Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Recent Walker-isms

Oh, Walker. That kid never ceases to crack me up and make me laugh out loud on a daily basis! He's such a little "Chatty Cathy" and says the funniest stuff, so I thought I'd document some of my favorite recent "Walker-isms" here so I can remember them. 

-When praying the other night: 
Me: "Walker, who should we pray for tonight?" 
Walker: "Papa. Alarm clock. Paw-Paw. TaTa. [Looks around the room with one eye open.] And time out." 

-He was sitting next to me on the couch and tooted. I said, "Walker, that's gross. Say 'excuse me.'" He said, "Not me! That was da baby!" Already blaming his brother! 

-Any time he hears a sound that he doesn't know what it is: "What's dat sound?" 

-If he wants you to have something (or if he wants something): "Have-y dis?" 

-If you ask him where something or someone is and he doesn't know, he says, "I no know where _____ is!" 

-He has recently started to "think" before he answers a question. So if I said, "Walker, what do you want for lunch?" He'll say, "Uhhhh…" for a few seconds before answering me. It's so funny.

-Instead of saying, "right here," he says, "right hurr." It's hilarious and we joke that we have a little Nelly on our hands. ;)

-I always say, "Here you go, Joe!" and he has recently started repeating it, but instead says, "Ready go, Joe!" 

-He has also just started to become a little parrot and will repeat everything -- and I do mean everything -- we say (good or bad). It's funny to hear his little way of saying things, like "can-yope" instead of "cantaloupe." It's precious! 

-Instead of "Happy Birthday," he says, "Happy Dirp-bay!" 

-He heard thunder last night and now walks around saying, "Hear 'under? I no know where 'under is!" 

-Any big truck he sees on the road: "Eighteen yills!" (For 18-wheeler) 


  1. Adorable! I especially love the "right hurr." Maybe you have a future rapper on your hands!

  2. Oh my gosh this is so cute!!! I loved the Right Hurrrr this weekend that you sent--so dang cute :)

  3. I pray my alarm clock breaks on the regular, so I totally get it Walker! I love all of these adorable little things he has been saying!! I'm so sorry that the question phase has started with "What's that sound?" because that toddler stage is always super cute at first and gets old quick, lol!! So. Many. Questions.

  4. Haha too funny and cute - love that he's already trying to blame brother!

  5. haha! So cute!! Love reading these posts. They always make you smile!

  6. So stinking adorable!! That's hysterical he was trying to blame the baby!!

  7. Right hurr right hurr. Walker sounds like such a cutie. :]

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