Friday, September 23, 2016


Happy Friday! 

We are finally in some sort of a fall routine over here, and I'm glad that we're getting back into the swing of things. Between Walker's Mother's Day Out twice a week, BSF once a week and play dates with friends, we are busy little bees! 

And guess what else happened this week? This little cutie turned four months old. Can't even believe he's this big already, and I'm definitely not rushing the time or milestones in the least. With Walker, I was always looking forward to the next month, the next milestone, the next whatever. With Knox? I'm all, "Nope, not sitting in a stroller like a big boy yet. Nope, not going in the jumperoo yet. Nope, not going to eat solid food yet." I just want him to stay a baby forever! #lastbabyprobs

Did any of y'all watch the season premiere of "This is Us" this week? I absolutely loved it and was bawling about five minutes in. And that plot twist?! Totally wasn't expecting that! 

I am all about screen-printed shirts these days, so when I saw this one on Amazon, I couldn't resist. 


Unless you've been living under a rock, you saw that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Like most of the world, I was totally shocked, but also not quite so much when it comes to Hollywood. But the Jennifer Aniston GIFs and memes all over the Internet? Oh, those made my day. Hilarious! #karma

My new favorite recipe? This one: Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Never, ever would I think I would like brussels sprouts, but I am obsessed! These would make a delicious side dish for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner.  

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  1. I love all of this! Can't wait to try that brussels sprouts recipe. The bacon addition would be so good!

  2. Ahhh, dying over all the Jennifer Anniston memes. So hysterical. Happy Weekend! ~Hannah (

  3. Yum we LOVE brussel sprouts in our house but have never tried them with bacon. I'm so sad I missed This Is Us, I am going to have to catch up!!

  4. Getting into a routine is the best - sounds like y'all have a great one :) I feel like I'm going to be the same way as a mom lol my niece is growing up too fast and I'm like slow down!! I'm dying over all the Jennifer Aniston memes!! So great but sad they're splitting up. Those brussel sprouts look so delicious - we love them roasted :)

  5. Everyone keeps talking about how good This Is Us was...I'm going to have to go back and watch it! Oh, and those Jennifer Aniston memes were hilarious!

  6. 4 months?! How is that possible? Love all the Jennifer Aniston memes! I'm sure she wishes her name wasn't all over the news but the media is always going to connect those two!

  7. I miss summer but I like being back into a normal routine! Four months - he's growing so fast!!

  8. I've just discovered brussel sprouts and needed a recipe for them! Thanks for sharing! That Rachel meme is HILARIOUS! So perfect. Hope you guys have a good weekend! xo

  9. Those memes are hilarious. I wonder what Jen is thinking right you think the world cares about more than she does, or she's secretly enjoying it? Awe, savor every moment! They grow up so dang fast.

  10. I loved This is Us so much and can not wait to see what the rest of the season is like! Babies grow up fast enough on their own - no need to rush it! Gah he is just the cutest little thing!! A perfect mixture of you and Brandon. Hope you are having a good weekend, girl!


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