Friday, September 9, 2016


Happy. Freaking. Friday. 

I'm just going to put it out there: This week sucked. It wasn't my friend and I would not like to do it over for anything. 

Walker has been whiny, cranky and we are truly in the midst of the "Terrible Twos." Knox is in the middle of a month-long leap (if you have The Wonder Weeks you'll know what I mean) and while I love them both to pieces, this mama is worn the heck out. Add onto that an issue with some friends and their kids not being the kindest {and that's putting it mildly} to mine and, well, I'm still trying to figure out the most Christian approach toward that situation. All that to say, I just need me some wine. I gotta get real, here, folks. It's life and it's not always sunshine and roses.

But complaining/whining aside, here are a few of my favorite things, a la Maria von Trapp:

Thanks to Rachel, we got two HelloFresh boxes this week and whew, man, they couldn't have come at a better time. We got their Beef & Vegetable Kebabs to serve over Zucchini Cous Cous Salad {my fave} and Crispy Chicken, served with roasted corn and marinated vegetables {Brandon's fave}. 

Overall, I was really impressed! I loved that they packed literally almost everything I would need in the boxes, aside from the usual suspects of olive oil, salt and pepper, and the directions were clear and thorough. I can't justify the expense right now -- especially because I have the time to meal plan and go pick up my groceries -- but I think it would have been perfect when I was working and didn't get home until after 5 p.m...and I think it would make a great gift for college students, single folks, or even just as a gift to a married couple or family so they don't have to think about a meal a few nights a week!

I'm still trying to decide when I want to put my fall decorations out, because let's be honest, it's still in the mid-90's here and the last thing I want to look at are pumpkins when my kid is outside playing in his water table whilst wearing a bathing suit. Maybe I'll get them up on the first day of fall {Sept. 22}...?

But, that doesn't mean I can't dream of fall clothes, right?! You can follow my "Fall/Winter Clothes" board on Pinterest here, but these are some of my recent favorites: 

Speaking of clothes, I couldn't pass up two basic, yet cute, shirts when J.Crew Factory was having their 50% off their entire store sale this past weekend! I must say, I love me some navy and white stripes. ;) Ha! 


My precious friend Laura is getting married in two months, and I'm flying down to Austin this weekend for her wedding shower. I'm so excited to see her and celebrate her! We were roommates together during Baylor in Great Britain in the summer of 2007, and going in, we didn't even know each other. But, we came out best friends and have been in each others weddings...and I'm just so thankful for her and her friendship. Here's a throwback picture from our week in Italy {before we flew up to Great Britain} to celebrate: 

And yep, I totally had short hair! Eeekkk!

I had a conversation earlier this week with a friend I actually "met" through a high school friend. I had posted the below picture of Knox and Brandon, and I was mentioning how thankful I am that he came along and -- literally and figuratively -- completed our family. I shared with her how I was so nervous to have another baby and how I never thought I could love a baby as much as I love Walker. She told me, "It's so crazy how they [a newborn] can bring a whirlwind and a peace and calming feeling all at the same time." It almost made me tear up because it's so true. Never has our life been crazier, but never have I felt more content with my little "Whitacre Party of Four," as I like to call us. So thank you, Kendall, for your sweet words of wisdom! :) 

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  1. LOVE both of those shirts. Basically all I want to wear is some form of navy. Hope your weekend is a peaceful time! ~Hannah (

  2. Hope you have a fun weekend and get a little mom break!! I love that picture of Knox and your hubs! So cute and Knox's little belly is giving me baby fever!

  3. sorry to hear that some friends and their kids aren't being nice. i would just talk to them about it and clear the air.

    kids are TOUGH. i applaud you for having 2; i can barely even handle my own (single child) let alone more than her!

  4. I'm with you on this week. Over.It. That's so sad that those kids aren't being nice to Walker. Bring on the cooler temps & fall clothes!

  5. I love Fall clothes but i'm not ready to start decorating for Fall yet. It's an inferno outside! Love that pic of Brandon and Knox--so cute! Hoping the weekend gives you some rest and peace!

  6. I know what you mean. It's still so warm here too that I haven't found the energy to pull out the fall decorations. Loving your fall looks. Vests are my favorite! That HelloFresh meal looks delicious. Do you find it filling? Have fun in Austin!

  7. Fall clothes are my favorite ;) Chelsea @

  8. I live in South Carolina, and it's not unusual to still have a few days of low-90s weather in early October. It looks like fall outside but feels like summer.

  9. I'm sorry you had a rough week!! Dealing with all of that does not sound fun :/ Love your new J Crew finds! As much as I hate the heat outside, I'm going to clean and decorate for fall this weekend - I'm already loving my candle burning lol Have so much fun this weekend!

  10. I am SO GLAD HelloFresh could help you a little bit on this hard week, Mama!! Those meals sound fabulous, I'm sad we had to skip last week because of vacation (buuut not that sad lol). Hope you had a better week!!


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