Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Summer Favorites

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: time to link up with my girls Jenn and Jessi to share what's "hap-pinning" this week. 

Today, I'm going to round up some of my summer favorites (that aren't baby-related, ha!): 

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-ONE and TWO-
Can I get an "amen" for the fact that elastic-waist shorts are in style?! I mean, my post-pregnancy body is shouting "THANK YOU AND AMEN" from the rooftops. No button? As Kevin McAlister said in "Home Alone 2,": "You got it!" But seriously, these shorts are amazing. I have them in white, black, blue, red and some various prints and they. are. awesome. I feel dressed up when I put them on with a cute top, but they're also great for bumming around the house. Plus, they're nice and cool for our ridiculously hot Texas summers. 

I ordered this shirt from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I'm in love. It's so comfortable and is a great style. It does have a low cut, so you might want to wear a tank underneath it, but I can tell you that this top will be getting a lot of wear by me! 

I received this oil in a recent Influenster Vox Box, and I really love it. Not only is the scent heavenly, but I mix the oil with my everyday body lotion for a nice smell without being overbearing this summer. I feel like it still sticks with me even after my perfume has melted off from our oppressive heat.  

I could sing praises for this book and the author, Jen Hatmaker. I have laughed so hard I've cried and simultaneously bawled my way through this book. Women, whether you're married or not, have children or not, or are dating or not: please read this book. It will truly change your outlook on life and how you, as a woman, face this world of impossible standards. 

I have a new baby and for real, I probably only wash my hair about twice or three times a week. And I'm sorry, but it's summer in Texas and why am I going to bother fixing my hair when it's just going to stick to my neck -slash- fall flat -slash- end up in a ponytail in .5 seconds?! So this dry shampoo is the bomb. (Do people still say that?) Anyway, it is. I adore the smell and it really does work.

Y'all, oh my gosh. I bought this foot peel on a whim totally thinking it wouldn't work, BUT IT DOES. It's so gross, yet so cool, yet actually works. You put on these little plastic booties with a salicylic acid liquid in them, tape them on your feet and then sit down for an hour. And then you wait a week thinking the money you spent was for naught and then, voilá: your feet start peeling and you're half horrified, half amazed. It took about a good three weeks for my feet to be all finished, but now they truly are super soft. I treated myself to a pedicure once it was all said and done, and my feet really do feel great. I might recommend doing this in the winter when people don't have to see your feet in sandals, but either way, I recommend it because it truly does work! 

I am not pregnant anymore, so need I say more? Yes way, rosé! This is my very favorite rosé and I have indulged in many a glass over the last 2-ish months. There is nothing better than an ice cold glass of rosé on a hot summer day!  

So tell me, do you love any of these things? What have you been loving this summer? 


  1. I bought a pair of shorts from loft that are elastic and they are amazing haha!! Great roundup girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I totally second the elastic waistband thing!! I am living in them this summer, too. Are feet becoming gross and dry a thing that happens after you have a baby that I just never knew about? I got a pedicure the week Camden was born and by the day after he came my feet looked like something I had never seen. They are a little better now but I'm totally going to try that foot thing you linked!!

  3. I'll have to give that book a read. It sounds really good!

  4. Love the elastic waisted shorts - they are the best!!

  5. My feet could definitely use that foot peel! My husband cringes at them. It's bad. lol. I've been trying to find some of those shorts that aren't booty shorts! All the ones I've tried are SO short.

  6. Jen Hatmaker was the guest speaker at a women's conference at my church last year. She is seriously just as cool and hilarious in person as she is on her Instagram/book. I LOVE HER!

  7. I'm so jealous she was one of your guest speakers!! How much fun! I've listened to a few of her podcasts and read this book and all were fantastic!

  8. You had me at rose and elastic shorts! Haha love it and you!


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