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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Second Baby Favorites (0-3 Months)

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: time to link up with Jenn and Jessi for "What's Hap-pinning Wednesday!" 

Now that I officially have a three-month old (and we are out of the super hard and very real "fourth trimester"), I thought I'd share what have been some of our favorite baby items for Knox these past three months. 

What I have learned having a second baby, however, is that you just don't need as much "stuff" as you think you do. (And don't get me started on the clothes! I was pulling bins down from the attic and was astounded at how many clothes I had for Walker -- and have for Knox -- that neither of them wore because there simply were too many! Why did I buy all of that?! Yikes! Tell me I'm not alone!) 

Anyway, here's what we have loved these last three months: 

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Knox moved into his crib at three weeks when we started BabyWise, but we absolutely loved the Rock 'N' Play during those first three weeks! We didn't have this with Walker, so it was such a change from the traditional cradle (that was mine when I was a baby) that we used for him. I liked that it was so easy to use and could easily be moved around the house to use in a different room, and the vibration was a nice added touch -- too bad Knox hated that part! Ha! But seriously, if we were going to have another baby (which we're not!), I would totally use this again. 

I debated getting a double stroller, but we bit the bullet on this one right before Knox arrived and I have loved using it! Walker is most definitely all boy and likes to run from me any chance he gets, so I have to have him strapped in when we go most places. We have the Britax B-Safe infant car seat, and this clicks and straps in so easily. Granted, this double stroller is a beast (but most are, right?!) and takes up a lot of room in the back of my SUV, but it's definitely worth it. 

I mentioned recently that I'm not nursing anymore, so I'm glad that we were gifted with a new bottle warmer! We used this same bottle warmer with Walker, but ultimately tossed it because it just got nasty after using it for about 8 months (spills, leaks, etc.). We tried so many when Walker was a baby and found that so many models out there leaked! Ugh! Once we found this one, we didn't turn back and this is definitely a repeat use item! 

These bottles have a ton of parts, but were great for Walker and have been great for Knox; they both had/have reflux and these really seem to help with that. 

Also a repeat item from our first baby: Wubbanubs! Knox doesn't like the pacifier as much as Walker did (who was addicted until I snatched the paci away at one year and didn't look back), but he does like to have it when he sleeps. These pacifiers are the only ones my boys will take, despite trying many other brands, only to give them away or toss them because those picky guys didn't like them. 

Halo Swaddle Sleep Sacks are great! We tried many different brands of swaddles with Walker (who pretty much loved any of them because he loved being swaddled), but these swaddle sleep sacks are the only ones our little Houdini Knox can't escape from. (He hates the swaddle.) And stay tuned tomorrow for a post about our favorite non-swaddle sleep sacks...and there may or may not be a giveaway!!!

We had this tub with Walker and I loved it so much, I hung on to it for Knox! It fits perfectly in your bathroom sink with a simple fold and then hangs to dry to eliminate mold! It's easy to clean, babies don't slip and slide in it, and it allows us to have a practically two-minute bath with Knox, which is always nice after Walker, who would sit in the tub for an hour if we let him! Ha! 

Hands down, best "wrap" ever. I could never figure out those complicated wraps (I'm looking at you, Moby) and this one is the easiest ever. It slides over your head like a T-shirt, and then you just tuck baby into the little pockets. I only use it when I'm around the house and Knox is fussing when he should be sleeping, and it puts him to sleep like a charm. (So much so that he snores sometimes! Ha!) I would recommend this to any new mama! 

We had the Diaper Genie with Walker, and I got SO tired of paying for those Diaper Genie refill bags. They were highway robbery for things that held poop! So when my sweet blogging friend Aileen told me about the Ubi, we picked it up and love it! Of course, you can't get away from the smell of poo when you take out the diapers, but I love that this takes regular garbage bags instead of expensive bags. I buy the Glad OdorShield bags and it seems to help with the smell, too. 


I bought this from my friend Liz when Walker was a baby, and we love using it! It works perfectly for tummy time, and Knox also loves to lay on his back and watch the bright lights and see the mobile spinning, and hear the sounds and music. The "legs" come off so easily when you need to wash the mat, too. (Which is a huge win in my book. #cleanfreak) 


These are the best swaddle blankets ever! You might remember a while back that SwaddleDesigns reached out to me to review their swaddle blankets, and I quickly fell in love with them. Since then, these are the blankets I go to when we're headed out somewhere and I need a little blanket on Knox's legs. Of course, it's still blazing here in Texas (and has been since about May), but when you're in the A/C, it can get chilly. So, I love these because they've been perfect for this Texas summer when you just need a thin blanket. I use these blankets for that, for tummy time when we're out and about, and yes, I've even used them to wipe spit-up when I can't find a burp rag quickly! Ha! 


Knox has some constipation issues, and I really like these for that. They do seem to help ease his pain and yes, even help him "go." They're odorless, tasteless (from what I can gather) and are easy to drop in his morning bottle. I highly recommend them! 



  1. I'm saving this for when that time comes for me...I trust you girl LOL! xo, Biana

  2. I bought a Puj tub (from your recommendation) and we have LOVED it! We used it a few nights ago and I think it was the last time, he was spilling all over the place! The big tub seems like so much trouble, lol. So many great picks here!! I can't think of anything I'd really add, though I do looove my Solly wrap (which is basically the same as a Moby)!!

  3. Coming back to this one (hopefully soon!) when I need it :)

  4. The rock-n-play was a lifesaver those first few weeks!

  5. We love love loved our rock n play sleeper! It was a total blessing. We are thinking about #2 soon so this list is only aiding in my baby fever :) Did you find the wrap to be true to size based on their size charts? I have vowed to baby wear with #2 because an infant + a 3 year old it seems more necessary!

    1. Yes, I did! I purchased the medium (and I'm 5'6'') and it fit perfectly! I would only recommend getting the small if you're super teeny tiny! ;)

  6. I can't believe Knox is already three months!!

  7. Ahh yes to so many of these products! And bye fourth trimester...I wasn't sad to see that go! I wish I had known about that carrier, I have a moby and haven't used it once because it's so complicated. Ha anything I have to watch a YouTube video on probably isn't for me! 😂


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