Friday, October 14, 2016


Happy Friday! I don't know where on Earth this week went, but I'm thrilled the weekend is here! 

I purchased this dress for my sweet friend Laura's rehearsal dinner next month, and I'm just in love! I'm beginning to wonder if J. Crew can do any wrong.  

I recently read somewhere that Vaseline helps your eyelashes grow in length, as well as add fullness. Never one to turn down any fun, I decided to try it out. I wash my face at night and then use my index finger and thumb to gently put some regular ol' Vaseline on my eyelashes. {But be careful because it's not fun when it gets in your eyes!} Then I go to sleep, and wash my face in the shower when I wake up -- and use a gentle eye makeup remover pad on them before I put on makeup. If I know I'm not going to wear makeup during the day, I'll also put the Vaseline on after my morning shower.

So far, I'm noticing that my eyelashes are much fuller when I put on mascara. I'll keep you updated. ;) 

Brandon and I are excited to sit down and watch "Killing Reagan" on Sunday night on NatGeo. {Does this officially make us old?}  

I love to share the wealth when I find a good product that actually works, so y'all, these personalized labels are awesome! I bought them on Etsy to label W's lunchbox container, water bottle and lunchbox, and I have been so pleased! They're dishwasher safe and don't fade or come off after being in the dishwasher or being hand washed. {These would also make great baby bottle labels for day care, MDO, the nursery, etc.} I have used sweetgrass prints more than once and I plan to use her again. 

Not sponsored, I truly just love this product! 

One of Walker's favorite activities this week was the blanket fort I built him on our dining room table. I removed all the stuff from the table, pushed back the chairs and threw blankets over the table and he has sat in that thing for ours upon end: playing cars and trucks, "reading" with his flashlight, laying on a pillow and playing with his LEGO train. He kept saying, "Mommy! I love this fort! Thank you!" Precious, precious! 

So lesson learned for me this week: never underestimate the value of {and peace that comes with} a simple blanket fort!

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  1. hmmm.. I haven't heard about Killing Reagan. It looks like something we'd watch lol I'm going to check it out :)

    Midwest Darling

  2. That dress is so pretty and will be perfect for your event!! That is super fascinating Vaseline can do that to your lashes! I'll be waiting for some updates ;) That fort is just the sweetest thing!

  3. Love your little fort for Walker - how sweet! Funny it's the simple things in life for them :)

  4. That dress is beautiful!! May need to picck it up for myself ;)

  5. Love that dress you picked out!! I hadn't heard of that new Reagan show, that sounds really good! The fort was a great idea, your instastories of it are so cute!

  6. I need to get some labels for Ls clothes. I picked him up from school the other day and they asked if a fleece jacket was was. I had been missing it since spring and couldn't find it, so bought him a new one! So frustrating!

  7. LOVE that black dress...I actually wore one very similar this weekend!! I don't shop at J Crew nearly enough.


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