Friday, August 19, 2016


Happy Friday! 

We've had one of those weeks that dragged on during the day, yet I look up and it's now Friday. It was so mundane that I'm having trouble even coming up with five things to share with y'all today! I'm not joking when I say that today is the first day since Sunday I have on normal clothes {not workout gear} and actually put makeup on. So when I saw this on Pinterest, I died laughing: 

And all the mamas out there said, "Amen!" 

We were Santa was thinking about getting Walker one of the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablets for Christmas, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. Any of y'all out there have experience with this little guy and can provide feedback? 

I was talking to a girlfriend earlier this week about Walmart Grocery Pickup {which I've shared with you my love of before}, and that led us into a discussion about ways in which we save money in our household. I will readily admit that I do splurge on some things, but I'm a stickler for saving money on others. Here are the money-saving apps/programs I use; do y'all use any of these? What am I missing out on?! Do share! 

+ Ebates: Money back just for shopping online! I mean, you're going to shop online anyway, so why not get a percentage back on your purchase? {click here for a referral code!} 

+ Top Cash Back: Same deal as Ebates, but it sometimes offers a higher percentage cash back at certain online retailers {click here for a referral code!} 

+ Walmart Grocery Pickup: I mean, it has saved my life since I've had our second kid. Order groceries online at your convenience, schedule a (free) pickup time, they load your groceries in the car without you having to get out, and you can't tip them. And did I mention you can buy wine, too!? I seriously can't grocery shop any other way! {Click here for $10 off your first order!}

+ Walmart Savings Catcher: This goes along with Walmart grocery pickup. Download the Walmart app on your smartphone. If you use the grocery pickup service, you'll get an email confirmation that you've picked up your groceries. At the very top next to "TC," you'll see a long number. Go to your app, click on "Savings Catcher," and type in the long number. Walmart will search around to see if any other retailers offered lower prices on any of the items in your cart, and if so, they'll put money into your Savings Catcher account! Sometimes I get nothing, sometimes as little as $.94 and sometimes I've gotten $6+ back! Pretty cool deal. 

+ Receipt Hog: Download the app on your smartphone and begin taking pictures of practically any hard copy receipt you have {grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, Nordstrom, etc.} and you'll be rewarded "coins" based on how much you spent. Once you get enough coins, you can cash out to your PayPal account or transfer it to a gift card from places like Amazon! I recently cashed out and got $30, which doesn't seem like a lot, but I got a couple of cute things from Old Navy's recent sale with it! 

+ Ibotta: Download the app on your smartphone and then start unlocking rebates on things you are planning to buy {or recently bought} at the grocery store. When you're ready, scan the barcodes of the corresponding items, take a picture of your receipt to submit it, and have the cash deposited in your Ibotta account. Like Receipt Hog, you can cash this out, too! {Use my referral code, 8uf4rg, and you can earn an extra $10!} 

+ RetailMeNot: Use online or via their app; it's various coupon codes and/or coupons for your favorite stores! Just search where you're shopping and if there are any available, they'll pop up. I've gotten anything from free shipping, to money or a percentage off my purchase, to even free items just by visiting them before I checkout. 

+ Cartwheel by Target, Kroger and Tom Thumb apps: I've downloaded all of these apps on my iPhone and I download coupons before I shop, and then let them scan the barcode associated with it for percentage off some of my products! 

There is no point to this #4 today except to say that I'm writing and simultaneously daydreaming about our trip to Jamaica last summer. I'd like to go back now, kthanksbye. 

School is starting in Texas for a lot of kiddos on Monday, so I wanted to write a brief little note to you teachers (and administrators, and school district employees, teachers' spouses, and school board members -- or school board members' spouses…and the list goes on and on…) just to say thank you

As a former school district employee myself -- and the daughter of a former middle school teacher and a current school board member -- I know you don't get thanked a lot. In fact, I know it's quite the opposite. You are torn in 7,001 different directions and are asked to be not only a teacher to most kids, but a parent to some, too. You work long hours, spend a lot of your own money on your classrooms, go to meeting after meeting and come home at night just zonked. So just know how much you're appreciated, loved and respected. If you're a teacher (or work in relation to a school in any way), would you comment on this post so I can pray for you? I just want to surround you in prayer this school year. 

And on the same vein, I also want to pray for you who are sending your littles off to the big world of school. Whether you're a mom sending your baby to their first day of Pre-K or their first day of high school, could you comment on this post so I can pray for you, too?

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  1. Since cutting our cable on Monday I am OBSESSED with looking for other ways to save money and have already scheduled appointments with our insurance guy to see what we can do there and have created a spreadsheet of our debit/credit card charges, lol. I've never been a big coupon-er but those apps you mentioned seem simple enough! Thanks for sharing :) Have a great weekend!

  2. school starts for us sept 6 after the long weekend. ugh, that means back to making those blasted lunches!!!!

    ps - ebates removed Walmart from their list! made me so mad when i realized that since walmart is the only place i really order stuff from :(

  3. Love some of the different ideas up top. I'll have to check out the ones I'm not using yet. The only one I didn't see up there was Checkout 51, which is very similar to ibotta. Happy saving!

  4. I don't have any experience with those tablets, but my sister in law got them for her kids and they've loved them! She also got a really good deal on them on cyber monday, so if you're thinking about them for Christmas, maybe wait until then, the price might drop!

  5. I need to try this Walmart grocery pick up, sounds AMAZING and would save me a ton from all the random items my kids throw in the cart. lol!

  6. Amen to that mom quote you found on Pinterest! Hilarious and so true! Don't feel bad about not getting dressed in normal clothes... Your not alone ;) I love love love using curbside grocery pickup! It's a huge life saver for me too!

  7. We love the Kindle Fire Kids Edition. I bought it on a whim prior to a Shreveport trip. Will can't download inappropriate apps but he is able to choose what he wants. There's not a ton of storage space but that hasn't been a problem for us. Finally, the thing is indestructible. I recommend!

  8. I know this is an older post but I just found your blog and wanted to say Hello. So turns out our boys are very close in age - Dino was born February 9, 2014 and Luciano on May 25 this year.

    We actually just got Dino the Kids Fire and I absolutely love it! I mean he likes it too, but I'm really impressed by it. He was constantly asking to watch Elmo on my phone or IPad so I thought it might be time for his own device. The Freetime that comes with it is awesome- so many apps to choose from Daniel Tiger, Elmo, Thomas the Train and the list goes on. What's really neat is to see him actually learning and picking up the games so quickly. There is this one Duplo Train game that he loves and can do all on his own.


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