Friday, August 5, 2016


Happy Friday, y'all! We're gearing up for an extremely low-key weekend spent with just our little family, and I couldn't be more excited about that. It's been a crazy last two weeks and nothing sounds better than relaxing with the four of us with zero plans.

And speaking of things I'm excited about, The Olympics Opening Ceremony is tonight! I absolutely adore the Summer Olympics and can't wait to watch over the next few weeks. We're planning to have an all-American meal tonight as we cheer on Team USA: hamburgers, baked beans and sweet potato fries. #merica 

After nearly four years of my shoes being on the back of my closet door, spread out on one shelf and on the closet floor, we finally upgraded our closet this week to have shoe storage, as well as did Knox's closet to have more storage and usability...and I'm thrilled with the results! We just had a local woodworker build angled shoe shelves for above our clothes racks, and then he built me an angled shoe cubby, too. For Knox, he added a four-drawer chest of drawers, an extra shelf and an extra hanging rod. I love that everything has a place now!

I am really obsessed with these big signs I've been seeing all over Pinterest lately and am definitely thinking we're going to have some of these in our next house. We're not planning to move any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?! {Follow me on Pinterest here}


Are any of y'all watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" this summer? I almost gave up on it last season, but I'm really liking it this season! The addition of Siggy is a good one, and I'm glad Teresa is back, as crazy as she is. But Siggy cracks me up. I literally LOL'd at her saying to her kids, "You came out of me! I am obsessed with you!" Um, totally can understand that! Ha! 


Any of you boy mamas out there have littles obsessed with construction anything like Walker is? That child can tell you the difference between a bulldozer, forklift, cherry picker, backhoe, excavator and the like...and will be the first to correct you if you get it wrong! Our church is currently under construction, and I swear he asks to drive by it at least 7,001 times a day to see all of the construction vehicles. That said, in addition to his little toy construction vehicles, I wanted to get him some little construction-related coloring books to keep him occupied while I was feeding Knox in the beginning (and getting him down for naps now). He loves this one and this one that I found on Amazon for so cheap! And little does he know, Santa is bringing him this book and this book to accompany his very favorite book, "Roadwork." 

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  1. Love closet organization and you did such a great job with yours!! And I'm all about dreaming when it comes to my house so dream on! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  2. How much fun y'all are doing an all-American meal to celebrate the Olympics!! We're going out to dinner with friends tonight so I'm hoping they'll do a re-run... not sure if that's a thing lol The new closets look fantastic!! I love that Walker is so obsessed with construction! So adorable :)

  3. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  4. I love your closets!!! We need to do ours - but it's pretty low on the list since it's one of the least seen places in the house, haha! Happy weekend!


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