Monday, April 11, 2016


Whew, it's Monday already! We had a whirlwind weekend celebrating Brandon's youngest brother's wedding, and we looked up and it's Monday again. I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan, as always, to share all about our weekend. 

Walker ran some errands with me in the morning, including to Sam's, where he proceeded to push the buggy all across that big ol' store just like this: 

We did some playing outside (learning about shadows, especially), and then Brandon got home from his business trip after Walker's nap. 

We quickly got ready for the rehearsal dinner, which is evidenced by the fact that we only have a selfie to prove we were actually there. Ha! 

We tried out the babysitter we interviewed a few weeks ago and all absolutely loved her -- and in fact, Walker woke up asking for her to come over and play again -- so we took that as a good sign! 

Brandon played golf with the groomsmen and men in his family while Walker and I hung out at home and were pretty lazy during the day. Once Brandon got home, he quickly got changed to be at the church early for pictures. (You'll notice that "quickly" was a theme of our weekend!) 

My aunt came over to watch Walker for us (he got to have a fun slumber party at her house that night) and helped me get my big ol' 34-weeks-pregnant self into my evening gown for the wedding. 

I met Brandon at the wedding venue, which was very beautiful! We were finally able to spend some time together and snap a few pictures at the reception. 

I was really pleased with the dresses that came from Rent the Runway and was super thankful I chose two sizes because I had to use the bigger size to fit that bump in there! 

They finally turned the lights off to start dancing around 10:30 p.m., and Brandon and I both snuck out to head home. 

My in-law's hosted a post-wedding family brunch at their house, which was filled with a ton of yummy food that we all ate entirely too much of! (My mother-in-law also had set up a Bloody Mary bar that I was seriously eyeing; five-ish more weeks --ha!) 

While there, Walker got good big brother practice by holding one of his twin cousins, sweet Caroline. He just loved her and kept saying, "Hey baby! Hiiii!" and loving all over her. We're hoping he does the same to his little brother! 

There were a ton of family members over, and Walker and his other cousin, Ellie Kate, decided to get comfy in the living room to watch "The Letter Factory" learning DVD I told y'all about on Friday. Clearly they're social butterflies. ;) 

They finally migrated outside with Brandon and started the mass Exodus of everyone coming outside to throw footballs, kick soccer balls, etc. It was a fun afternoon spent visiting with family who live in Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi that we don't get to see too often. 

Walker's favorite game with Brandon's oldest brother: "Jump me high, Un-tul Jeff!" 

We left around Walker's nap time, and Brandon and I decided to lay down when Walker did -- and I'm glad we did because we slept for two hours and Walker slept for 2.5! Clearly we were all exhausted from our full weekend! 

Once we all woke up, we watched the Master's (poor Jordan Spieth!) and Walker played with some learning toys that one of Brandon's aunts, who is a retired educator, brought him. He kept saying, "Whoaaaa! Whaaaaaat's thaaaaaat?!" Ha! 

His favorite is this peg pictures set, which not only helps them learn and identify colors, but also aids in fine motor skills/hand-eye coordination. 

I made this quick and easy clean-out-the-fridge supper and my little sous chef decided to serenade me with some beautiful bowl-and-whisk music while I cooked. ;) 

While the boys played outside, I did a bunch of picking up and cleaning around the house, which was a total wreck from us being so on the go all weekend! Everyone's everything was strewn about the house, and it felt so good to just do laundry and put it all away; clean the bathrooms; and pick up junk that was all over the place! 

We're looking forward to a low-key week and are so thrilled about not having any weekend plans currently scheduled on the agenda for a long time! 

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Looks like QUITE a fun filled weekend. You look amazing in your dress, so glad you picked it! And y'all make a dashing couple :)!

    The post wedding brunch sounds fun, my family had one too and it was quite special after my wedding. Have a great week.

  2. I love him pushing the cart (or, buggy haha)--the video was hilarious. So glad the wedding weekend was fun, but I know the chaos of a wedding weekend can be overwhelming so I'm glad for you, and your 34 week self that it's over so you can relax a bit!
    Can you just have Walker call me again and say "galleria"? hahaha
    Hope you guys have a happy Monday!!

  3. You looked beautiful! I bet Walker will be so loving and excited about his baby brother! So sweet that he loved holding his baby cousin.

  4. Whew! I can not even imagine how tired you were/are! I had a shower this weekend for two hours + church and...I'm still dead tired this morning. Even after a nap each day lol. I'm so glad your dress fit so well! It looked totally fab on you! WHy am I not following you on Snap Chat?! Send me your name!!

  5. You look SO gorgeous in that gown!! You guys had such a busy weekend, I know you're exhausted! I've never used Rent the Runway but I am considering it next month. What do you do if the dress gets to you and absolutely does NOT fit?

  6. You guys looked so great at the wedding - you looked gorgeous girl! Yikes I saw the Master's "highlight reel" this morning and ya he had a major meltdown!! Hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. What a great weekend!!! That's fantastic that Walker loved his new baby sitter so much - what a blessing! You looked amazing and rocked that RTR dress!! The brunch sounds lovely and a great time to see family!

  8. You look so pretty at the wedding!!

  9. Ooh, a bloody mary bar sounds so fun! And you looked gorgeous!

  10. Sounds like a busy, fun-filled weekend! Those pictures of Walker with his cousins are too cute! I'm also sure that finding a babysitter you all loved is huge!

  11. You look gorgeous all decked out for the wedding! I love your how you did your hair too. Yay for a babysitter! My hubs keeps asking when we will start interviewing for one, but I'm so scared of the whole thing!

  12. You guys look great at the wedding!! I love Walker holding the baby - somebody looks ready to be a big brother!

  13. Phew, what a busy weekend!! You guys look great at both the rehearsal and wedding!! Yay for finding a great babysitter!!!


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