Friday, April 29, 2016


Happy Friday, y'all! It's the last one in April and I'm so excited for a fun weekend ahead! 

Walker and I made this Blueberry Oatmeal Bread earlier this week, and it. was. amazing. It has Greek yogurt, oatmeal and blueberries, so I feel like I'm eating something a little bit healthy, right?! ;) But in all seriousness, it's been great to eat on it for breakfast in the mornings and one piece is perfect for me because it's pretty dense. We will definitely be making this again!

I was reading this article in Town & Country Magazine: "7 Wedding Traditions That Have Virtually Disappeared Over the Last Century" and found it so interesting -- especially #2 about earlier weddings. The older I get, the more I appreciate an earlier-in-the-day wedding! We got married at 2 p.m., but Brandon and I were talking a few weeks ago about how cool it would have been to have had a brunch wedding. (We got married pre-Pinterest and oh, how I'd love to go back and have another Pinterest-inspired wedding -- to the same man, of course!)

We don't really exchange big gifts for Mother's- and Father's Day, but I definitely wouldn't mind finding this precious Kendra Scott gem on my nightstand next Sunday morning...! (Ahem, Brandon.)  

So apparently my every day "momiform" is now its own clothing category: "athleisure." This makes me giggle a bit, but hey, I'm not complaining! I've told y'all before, but Old Navy seriously has my favorite "athleisure" clothes -- and no, this isn't a sponsored post...I just love them so much! I recently scooped up some of my favorite yoga pants from there (for post-baby, obviously!): 


And my new favorite find are their Burnout T-Strap Tanks, which are great for hot Texas summers! 

And a few little funnies today, because why not?

+ When you're 9 months pregnant and all you want is your husband to bring you home some ice cream: 

+ When someone asks when you're due and responds with a condescending, "Ohhhh..." (implying you look huge): 

+ When you've finished a good Netflix series and are sad it's over:

+ Truth: 

 + I have never understood how hard this is to grasp:

 + How you feel watching the NFL Draft ("Modern Family," you make me LOL): 

+ How you feel watching "Real Housewives of Dallas": 

 Okay, that's all for today! I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: My Confessions

Even though Jessica isn't doing this anymore, I still loved the thought of sharing my confessions with y'all each Thursday, so I thought I'd link up with Annie and Natalie to share some of mine today. ;) 

+ Aside from our random (bad) thunderstorms, it's really starting to feel like summer and I'm loving every second of it. The sunny, longer days; Coppertone Babies sunscreen; lighter, easier suppers; and the beginning of the summer slowdown -- I love you, summer. 

+ Brandon and I will text in GIFs and it seriously cracks me up. It's almost like a competition as to who can send back the funnier GIF in response. On Monday, he told me he got a hummingbird feeder and sod for the backyard, letting me know that the sod was apparently super fresh at the little feed store down the street from his office. All I could respond with was this (and excuse the language): 

Seriously, anytime anyone says anything is "fresh," that line is ALL I think about! Oops!

+ I'm really bad about taking naps when my kid(s) do. I'm always the one who wants to get 5,001 things done during nap time, but on Tuesday, y'all, I totally slept when Walker did and it felt amazing. Yes, I had laundry to fold, bread to bake, bathrooms to clean, etc., but I slept and it was one of the best things I did for myself all week! I really need to make it a priority to do that at least once a week moving forward. 

+ Newest pregnancy craving? Cocoa Krispies. Don't ask me why; I haven't eaten them since I was probably 10, but I saw them in the store and it was basically, "OMG HAVE TO HAVE THEM NOW." And every bite is totally worth it! ;) 

+ I don't buy anything online without a promo code. It's almost a game to me. Either I get money back with Ebates, or I use Retail Me Not, or I have a paper coupon mailed/given to me by the store…but I always have some sort of a code! (If I don't have one, I don't buy it. What's the fun in that?!) 

+ Bad weather freaks me the freak OUT. We had some really bad storms roll through the DFW area Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning and I was a mess. Like, putting all the toys in the backyard away so they wouldn't blow away; covering our outdoor glass table in case of hail; making sure we had candles and lighters/matches ready; and flashlights full of batteries. Just call me Auntie Em over here, but I can't stand bad weather. I love me some Texas, but not its bad weather in the spring. 

+ I absolutely loathe drying my hair -- especially when the weather starts warming up here. I sweat like none other during that arduous process! That said, I seriously use dry shampoo about three days in a row. Whoops? 

So what about you? What are you confessing this week?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: April 2016

Seriously, y'all, I feel like I was just writing my March 2016 edition of this post; how can it be May on Sunday?! Time is flying by. 

Anyway, as is custom for the last Wednesday of each month, I'm linking up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for "What's Up Wednesday" to answer the following questions: 

So let's get to it! 

{1} What We're Eating This Week
With baby boy #2 due in four weeks, I'm trying to make easy, light and yummy suppers with enough for leftovers to freeze for when he arrives. On the menu this past week: Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili; these tostadas; my family's meatloaf recipe (the best ever!); and cheeseburgers on the grill. I've got to make my grocery list today for this week's menu! 

{2} What I'm Reminiscing About
I won't lie, I'm a little nervous about having two little ones and how bringing home another baby is going to affect Walker. I know he's going to do great with his brother -- and I also know that it's going to be really good for him to have a sibling and have to learn to share many things (including time) -- but there is a part of me that does feel somewhat guilty. Why, I don't really know, but the mom guilt is so real. So, all of that to say, I'm reminiscing about Walker's itty bitty baby days. 

{3} What I'm Loving 
It's really starting to feel like summer with just a few more weeks of Walker's Mother's Day Out, and warm weather really starting up in Texas; I'm loving that! (And of course the smell of Coppertone Babies sunscreen on Walker; seriously, that's one of the best smells ever!) 

I'm also loving this carrier that I purchased after April blogged about it last week. I'm definitely not one of those people who loves those complicated wraps {I'm looking at you, Moby…}, so this one is absolutely perfect and uncomplicated. 

In non-baby-related news, I'm currently loving this dress from Target and, after trying forever to buy it online and having major website issues Monday, I finally was able to order it (7,000 years later) after chatting with a customer service representative from there. Worth it! 

{4} What We've Been Up To
We've truly had a low-key week thus far and I'm really loving it! 

Monday, we took Walker's teachers their "boobie muffins" (see Monday's post here on that, ha!); made a quick run to Sam's to stock up on more fruit and veggies; then met our friends Ashley and Caroline at a local splash pad, followed by lunch at Chick-fil-A. 

Yesterday was a check-up for me at my OB's office, and then Walker and I ran some errands and got some stuff done around the house. Today, the little man has school and I'm enjoying some much-needed quiet time and running more errands (but this time, child-free!). ;) 

{5} What I'm Dreading
I'm seeing my doctor every week at this point, and while I'm loving being able to check in on the new little guy so often, I'm dreading her checking my progress each week. (That is not fun, y'all, and I totally blocked it out from my first pregnancy!) This last month of pregnancy is also so. insanely. long. Someone said to me the other day, "Man! It's going by so fast!" I nodded and smiled, but in my head I was thinking, "Uh huh. Yep. To you!" 

{6} What I'm Working On 
I'm just working to ready our house and life for a newborn baby! I'm having Brandon get the final tiny baby stuff down from the attic; stocking up on stuff we use often from Sam's (e.g. toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, etc.); and crossing off things from my ever-growing to-do list (for both Brandon and me). 

{7} What I'm Excited About 
Obviously meeting our second baby boy in just a few weeks! I can't believe it's almost time for him to be here.

{8} What I'm Watching/Reading
We just finished "The Tudors" and are looking for another show to watch on either Amazon Fire TV and/or Netflix…especially with our weeknight shows soon going on summer hiatus. Do y'all have any recommendations? (We've watched "House of Cards," "Orange is the New Black," "Parenthood," "Friday Night Lights," and "The White Queen.") 

{9} What I'm Listening To 
As always, we listen to Walker's favorite CD in the car on repeat. And repeat some more. I really need to bite the bullet and get him another CD to be obsessed with. ;) 

{10} What I'm Wearing
Other than my trusty maternity yoga pants and a T-shirt combo and my few maternity dresses (especially my PinkBlush one!), that's about all I've got. All of my tops are getting too short because of this belly, so I've resorted to wearing Brandon's T-shirts. I am definitely ready to wear my normal clothes again! 

{11} What I'm Doing This Weekend
Brandon and I are going to dinner this weekend with our friends Stacy and Kyle, and we're so excited for some adult time at one of our favorite restaurants! I also have a fun little "Bump Brunch" to attend that Stacy is hosting. Other than that, we don't have any plans! I'm praying our weather stays good and we can enjoy some time outside together. 

{12} What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Well, clearly meeting this precious little boy in just four (or less) weeks! 

{13} What Else is New 
I think I've pretty much covered it. We're just on baby watch over here and counting down the days until we get to meet him! 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Favorite Toddler Learning Activities

When I started staying at home with Walker, how we structured our day became really important to me, as did the activities I did with him. I wanted to continue the good education he had received at daycare for 15 months, so I did a ton of research on the best educational toys and talked to Brandon's aunt, who is a retired educator in Georgia (and actually helped write the state's public school curriculum!). 

Each day, I try to incorporate some learning activities into Walker's day. Of course, we go out and do fun outings (the zoo, a local play place or museum, or just playing in the water table at a friend's house), simply play outside or race Matchbox cars around the house, but I try to keep a bevy of educational activities around for him that are fun -- and many he doesn't even realize he's learning from! 

One of my favorite quotes that I'd use often in my former job doing communications/PR for a local public school district was one from Mr. Rogers himself: "Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." 

So that's what I like to keep in mind when I structure our days: playing and learning go hand-in-hand. With that said, here are some of my favorite toddler learning activities (and Walker's, too!): 

one || two || three

four || five || six 

seven || eight || nine 

ten || eleven || twelve 

Like I said, we of course do a ton of play, which is absolutely educational in and of itself! These activities are definitely not just for those kiddos and mamas who are at home, either! These are great learning tools for every mama and her little one(s) to learn from, play with and bond over. :) 

What are some of y'all's favorite learning activities for your little one(s)?

Monday, April 25, 2016


Happy Monday, y'all! I hope you had great weekends; we sure did! It was so relaxing and of course, the only pictures I managed to get were of Walker…go figure! So let's get to it: 

We met my friend Ashley and her daughter Caroline at a local park to let the kiddos play, and then we all had lunch together at McAlister's. Walker took an awesome 2.5-hour nap (!!!) and he and I ran some errands once he woke up. Brandon surprised us by coming home an hour early from work, and we all just spent some time outside together letting Walker play. Brandon grilled cheeseburgers for supper, and we dined al fresco and enjoyed the beautiful evening! 

Brandon and I got in a few episodes of "The Tudors" once Walker went to bed and called it an early night. 

We took Walker to the annual Fort Worth Air Power Expo at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, and he absolutely loved it. He's obsessed with airplanes and helicopters, so he was beyond overwhelmed at the many, many static displays, flyovers and stunt airplane shows. He would just keep dancing, jumping up and down, and asking, "What's thaaaaaaat?!" 

We did some yard work, cleaned up around the house, played with Walker outside and just enjoyed our {finally} sunny weather. 

We went to church, then came home and the little man got lots of playing in before his nap {which he then proceeded to not take…!}. 

We ran a bunch of errands, came home and I made this for supper, and then Walker and I made muffins for his Mother's Day Out teachers' end-of-year breakfast. (I was getting really tickled at him calling the blueberry muffins, "boobie muffins." Ha!) 

Walker had an early bedtime since he didn't nap, and Brandon and I got a few more episodes of "The Tudors" in before we went to bed. Overall, it was a super low-key weekend, which was much, much needed before our newest addition is here in four (or less) weeks! 

Also, I'm sorry for the annoying watermark I'm doing on my pictures of Walker, but after hearing Jess' story about that psychopath stealing her online identity and claiming her children were her own, I'm just taking some extra precautions. Thanks for understanding, y'all! 

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Friday, April 22, 2016


Happy Friday! We finally have sunshine in the Big D after what feels like weeks of rain, so we're celebrating and doing a little happy dance over here! What we've had in North Texas is nothing compared to what Houston and other parts of southeast Texas have experienced, and my prayers and thoughts are with all of those down there who are affected. 

Did y'all see the photos Kensington Palace released earlier this week of The Queen with her two youngest grandchildren and five great-grandchildren? (Along with the photos of the four monarchs: The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George?) Oh my gosh, I'm  in love! They're just precious! 

Would any of you DFW-area mommy bloggers be interested in some sort of a meet up with our littles? It's been on my heart and mind for a while, and of course I'm just now asking this at 35 weeks pregnant…! But I'd love to do it if any of y'all are interested. 

And I just want to add onto this that blog friends are seriously awesome and I just love how this blogging community brings people together. I so wish I could have some of you ladies live right by me, because our daily chats, text messages and emails would be so much better if you were right here! My sweet blog-friend-turned-real-life-friend Gentel sent us a surprise gift of diapers and wipes for baby boy #2 on Wednesday, and it just made me cry. I'm just beyond thankful for my friends that live here, as well as those I've met through this blog. #happytears 

I bought this top at Old Navy and am officially in love. Of course, I can't wear it just yet with this big ol' belly, but I'm anxiously awaiting wearing it once this sweet boy gets here next month. 

I tried the Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner after seeing it on Kate's blog, and I am pretty dang obsessed. I have been using their dry shampoo for a while and love the way it smells and how well it works, and I feel like the shampoo and conditioner really do give my hair great lift and body! (Plus, it helps that I got two inches of my hair chopped off on Wednesday!) I also bought this texturizing powder to help give me lift at my crown and let me tell y'all, it's worth every single penny. Have y'all tried any of these products? 

Thank y'all for entering my PinkBlush giveaway on Tuesday! Y'all were so sweet with your comments and most definitely know how to make a big ol' pregnant girl feel good. :)

That said, Rafflecopter has randomly selected Dana K. as the winner! Dana, I've sent you an email to claim your prize! :) 

*Also, I wanted to add here that I'm thankful for all of your sweet comments on this blog! I try to reply to each of you, but many of you have a "No-Reply" email address, so I can't write you back! (Sad face.) Here's a super helpful tutorial on how to fix that! :)

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