Monday, March 7, 2016


Happy Monday, lovelies! 

Walker and I met my sweet friend Stacy and her kiddos Silas and Marlee at Play Street Museum, and we stayed for two hours letting the kids play and she and I visit. 

Brandon got home from his trade show in the early afternoon, and we spent the afternoon and evening doing some much-needed stuff around the house, including putting the beds back together after the carpet installation, finishing the baby's room and just enjoying seeing each other after him being gone all week! 

I got a pedicure that evening and then we started the latest season of "House of Cards"…and all I can say is OHMYGOSH. 

We had an extremely lazy morning, which was wonderful. I got a bunch of chores done that I needed to while the boys hung out and did some yard work outside. 

That afternoon was Stacy's little boy's 2nd birthday party, so we all went to that, which was absolutely adorable! Stacy did such a great job decorating, and even did a book exchange for the kids (in lieu of gifts) -- and I'm totally stealing that idea for Walker's 3rd birthday next year! 

I couldn't get over how precious and grown up Walker looked on Saturday, so of course I had to snap a ton of photos of that precious little one: 

He had so much fun at Silas's birthday party and practically parked himself at a little snack table Stacy had set up and hogged all the snacks. ;) 

And he loved the piñata, too! 

They let the dad's have a turn to crack it, and Brandon was the one who did -- and hit the zebra piñata so hard it fell off the rope…and poor Silas just bawled and bawled once that happened. Brandon felt terrible, but it was so funny! 

After the party, we came home to quickly change and headed out to a couple's shower for Brandon's brother and his fiancée. I am awful and have absolutely no photos of that since I was busy chasing Walker around and enjoying all of the yummy Mexican food! 

We came home absolutely exhausted (and my poor feet hurt like none other), but we of course had to watch more "House of Cards!" I wish we hadn't, though, because Walker started a nasty cough overnight and baby boy #2 decided to kick me all. night. long…so we had a loooooooong, restless night. 

We decided to skip church in lieu of rest, which we all desperately needed. Liz texted me that afternoon and reminded me that Walker had his belated two-year portraits later that day…and I'm so glad she did because pregnant brain over here totally forgot. Yikes!

So, after Walker's nap, I took him to have his two-year portraits made. He lasted about 10 minutes and then was most definitely done -- but I saw some sneak peeks and know Liz did a great job. :)

The boys made us banana pancakes for supper: 

And Walker was enthralled with "Turtle Tales" before it was time for bath and bedtime. 

Brandon and I watched the series finale of "Downton Abbey" and one more "House of Cards" episode before calling it a night. 

I hope y'all all had lovely weekends (and hopefully it's Spring Break for some of y'all)! 

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  1. Walker is just too cute! I bet his portraits turned out great! A couple's shower with Mexican food sounds ideal - yum!

  2. Your weekend looked like it was a lot of fun and full of Walker cuteness! Can't wait to see his 2 year photos!

  3. I have heard nothing but great things about House of Cards. Definitely going to be my next binge watching snow!! Walker looks sooo cute, can't wait to see his portraits!

  4. What a fun weekend, minus the sleepless night! Those are the worst. Nathan is traveling at least 3 days per week for the next 6 weeks so we decided to do House of Cards on our own and I'm so excited to start tonight! I can't wait to see what Frank is up to!!

  5. Looks like a great weekend, looking forward to the cute pictures.

  6. He is so cute! Turning into such a handsome young man! :)

  7. Walker does look so grown up with his hair like that!! We watched HOC too...same reaction lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. A book exchange?! That is such a fun idea!!

  9. That picture of Walker at the party is SO adorable! He looks like such a little man! I feel like you guys have so many options of places to play where you live! I'm a little jealous. Glad you guys had a fun weekend! Did you like the Downton finale? I'm so sad it's over.

  10. What a fun weekend!! Walker looks like a little man at the birthday party - so adorable! That's too funny Brandon hit the pinata off! Can't wait to see Walker's 2 year old pictures :)

  11. It's official. I really need to watch House of Cards!! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  12. Looks like a fun weekend! We can't wait to get started on HOC! Walker looks so cute in the photo from the bday party!