Friday, May 27, 2016


Well, Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here are my Friday Five this week…and hopefully this weekend will be a little less exciting than last. ;) 

I'm still trying to get over the fact that I have two little boys! Walker absolutely loves his "baby Knox," and loves to be a big helper to me. I'll admit that I'm a little nervous that he's going to try to pick him up and bring him to me (my brother totally did that to my mom with my other brother when they were tiny), but I'm trying to give him some little tasks so that he feels like he's really helping…like bringing me Knox's pacifier, or burp rag, or comforting him by saying "shhh shhh" when he's crying. Brandon and I are still trying to figure out this whole "we have two kids" thing and how this is going to work, but so far, it's going okay. Knox is a lot calmer and more relaxed than Walker was at this age (and I know Brandon and I are also a lot calmer, too, and have less culture shock), but we're still learning together! 

Yay for Memorial Day weekend! Of course, we pause to remember those who have lost their lives protecting our great nation; we are truly the land of the free because of the brave. 

And of course, I also love everything this weekend brings: the family get-togethers, the yummy food and the great sales. The last thing I need are more clothes, but Old Navy's 50% off sale has me eyeing all. the. things! My favorites, that I'm very likely going to have to scoop up, are: 

More of my favorite shorts

And this swimsuit (for next summer, obviously!)

"The Bachelorette," oh man. Are any of y'all watching? It looks like it's going to be quite an eventful season, and I'm excited about watching this guilty pleasure show this summer. I'm really liking Aaron Rodgers' brother (poor guy, that's probably what has been and will be referred to as forever) and I think the producers made JoJo keep some of those super drunk dudes for content. Also? #closethebar 

So I tried Wal-Mart's online grocery service/free store pickup yesterday and I have to say that I'm officially obsessed. With two young kids, packing them up and going to the grocery store is, well, a nightmare. I love going to the grocery store and wandering the aisles -- alone -- but having to wear one kid, put one kid in the big car buggy (and make sure he doesn't get in and out the entire time) and then shop, pay, checkout, load and unload the groceries? Yeah, no thank you. 

So I tried the Wal-Mart online grocery service. I'm not normally a Wal-Mart shopper, but this service has me hooked. The prices are actually better than my regular grocery store, too! I just make my paper list at home (because I'm OCD) and then order online when the boys are napping. I then select a pickup time, and then go park outside Wal-Mart and they bring all of my groceries out to the car and load them in the back of my SUV for me! The only thing I have to do is unload them and put them away when I get home! (Clearly a woman and/or a mom invented this service!) 

I'm seriously the clumsiest person alive. I swear, y'all, I break a glass or a dish at least once a month, and I've been known to run into walls just walking. (I wish I was joking!) That said, I finally had my first glass of champagne post-baby (delicious, BTW!) and after drinking it, broke my glass. Le sigh. That said, I'm in the market for some new champagne glasses. I know it's random, but do any of y'all have a favorite? I don't need the fancy ones that came with my formal stemware from when we got married; I'm just talking the everyday champagne glasses I can throw in the dishwasher (well, knowing me, maybe "throw" isn't the operative word…) and not worry about having to hand wash them. 

I've been eyeing these and these

I hope y'all have wonderful {long} weekends! I'll be back Tuesday with our Memorial Day Weekend recap! 

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  1. I like the second champagne glasses. I think the more "squared off" ones are more likely to break.
    I didn't know Wal-mart did that grocery service but it sounds awesome! We get a lot of our groceries at Target (the non-fresh stuff) because it's cheaper than the grocery store too but this brings it to the whole next level! So glad you have that as an option!
    And lastly, those two cute boys! So glad that things are going well and you're a happy family of 4! :)

  2. I haven't tried the Walmart service yet - but I know I would if I had two (one being a baby!) in tow like you!! Lol about being clumsy; that's totally me, too. I vote for those modern glasses you posted first!! And if you are worried about them being trendy, just think you might break them before they're out of style, ha! Kidding of course. I agree with the producer selections on Bachelorette - Jojo seriously looked in pain having to call that final guy up for a rose, ugh.

  3. Ah so many adorable baby snuggles! Enjoy your long weekend with your boys!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  4. Haha we just had to get a new set of wine glasses because we were breaking like one a week and needed something sturdier - I love both sets and hope you continue enjoying your champagne and other drinks that were missed!

  5. That Walmart service sounds AWESOME! I need that in my life. If only Target would do the same. I'd be in trouble. Love that off the shoulder top and girl, I break glasses all the time! We no longer have a matching set of glasses - all hodgepodge! Have a great weekend with your boys!

  6. The Walmart curbside feature sounds amazing. I know Kroger is working on something similar at particular locations.

  7. The Walmart service sounds amazing :) I am going to have to try it because I hate going into the stores :) Chelsea @

  8. Your boys are so beautiful! XOXO Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I'm so glad Walker is adjusting well to Knox! So sweet! I just bought that off the shoulder shirt from ON (in white) and love it! Can't wait to wear it tonight! The new Bachelorette season is going to be amazing! I saw Jordan's ex-gf said he cheated on her so now idk how I feel about him...

  10. I LOVE Walmart pick up!! And wasn't a huge fan of them before but it has been amazing since Caroline was born! I've even had Matt pick it up on the way home ;) you can still enter your pick up receipt into their savings catcher app and get money back if they find a lower price with a competitor!


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