Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: Confessions

Happy Thursday, y'all! I think this might be my favorite post of the week: confessions! I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie to share some of mine. 

I confess…

+ I could go into CVS or Walgreens for one thing and come out with 701 new drugstore beauty products to try. Someone needs to put horse blinders on me when I go in there. 

+ LeeAnne on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" really, really annoys me, yet I cannot. stop. watching. Allow me to just say that no one in Dallas cares that much about charity and talks about it as much as she does. *Insert eye-roll emoji here.* 

+ I typically am not the bill-payer in our house, but this made me LOL: 

…because, I mean, seriously

+ Father's Day is going to be pretty low-key for my poor husband this year with a new little one making his appearance just a few weeks before. So, in trying to be a good wife, I booked him a traditional hot lather shave and a haircut at The Boardroom Salon this weekend before this baby makes his appearance. I mean, I'm all about getting pampered, so I figured he should be, too, right?! 

+ I am love, love, loving the off-the-shoulder trend happening right now. I just want to order this dress, this top, and this dress. I can't get enough! 

+ There are so many appointments I need to make for myself once this baby is here: a chiropractor appointment to get all of these bones back where they belong; a massage; a physical; the dentist; and the eye doctor. How on earth I'm going to fit those all in with a 2.5-year-old and a newborn I have no clue, but I confess that I need to do all of that. And stat! 

So, what are you confessing today?! 



  1. What a great gift idea for your hubby! I love the trend of off the shoulder tops/dresses too! So feminine and pretty!

  2. Okay, those Dallas Housewives. What is LeeAnn's problem?? She seems kind of pathetic in the way she keeps talking about her role in the "charity world."
    Have you ever met any of these women in person or seen them? I think Stephanie is the sweetest!

  3. We always look at houses too but we have NO plans of moving for at least 2-3 years! We can dream though right!?

  4. I'm pretty sure we stalked Zillow for a couple of years and then decided to move one month, so you never know! It's good to keep an eye out and to figure out exactly what you want. You are a good wife thinking of Father's Day already! I would consider that baby his present if it were me. :)

  5. Yes, I feel bad for my poor husband too, his first fathers day and I will probably be a hot mess. Not to mention we have to attend his sister's wedding father's day weekend, in a different state. (I wish that was a joke!)

  6. I think it's great that you're spoiling your husband with an early Father's Day surprise! I'm sure he'll love it! And I also have a feeling he'll do everything he can to help make sure you get to all of those appointments when your littlest arrives!

  7. That is so sweet of you to pamper Brandon with that gift!! It's a great idea and I'm sure he'll love the father pampering too :)


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