Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Life Lately

Happy Wednesday, friends! As usual, I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessi for "What's Hap-pinning Wednesday," and I'm just sharing a little bit of our life lately! 

+ We so enjoyed having Brandon home with us on Monday! It was a nice change of pace after last week's crazy week and weekend. We took Walker to a local trampoline park for toddler jump time, and the boys totally enjoyed that. After jumping, we had lunch at Mellow Mushroom and ran a few errands before coming home for Walker's nap. While he slept, Brandon and I did some yard work and then just relaxed. 

 + Once Walker was in bed, we caught up on some episodes of "The White Queen," which we're totally loving! 

+ My aunt came over last week while Brandon was traveling to dye Easter eggs with Walker. It was his first time, and he totally loved it! (And I loved that we just stripped him and did it in his diaper because yeah, I'm not cleaning dye off his clothes! #keepingitclassy) 

+ Walker is back to his normal Mother's Day Out routine this week after his school's Spring Break was last week. Not gonna lie, I am excited for five hours of alone time today! (And I know he's thrilled to get back to his routine and his little friends.) 

+ We're heading over to my in-law's on Sunday afternoon to have lunch with them after church, and I'm taking a buttermilk pie (using this recipe). It's so easy and always a crowd pleaser! I've also heard some people call it "chess pie," but we call it buttermilk pie…same difference! ;) 

+ Our Kroger has the cutest little buggies for kids, and Walker thoroughly enjoyed following me around the store and putting things in his buggy last week! I couldn't get over how cute he looked pushing it around everywhere. 

+ I told y'all the other day about me taking Walker to my friend Stacy's "Painting and Potting" event, and I couldn't help but post these sweet pictures Beckley & Co. took of him while there. He had such a good time that I think we're going to paint a little pot (with his handprint) on it and let him plant a little flower for our mothers and grandmothers for Mother's Day. It's such an inexpensive, precious gift that the kids enjoy participating in and the recipients love to get! 

That's pretty much what's been "hap-pinning" with us as of late! I can't wait to read what's been going on with y'all!


  1. The flower pot idea is such a cute little Mother's Day present! So fun.

  2. Aww it looks like Walker has been up to a bunch of fun stuff! What great experiences he's getting...even if they're in his diaper (ain't nobody got time to clean up dye out of clothes! haha). I hope you enjoy your 5 hours today!

  3. How adorable he is pushing that cart! I've heard of chess pie, so I'm thinking that's probably the same as buttermilk pie, but regardless it looks delicious! Have a great Easter weekend!

  4. You guys have been having a lot of fun lately!! Woo hoo! Oh man, I think I'm going to have to add The White Queen to my watch list as well - how does this happen every time I'm reading your blog?! ;) Is it on Netflix?

  5. Love lil kids and shopping carts, so precious.

  6. Walker is always doing the best stuff - I love dying the eggs in his diaper! That pie looks delicious - perfect thing to bring!

  7. Ok seriously Walker in the diaper is the cutest...I love that you guys have so many fun things during the week - I'm sure he falls asleep for naps like it's nothing!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  8. eek! So presh! Those eggs and the (jessi) size shopping cart - love it!! Happy wednesday ya'll!

  9. That pie... YUM! So fun to have your hubs home for a weekday. Sometimes I wish we could both take a weekday off work for a "mental health" day haha

  10. Love all of the photos! That indoor trampoline place looks like so much fun. I'm thinking of taking Ben to one by us but he still doesn't really "jump" haha so I might wait awhile longer!


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