Monday, August 29, 2016


Happy Monday! Our weekend went by in an absolute blink of an let's get to recapping it, shall we? Before I begin, the giveaway winner for the SwaddleDesigns Cotton Knit zzZip Me Sack is...Owen Davis! Congratulations, Owen! I'll reach out to you shortly! :)

The boys and I ran a ton of errands, including to Walmart for our weekly grocery pickup. {Click here for $10 off your first order of $50 or more!} While we were there and waiting for them to load our car, Walker just read his new favorite book (out loud) to Knox and me. He's getting too big too fast!

For the second month in a row, Brandon was delayed getting home from his business trip. {Thanks a lot, American.} And for the second month in a row, it was more than four hours! Ugh! 

But on a positive note, my heart totally melted when he got home. Every night when we would FaceTime Brandon, Walker would ask him to bring him home an alligator. (I have no clue.) Well, when Brandon walked through the door on Friday night, he pulled a stuffed alligator out of his backpack for Walker! He'd made a special detour to a Toys 'R' Us in Kentucky to find one. I love that man and what a great father he is to our boys! 

We had the ultimate lazy day and it was wonderful! Brandon ran a few errands with Walker while I stayed at home with Knox and got a ton of things done around the house. During the boys' naps, I ran out to get a much-needed manicure and pedicure. 

We're thoroughly enjoying that it's still summer here and can still grill out often, so Brandon grilled some chicken and corn on the cob as part of our supper. At 2.5, we finally were brave enough to let Walker try his first bite of corn on the cob, and I think it's safe to say he's obsessed! {But trying to explain to him that it wasn't that's another story!} And yes, we kept it real classy without Walker's shirt on at the table. Ha!

Once the boys were in bed, we picked back up on our binge of "Stranger Things." It's so creepy, but we love it!  

We went to church, then came home for leftovers for lunch. I tried to nap when the boys did, but by the time I fell asleep, Knox woke up early from his nap. Le sigh. We picked up around the house, got a few things organized and watched a little preseason football on TV. I was not feeling cooking supper, so I picked up Chipotle; then we got the boys bathed, in bed; and started another episode of "Stranger Things." 

And because I couldn't not share my favorite picture of sweet Knox: 

Can't wait to read all about your weekends! 

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  1. Stranger Things is definitely creepy, but we loved it, too. And so did our family when we were at the shore! Love the corn on the cob pic! He looks so happy! :) I'm glad Brandon made it back, even though it was delayed!

  2. Oh my gosh his face while eating corn on the cob is too cute!! Sorry that brandon was delayed but glad you guys got to enjoy your weekend together!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Oh my goodness that last photo! Darling!

  4. Ok so Logan is obsessed with Curious George these days and Michael came home from his work trip on Friday with a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal for Logan. Crazy similarities! Hope you guys have a good Monday! xo

  5. How sweet that he brought that alligator home for Walker! I didn't realize he was in our state for work! Where does he have to go in KY? That corn on the cob photo is too cute! Glad you were able to sneak out for a much deserved mani/pedi!

  6. Oh my goshhh that last pic of Knox... I could eat him up!! SO CUTE! And yessss so pumped I won that swaddle! Xoxoxo

  7. What a fun weekend!! Flight delays are the worst! I got delayed about 5 hours once from Houston and wanted to cry in the airport lol #suchababy that was so sweet of Brandon to get Walker the alligator - that's the cutest picture ever!

  8. Okay, that alligator story is the cutest thing ever!! Glad you had a nice weekend!

  9. Love that you can do the grocery pickup - I need to find somewhere like that! Love that you guys had some fun family time once Brandon was back and that you got some alone time to relax!


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