Friday, September 16, 2016


Hey, y'all! And Happy Friday! 

Sorry I have been absent all week long. I am still recovering from a yucky sinus infection and it's just been so hard to get my act together this week. I promise I'll be back in full force next week with more than just two posts. {Insert monkey covering its eyes emjoi here! Yikes!}

Speaking of our week, it has been crazy getting back into the swing of "all things fall." I'm already missing the low-key, lazy summer days, but getting back into a routine is good for all of us. 

Walker started his twice-weekly Mother's Day Out this week, which he's super jazzed about. Aside from not napping at all there this week {and having insane meltdowns once he got home in the early afternoon}, he had a really fun time...and I've really enjoyed spending some special one-on-one time with Knox. I also joined a weekly Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) at our church which, while it's totally out of my comfort zone, I'm pretty excited about taking part in. And that still leaves two days a week to go do fun things with friends. ;)

And while we're on a little "life lately" update: I'm so thrilled and thankful that my boys got to see and spend time with both sets of their great-grandparents this week. Not many children can say they know their grandparents, much less their great-grandparents {and one great-great grandfather}! 

After seeing it on Kelly Stamps' Instagram, I ordered this cute shirt from HeartGrown on Etsy to wear on College Football Saturdays! You can never have too many comfy T-shirts...especially on Saturdays and especially during the fall.

I have never watched "Dancing with the Stars" before, but when I saw that Ryan Lochte and former Texas Governor Rick Perry were going to be on it, I couldn't say no to that trainwreck. Ha! ;) Poor Rick, he's just not a dancer. But I'm actually really enjoying the show so far and can't believe I have never tuned in before! 

Growing up, my Mom always got us a little something for each holiday -- whether an Old Navy T-shirt with a heart on it for Valentine's Day, or Halloween-themed socks for Halloween -- and I love carrying that tradition on for my boys. Since October is next month {what the WHAT?!} I went ahead and ordered the boys' little "Halloween Happy" for Oct. 31. It's nothing big, but when Brittany told me about this book, I knew I needed to order it for Walker...and so I went ahead and got this book for Knox while I was at it. I'm trying my best to be a little bit prepared and on top of things this year! :) 

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  1. We love the Little Blue Truck books! I love to give little for holidays too and I'm so excited to start the tradition with Camden!! You are cracking me up with the Dancing with the Stars stuff, but I'm glad you are loving it! Sorry you are feeling yucky - hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your weekend!

  2. I'm so excited for you at BSF! My mom said 400 ladies tried to get in at Chattanooga - all of her friends got placed but my mom didn't and now she's on a waiting list of 125! lol We watched the premiere of DWTS and it was good! I'm definitely excited to keep up with it this season

  3. Okay, I've never watched DWS, but I'm considering it because the cast it just SO good! Glad to hear your fall is off to a wonderful start :)

  4. I love me some college football, do those tees are adorable!! I shared some cute, sassy tees too today! Great minds think alike. Good find on the link-up

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon!! It was 2 weeks of awful for us :( Grandparents are the best :) I had 2 great-grandparents too and not that I'm older and can look back I am SO thankful and I'm sure your boys will be too! I'm keeping up with DWTS a little this season and I think Laurie & Jana are my favorites so far.

  6. How lucky that your boys have two sets of great-grandparents! Unfortunately, my daughter does not have that and I so wish she would have been able to meet them. What special memories and photos your boys will have! Hope you get to feeling all better! I always get a sinus infection at the change of seasons - but from winter to spring. So miserable!

    Stopping in from 5 on Friday.

  7. Your boys are so lucky to have great grandparents! My moms parents died when I was very young and my dads parents don't value relationships with their grandchildren sadly. But my husband's Nana has taken that role over for me, we love her so much!


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