Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: Confessions

Happy Thursday, lovelies! I haven't done a good ol' confession post lately, so I thought I'd link up with Annie and Natalie today to get a few things off my chest. 

+ I totally watched "The Family Stone" last night. I get so tickled every time I watch the part where Sarah Jessica Parker's character is telling the L-O-N-G story about how she met Dermot Mulroney's character. "Do you remember? How you were lost?" Ha!

+ And speaking of last night, we met some friends at Chick-fil-A for supper because mama just wasn't cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Some nights you are just surviving and that was last night for us! 

+ I need a pedicure something fierce. I literally have zero nail polish on my left pinky toe and it's embarrassing. It's just finding time to do it is the problem! 

+ Total Journalism major nerd coming out here, but I get so annoyed when people capitalize seasons. They're not proper nouns, so they don't need to be capitalized. {Click here for some info on that.} And woooosah!

+ I wanted to completely rage on Macy's the other day. I ordered Brandon a big-ticket item for Christmas online on Monday. I paid for said order, got my Macy's Money in my email and also received a separate order confirmation in my email. Two days later, I received a phone call from a person with an accent I couldn't understand, but said it was Macy's Consumer Protection. Of course I immediately thought someone stole my credit card number or something crazy, but I called the number back and they told me that this is "standard procedure" for Macy's when someone orders something online; they have to call you and authorize the order and then release it before it can ship. What the what?! After a 20-minute phone call with a screaming baby on my shoulder and a rambunctious toddler running around, let me tell you that I'll never be shopping at Macy's again. What a crazy policy! {But after doing some research on it, I read that Macy's does this because they want to bring traffic into their big-box stores as opposed to online. Not sure the validity of that, but it doesn't make me want to shop in store vs. just makes me not want to shop with them at all!} 

+ Knox doesn't sleep in his car seat. Like, at all. It's so frustrating to have a screaming baby when I'm on the go -- because, let's face it, I can't stay at home all the time. So, out of an act of desperation, I ordered this portable sound machine and it seems to be helping somewhat!  

+ I may or may not be about 90% finished with Christmas shopping for this year. #allthepraisehandemojis 

+ Speaking of Christmas, who has a Roomba? I really think I "need" one! 

So do any of y'all have any confessions today?! 


  1. That Macy's situation sounds crazy. Boo to Knox not liking his car seat. And YES to the Roomba. We've had ours for over a year and I love it. I run it when I'm not home and it's great!

  2. Oh man - that sucks about Macy's!! I'm not a huge fan of that store so that kind of solidified it for me ;) I can't believe we're getting close to Christmas! My parents are coming down next weekend and my mom mentioned letting her know if there were any gifts we wanted so she could go ahead and bring them down - I haven't even thought of any yet!!

  3. Macy's is one of the worst in terms of customer service. They really suck and I hate shopping there!

  4. You totally need a roomba! I got one as a gift a couple years ago and it is a godsend. Seriously. Sorry if I capitalized fall. I just get so excited about my favorite season. FALL! I'm pretty sure it's the only one I would ever consider capitalizing. lol.


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