Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday 34-Week Pregnancy Update

I'm linking up with Jessi and Jenn today for "What's Hap-'pinning' Wednesday!" Thanks to these lovely ladies, as always, for hosting this linkup! 

Um, can we talk about how much this bump has grown since my last update at 31 weeks?! Holy moly. *Insert wide-eyed emoji here.* And can we talk about how exhausted I look in this picture? My gosh. 

Date: April 13, 2016

How far along: 34 weeks 

Total weight gain: 25 pounds (gulp) 

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I borrowed some maternity sundresses from some girlfriends to get me through these last six weeks, and they are a true Godsend. It's getting pretty warm here, and I feel like I'm hot 24/7, so the dresses are welcomed, that's for sure! I'm also still rocking my favorite maternity yoga pants and the same three shirts every day. ;) 

Miss anything? I just miss feeling like myself. I'm officially large and in charge, and I selfishly want my body back. I'm getting a lot more tired and winded when I chase after Walker these days, and I really miss sleeping on my stomach and side. But, I know it won't be for naught, and I'll have my body back and be able to sleep how I want and eat/drink what I want in a little over a month. :)

Cravings: The cravings have been abundant lately, which totally explains my 25-pound weight gain and ridiculous amount of face chub! (I swear I've gained it all in the last three weeks.) I've wanted hot fudge sundaes, ice cold watermelon, PB&J sandwiches and plums. (I also craved plums when I was pregnant with Walker…so weird!) 

Movement: Yes! He moves all. the. time. I'm starting to be able to see little elbows and heels when he moves, which is totally weird and absolutely amazing at the same time. He loves to dance on my bladder, too. Eeeeek! 

Belly button in or out? It's still flat, and I'm hoping it stays that way for the next six weeks! 

Wedding rings on or off? Still on, but they're getting tighter. I'm very likely going to have to take them off soon and replace them with a lovely ol' fake one, but I'd rather do that than go through the debacle of having them cut off like I had to after Walker was born! 

Sleep: What's that?! Seriously, I'm up 4+ times a night to pee, but I guess that's my body preparing me to be up that often with a newborn. I definitely miss sleep, but know I'll get it back eventually. 

Best moment of the week: Having Brandon come home from his work trip last week and knowing he doesn't have to travel again until next month -- woo hoo! 

Exercise: Ha, if you haven't been able to see from my cravings list above, I'm clearly not exercising like I should this pregnancy. (And I know I'm totally going to regret that in 6-ish weeks, but oh well.) But seriously, does chasing after a toddler count?

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, but I have had a couple of nights over the last few weeks where I've been nauseous and had to take my prescribed Diclegis to calm my stomach. 

Labor signs: Still just some Braxton-Hicks, but nothing yet! (And I'm hoping he stays in there at least 4-6 more weeks, please, little one!) 

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, but like it's been this entire pregnancy, I cry at the drop of a hat. 

Looking forward to: Starting to see my doctor weekly and getting to peek at the little man via ultrasound next week! (And hoping he's still a boy…! Ha!) 

Updates: 21 weeks, 28 weeks, 31 weeks 


  1. You look great girl--you may feel "large and in charge" but you really do look good. Wait, I didn't know you had to have your wedding rings cut off the last time around. What??? That's scary!

  2. I can't believe how far along you are! How exciting! I worry about my wedding rings just in the summer heat and humidity. I cannot image how panicked I would feel if they really got stuck!

  3. Gosh girl if you are large and in charge I don't even want to know what I am. A tank I guess ;) Seriously, you look great (but also I know how annoying that is to hear when you feel so blobish...sorry) Omg I can't believe your ring really got stuck and they had to cut it off! I thought people were just being dramatic about that!! My ring officially got too tight last week and I took it off for good. I can't stand tight rings on a good day, let alone when I'm pregnant. I feel you on being excited Brandon is done traveling! Nathan gets home today and will be home until the end of June - hooray!!

  4. You still look great! Such a cute baby bump!

  5. You look amazing! Looks like you have a basketball under your shirt! Definitely cannot tell you have gained 25lbs. He will be here sooo soon! <3

  6. Oh I so feel you. I feel every ounce of 33 weeks pregnant this week and it is exhausting. I told my husband this week that I was fat and uncomfortable. Ha :)

  7. You look great!! I hope these last few weeks go by quickly for you!

  8. You look wonderful! I was up 28 pounds at 34 weeks, so I feel your pain. At this point what is a few extra pounds to lose after baby is born, right? ;-)

  9. Girly, I know you feel large but you really do look great!! Glad Brandon will be home with you for a while!! Can't believe your little one will be here so soon :)

  10. Oh my gosh the movement! Love, love, love. You look fabulous to me and I hope you get some rest (especially chasing a toddler around!) Thanks for linking up today! xo

  11. You look great!! Can't believe baby boy will be here soon!

  12. I think you look AMAZING! Cutest bump!! Isn't it crazy how quickly the time flies when you have a toddler to take care of?!

  13. Ha!! I hope he's still a boy too!!! Could you imagine?!? You are still looking fabulous!

  14. Aww, you look fabulous! Too funny about your comment about hoping he's still a boy! ;)


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