday afternoon naps. Glorious. 

+ Watched the big Cowboys win! These two boys were happy to watch Dak. ;)  

+ Got the front porch decorated with our pumpkin patch pumpkins 

+ Watched this pretty sunset to round out our weekend. 

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  1. You do have a super awesome pumpkin patch! So glad you all had fun! That picture of Walker in his rain boots is just the cutest thing!

  2. I love your monogrammed pumpkin! Did you make it or buy it?!

  3. Well I for one think you both look just as good now as you did 6 years ago! Love all the fall things you got up to this weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  5. We just moved to the Dallas area and are looking for a great pumpkin patch! Which one do you think is the best?

  6. This seriously sounds like the best weekend!! That pumpkin patch looks like the best! Happy anniversary - looks like y'all had a great time celebrating :)

  7. Haha you're not really a parent until you bribe your kids with something into smiling for a picture! ;) Happy Anniversary to you both!

  8. Aww, your pumpkin patch outing looked perfect. I LOVE your W pumpkin!!

    1. Thank you! It's from Hobby Lobby about 6 years ago! :)


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