Friday, October 21, 2016


Happy Friday! I'm limping across the finish line this week, but we are here and that's something to celebrate! 

Did y'all catch my guide to Waco on Wednesday? It's a city that's near and dear to my heart and I was so happy to share some insight to it with you. If you missed it, go take a peek!

I can't believe Halloween is just a little over a week away! Walker's little school has been getting them in the spirit there, with each week a different Halloween/fall theme: pumpkins, spiders, orange, etc. We've been getting in the spirit at home, too, and yesterday I introduced him to the greatness that is "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" To say he's in love with it would be an understatement. It's just not Halloween to me without this sweet show!

My favorite new show? "This is Us." Seriously, y'all. ALL THE FEELS. I am crying one minute and laughing the next. It's the new "Parenthood" and basically I am obsessed and can't get enough.

I have raved on and on about Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo...but I totally cheated on it the other day and found a new love: Aquage Dry Shampoo Style Extending Spray. It smells absolutely heavenly {as all Aquage products do} and the best part? It's clear! No white residue. I'm not sure if I can go back to Living Proof after this...eeek! And bonus? It's cheaper!

Did y'all see the news that "Ladies of London" season three is premiering on Bravo on Nov. 29?! I love, love, love this show and can't wait to watch it this winter. From the sneak peek video, it looks like it's going to be quite the interesting season!

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  1. Oh man, I love all of this! I can not wait for more Ladies of London. Might be my favorite show on Bravo!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, girl!

  2. I may have to try the Aquage Dry Shampoo ! I love Living Proof since starting to use Dry Shampoo but it leaves a white residue.

  3. I just started watching This is Us! Only watched esp. 1 last night so I have a lot to catch up on it seems so good :) Chelsea @

  4. So much to say about this! 1. I'm literally about to hop in the car to head to waco! I went to Baylor for a semester before transferring to A&M so I know my way around pretty well.. but will give your post a look! 2. Maybe because I'm a new mama but this is us gives me ALL THE EMOTIONS!! I love it! 3. I've never watched ladies of London but might have to.. all my extended family lives there and we go there often, I bet I'd enjoy it!

  5. lol your first picture! The Great Pumpkin is the best - we had to watch it after seeing your snap and realizing we missed it on ABC this week. I can't wait to watch the newest episode of This Is Us but I'm going to wait until Stephen's out of town next week :) Have a great weekend!

  6. This is us in just the best. Obsessed. We haven't had Jackson watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown yet but we have it recorded. Everything is so much more magical with little ones around :-)

  7. I love The Great Pumpkin, I just watched Hocus Pocus this week in prep for Halloween. Ladies of London is such a fun show! I can't wait for the new season. Jess at Just Jess

  8. I seriously love It's the Great Pumpkin, one of the sweetest Halloween movies.


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