Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: Easter Basket Ideas for Little Ones

Since Easter is early this month (March 27!), I'm already jumping on the Easter bandwagon and getting the little tchotchkes for Walker's Easter basket. It totally doesn't help that I'm in my third trimester and nesting is kicking in in full force -- I want to do ALL THE THINGS and check them off my list. 

Growing up, my grandparents always gave us a new bathing suit for Easter, and I love that sweet little tradition so much that I'm carrying it on with my kiddos by putting one in their Easter baskets. 

So here are some ideas of what to put in your little one's Easter basket this year, excluding candy since our little guy is still a little too young for all that sugar! ;) 

one || two || three 

four || five || six 

seven || eight || nine 

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  1. SO CUTE! Love the bunny ears!

  2. So fun! My mom still does Easter baskets for us even though we are grown (obviously!). I can't wait to do this for my future babes!

  3. Easter baskets are so much fun!! I love the tradition of new swim suits!

  4. Yes! I was just thinking I need to get my bum in gear for Easter or it'll come and go without doing anything with Logan! I ordered that mouse Easter book. When do they start getting into sidewalk chalk? I feel like my little will just eat it. lol.

  5. Adding a swimsuit is such a cute idea and a great way to get excited for summer. Must remember that for Camden's basket next year :) I always buy our godson a seasonal book and these are great options! I did mouse for Valentine's Day but I think it's time to introduce him to Llama Llama!!

  6. This is all such fun! For now we just make Stella and Easter basket, ha! And sometimes each other but my mom still does them for us too - I can't wait to do one for a future little babe - I love that there's so much more now that can be put in other than candy!