Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday: First One for September

Happy Friday! I absolutely cannot believe it's September...but it most certainly doesn't feel like it with our 90*+ temperatures in Texas. All of my Northern friends posting about your cool mornings and your cute kids in their fall clothes...and we're over here in tank tops, shorts and ponytails -- and will be until early October. Ha!

But weather aside, here's a few of my Friday Favorites this week:

Brandon and I have a date night planned for this weekend, and even though we're just grabbing dinner, I'm excited about some time away. Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about leaving Knox with a babysitter for the first time. Tell me I'm not the only one who gets this way?!  

My mother-in-law was telling me yesterday how her favorite dry shampoo was discontinued, and my sister-in-law mentioned she had never used a dry shampoo {WHAT?!}, so I quickly told them about my very favorite dry shampoo. It's definitely expensive, but it's so worth it. Do any of y'all use this stuff?  

I'm still binge-watching "Blue Bloods" thanks to Kelsey. I am so obsessed! I've been totally slacking on my daily workout this week and instead watching two episodes as I fold laundry while the boys are napping. The show totally makes me want to move to New York City and be a member of the fictional Reagan family! Or at least always have a big Sunday dinner.

I saw this article shared over on Dallas Mom's Blog, and I laughed at how true it was. I read it on Monday night, the same day a fellow mama practically yelled at her teenage daughter to open two doors for me as I was trying to exit Walker's dentist appointment dragging a toddler and pushing baby in a stroller -- and carrying a diaper bag, and trying to juggle the 5,001 pieces of paper they give you, along with Walker's goody bag and balloon animal. Thankful that "Momalvry" isn't dead! ;)

Walker is most definitely at a super fun age, and he's getting more and more excited about Christmas this year -- telling us that "'Ho Ho' is gonna come down da fireplace." Of course, he thinks this is going to happen tomorrow, but we're working on that. ;) Anyway, it's just so adorable and it made Brandon and me talk about how innocent and exciting Christmas is to little children at this age. I vividly remember not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve I was so excited for Santa to come! I'm definitely excited to see Christmas through his eyes this year. {Although I'm by no means wishing for it to get here soon!} 

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  1. I saw a couple episodes of Blue Bloods when I went to visit my parents and I have been hooked since! It's just a matter of finding the time to watch it!

  2. It's actually starting to feel like fall around here, thank you Jesus! Hope ti happens soon for you, too :) Have fun on your date night this weekend! Enjoy your time with Brandon!!

  3. I haven't tried that dry shampoo but I've heard it's amazing! Haha glad you're still enjoying Blue Bloods! We're anxiously awaiting the new season and totally want to be Reagan's and go to those dinners too!

  4. Umm I LOVE Living Proof's dry shampoo- it's amaze!! Also.. I love love love that you mentioned Christmas in your post! I love me some Christmas! :) No matter what the season is!

  5. Living proof is my favorite dry shampoo, I just tried it for the first time this past week.

  6. Ugh, I'm stuck with you in the anti-fall weather category except mine goes till Jan. I always hate being here at Christmas in shorts. Have a great date night!!

  7. I love Living Proof Dry shampoo! It's the best! I wish it was less $$ though!


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