Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Confessions

This is my first time to link up with Jessica for Confessional Thursday, so here are mine! 

I confess that: 

+ I need a haircut so badly, but I'm trying to hold out as long as I can before the baby arrives because I know it'll be a long while after he's born that I'll have some "me" time to go get one. So I'll probably be rocking a ponytail until about mid-April. Whoops.

+ Speaking of hair, I have found strands of gray hair on my head. But I don't want to color my hair because I actually really like my natural hair color. #firstworldproblems 

+ And speaking of the baby, I have this fear he's actually a girl. We haven't had a sonogram since our 19-week gender ultrasound, and I'm terrified they're going to tell me in three weeks, "It's a girl!" (After I've already gotten things monogrammed and his room done…) Not that I'd have a problem with a daughter, but whoa -- talk about a surprise. 

+ I'm so over the presidential primaries (on both sides) and want to gouge my eyes out every time news coverage comes on about it. Can we just get to Election Day in November and be done with it? 

+ I have eaten far too much ice cream this pregnancy and don't feel bad about it in the least. 

+ I hadn't really had any cravings thus far until recently, and it's all I can do to stay away from PB&J sandwiches and ice cold watermelon. I seriously want it all! 

+ I got a sample of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and am officially hooked. However, I can't justify the whole $52 for 1 oz. thing and instead found a really awesome dupe: NYX Angel Veil (on Amazon for a whole $15 because my CVS was sold out!) that works just as well. Thank you, NYX! 

+ I don't care what fashion house in New York says they're "in," I just can't jump onboard the overalls bandwagon. Seriously, 1994 called and they want those (and round sunglasses) back. All I think of when I think of overalls are the Osh Kosh B'Gosh ones I donned when I was a kid and just…no. 

+ I was made for sunny days. Yesterday it was pouring down rain outside and it took everything in me to not come home and sleep all day while Walker was at Mother's Day Out. I was so proud of myself for instead tackling my massive to-do list, but man, I feel so much more productive and alive when it's sunny outside. 

+ I didn't think so many of you would resonate with Tuesday's post, but I can't tell you how thankful I am for the sweet comments and emails I received from this blogging community on Tuesday. As much as I hate that we have significant others who are gone from us from time to time traveling on business, I'm thankful that there are so many of you who understand what we're going through! 

+ I would clean my bathroom all day long, but I'd pay big money to have someone take off, wash and put the sheets back on my bed. That is one chore I actually despise! (And seriously, if I were rich and famous, I'd have clean sheets every day. Just sayin'.) 

So what about y'all? What are you confessing on this Thursday?! 

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: March 2016

I hadn't done a "What's Up Wednesday" in a while, so I decided to jump back on the bandwagon today to link up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay today to answer the following questions: 

So let's do this, shall we? 

{1} What We're Eating This Week 
My energy is pretty zapped lately (due to being 8 months pregnant and all…), so we've had really easy meals: spaghetti on Monday, leftovers yesterday, I'm trying this recipe from Jenn tonight; making chicken spaghetti tomorrow night; and we're going out to eat for my early birthday celebration on Friday! 

{2} What I'm Reminiscing About 
Brandon proposed six years ago this past Sunday (March 27). I can't believe it's been six whole years and feel like so much has happened since then (including me going back to my original hair color!). We were such babies and truly had no idea what we were jumping into, nor the roller coaster that marriage was and is, but my gosh, I didn't think it was possible six years ago, but I love and respect him more now than I did then! 

{3} What I'm Loving 
I'm absolutely adoring this perfect spring weather (even though it's pretty nasty rainy here today) and the adorable spring clothes I'm finding all over the place! I'm literally having to restrain myself from scooping up all the cute things from Old Navy, Loft and Nordstrom right now, but I have found some recent favorites that I've purchased for post-baby wear: 

{4} What We've Been Up To
We've had a pretty low-key week thus far, and I'm loving every minute of it. Monday, we ran errands and then met up with my friend Ashley and her daughter Caroline at our local park; we went to the grocery store and had lunch with Brandon yesterday, followed by a trip to a local feed store to look at baby chickens, and then Walker's swimming lessons last night; today is Walker's Mother's Day Out and I'm just busy cleaning the house and blogging; tomorrow we're planning to meet up with Ashley and Caroline again for a play date; and meeting up with my friend Stacy and her kiddos Silas and Marlee on Friday for another play date. Low-key and simple, and I love it. 

{5} What I'm Dreading
I'm awful, but I'm dreading giving birth in less than two months. I absolutely adore the end result (read: my baby), but actually getting that sweet baby here isn't quite up at the top of my "favorites" list. I can't wait to meet our precious little boy soon, though! I'm in shock that it's in less than two months…holy cow.

{6} What I'm Working On 
I'm really just trying to finalize and prepare as much as I can for the baby's arrival: organizing his room; ordering (tiny) diapers and wipes; getting Walker's schedule and bag ready in case I go into labor in the middle of the night; buying gifts for summer birthdays since I know I'll be exhausted and preoccupied; and just trying to plan, plan, plan! 

{7} What I'm Excited About
Brandon and I have an overnight date night this weekend to celebrate my birthday a weekend early, and I'm so beyond excited about that! His parents are keeping Walker at their house on Friday night, and Brandon and I are having a dinner date and then coming home to sleep in our own bed -- and I have full plans of sleeping in on Saturday morning! (Anything after 7 a.m. is considered "sleeping in" to us these days.) We're going to grab brunch together and run a few errands before picking Walker up after lunch on Saturday. Can't wait! 

{8} What I'm Watching/Reading 
We've been pretty addicted to "The White Queen," which we just finished and loved, and I'm still continuing Season 4 of "Call the Midwife." (I watched "The White Queen" via our Starz subscription through Amazon Fire TV. Confusing, I know.) 

I've been slowly reading Laura Bush's book, "Spoken from the Heart," but have plans to read "Come Home" when I'm finished with that. 

And as a side note, "The White Queen (The Cousins' War)" is also a book series and can be found here, and "Call the Midwife" is also a book series and can be found here

{9} What I'm Listening To 
Anytime I'm in the car with Walker, we're still jamming out to his favorite CD. I love that he's hiding God's Word in his little heart, but if I have to hear "Deep and Wide" one more time… ;) But I'm really obsessed with Gwen Stefani's new song, "Make Me Like You," and DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean." Both are so catchy and stay in my head for days! 

{10} What I'm Wearing 
As evidenced by my recent pregnancy updates (which you can read here, here and here), I pretty much live in maternity yoga pants and a T-shirt, and I wear one of two or three dresses to church on Sundays. It's not quite that fun or attractive, but I'm counting down the days until I can wear all of my cute clothes again! 

{11} What I'm Doing This Weekend
As I mentioned in #7 above, Brandon and I have a date night to celebrate my birthday (early) this weekend! My birthday is April 7, but Brandon's brother's wedding festivities start the next day, so we're going out a weekend beforehand. He told me I could choose what we were doing, so we're heading to one of my favorite local Mexican food restaurants for dinner, followed by a movie and an early bedtime; then sleeping in (past 7 a.m., woo-hoo!) and going to my favorite local breakfast place for brunch, then picking up the little man, who will be staying overnight at my in-law's. I'm so excited! 

{12} What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month 
Well, of course my birthday; but also Brandon's brother's wedding is happening next weekend and we've all been so consumed with that, so I'm just ready to attend that and have the rest of April to ourselves with absolutely nothing on our weekend agendas. April also means only one more month until the baby arrives, which is so crazy to me! 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"They Said What?" | Things Not to Say to Someone Whose Spouse Travels for Work

So y'all know by now that my husband travels for work. He and I both try very hard to not broadcast when he's away, because, you know…safety

And while I'm beyond thankful that my husband provides for our family with his job, it's tough stuff when he's traveling and I'm a single parent. (It was rough when I was working, too, lest you think this is just a stay-at-home mom's whining post.) It's hard to single parent -- and shout-out to all you single parents out there; you are freaking rockstars! Being both Mom and Dad is hard, and it only gets harder the older the children become and realize that Dad isn't here -- and there are things that they can pull over on Mom! 

I really do try to believe that people have only the best intentions, but sometimes people can say the dumbest stuff (me included) when they're trying to relate to a situation. And they can really say the dumbest, most insensitive stuff to someone whose spouse travels for work. Here are some of my favorites, marked down as things to not say to someone whose spouse travels for work, whether it's the husband or the wife traveling: 

1. Can't he/she just find a new job so they're home more often?
Sure, it's that simple. Let's just find a new job. {Insert eye-roll emoji here.} 

My husband absolutely adores his job and the industry he's in, so he doesn't want to find a new job. (And I don't want him to, either.) 

2. Well, you can't complain about his/her job. It's the life you chose. 
I guess you can't ever complain about your job, either, then, since you chose your job. 

Yes, it's the life we chose when my husband took this job. However, anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they love their job (or their spouse's job) complains about work and I'm allowed a pity party every now and then. 

3. Wow, he/she's traveling again?! I feel like he/she just got back. -OR- Wasn't he/she just traveling?
Uh, tell me about it. 

We live and die by our calendar, and our life constantly revolves around when Brandon's flying out for his next trip. So yes, he's traveling again. I'm glad you feel like he just got back, because ME TOO. 

4. I don't know how you do it. 
Me either. But I have to, so I just do. 

Be an encourager, not a discourager, to your friend whose spouse travels for work. They don't need to hear how you don't know how they do it -- they don't know how they do it, trust me. They just do it because they have to; that's their part of the deal. They take it one day at a time, trust me. Encourage them by saying, "You've made it halfway through the week! Only two more sleeps and you guys will all be together again!" 

5. I'd be a mess if my husband/wife traveled as much as yours did. Mine was gone for 2 days and I was dying. 
Newsflash: I am a mess. I just try to keep it together as best I can. 

We're all messes some days, regardless of whether our spouse travels or is home every single night after work. We're all tired, whether we work full-time, part-time or are stay-at-home parents. It's an exhausting life we lead, kids or not. Again, be an encourager. I'm sorry you were dying after two days; try six. 

6. You think it's hard now? Wait until you have kids. (Or the second baby gets here.) 
I know it's going to be hard adding another child into the mix. Just the mere thought of bathing two children at night; caring for an infant and a toddler alone; and figuring out how to balance it all scares the crap out of me. Thanks for the encouragement. 

Again, be an encourager. If you have to let them know your true thoughts, say something like, "I know it's difficult now and will very likely be harder when the second baby (or first baby) arrives. How can I help you?" 

And here are some tips to help that friend or family member of yours whose spouse may travel for work: 

1. Invite them over for dinner. 
For us, Walker and I eat very high-class meals of PB&J sandwiches, leftovers or even Chick-fil-A when Brandon's gone. While Walker is young, I'm going to get away with not cooking when Brandon travels for as long as I can! But the nighttime routine -- regardless of whether they have children or not -- gets lonely, and a simple invite over for dinner not only helps them break up the day, but it is a welcome reprieve from the reminder they're alone for dinner again. That's no fun for anyone! 

2. Don't say any of the things above. 
But seriously, don't. Be an encourager, a friend. Listen. Let them cry because their child is acting out and is crying for Daddy. Offer to come over and hang out with them one night after their kid goes to bed. Just ask them how they are. Trust me, they'll appreciate it. 

3. Offer to help where you can. 
I'm pregnant, and doing the simple things like taking out the trash when Brandon's gone are pretty annoying, hard tasks. If you know your friend or family member's spouse is gone, offer to help out where you can: taking the trash to the curb for them; having them over for dinner; leaving a coffee on their desk at work; coming over to help with bath time; etc. (Any of the things the spouse normally helps out with in the mornings or evenings is always a big help!) 

4. Respect family time. 
When the husband or wife gets back home, respect family time that they so desire and need. Not that they don't want or need you anymore (so don't feel that way), they just all need to be together as a family without any binding contracts or a full agenda. When Brandon gets home after a full week away, we thoroughly enjoy a low-key, laid-back family weekend if we can. We typically only say "yes" to things that are absolute must-do's and even though we love our friends like family and family like friends, we just need a couple of days to download, be together, and catch up. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekending: Easter Edition

Happy Monday, lovelies! We had a great weekend celebrating Easter, so let's get to it, shall we? 

Walker and I had a really lazy morning at home, and really enjoyed having Brandon home around lunchtime for his Good Friday half-day. I had a good doctor's appointment to check on the baby, and then when I came home, we checked out a cute little old-fashioned soda fountain near us for a fun treat. 

We had leftovers for dinner, and then Brandon and I watched "The Big Short" when Walker went to bed. I fell asleep halfway through, but Brandon really enjoyed it. (It was way more up his alley than mine!) 

We took Walker to our church's annual egg hunt, and he had a great time…until he realized the four eggs he gathered were filled with Skittles and M&M's, and then it was game over! He just stood right there opening his four little eggs eating the candy and was pleased as punch. Ha! 

There's a little hilly area right next to our church that's filled with the Texas State Flower, the bluebonnet, and we of course had to let Walker partake in every Texas kid's rite of passage by plopping him right smack dab in the middle of them for pictures for posterity. 

Brandon had to have some work done on his iPhone after that, so we had to kill some time in the Apple Store (snooze) before having a yummy lunch on the patio at Taco Diner, where Walker was literally shoving handfuls of queso in his mouth. I mean, he's a boy after my own heart! 

Walker took the nap of champions after that busy, full morning, and we just hung out around the house all afternoon and evening playing in the backyard and getting some things done around the house. 

Once Walker was in bed, Brandon and I watched "The Best of Me," which I practically bawled my way through. (And James Marsden was definitely easy on the eyes!) And I got Walker's Easter basket all set up and put out for the next morning. 

Walker was excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought him and quickly donned the little bunny ears (which barely came off all day)! 

We celebrated our risen Savior at church, but of course I had to snap a picture of my boys in their matching tie/bow-tie before we left. I can't wait to match THREE boys next year! 

After church, we headed over to my in-law's for lunch and another Easter egg hunt for Walker. My mother-in-law had a fabulous lunch made and I've officially eaten enough for an entire Army for the next week! 

Walker really got the hang of hunting eggs (thanks to encouragement from his Daddy and Uncle Todd) but of course discovered the M&M's in the eggs and was pretty much done! 

And the obligatory family photos followed, and Walker's silly smile was about as much as we could muster this year! (I can't believe this is our last Easter as a family of three!) 

Whew, what a busy, fun weekend! I hope y'all had great Easters celebrating; I can't wait to read all about them! 

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Friday, March 25, 2016


Happy {Good} Friday, friends! I can't let today pass without being reminded of why this is such a good Friday; but we don't just celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus, we celebrate the fact that He rose again on Sunday! It's Friday, but Sunday's coming! 

I'm excited for all of our Easter happenings this weekend! Brandon has a half day today for Good Friday (and I have a doctor's appointment to check in on baby boy #2); Walker has his Easter egg hunt at church tomorrow morning; and then we have church on Sunday morning, followed by lunch at my in-law's. Here was Walker last Easter; I can't even believe how much he's grown! 

A good ol' standby meal for us on #TacoTuesday are Mix and Match Mama's Baked Queso Tacos. It's one of those meals that looks pretty icky, but tastes delicious! She calls for 1 1/2 TBPS. of chili powder, but I take that down to a sprinkle so Walker can enjoy these, too. (He eats them deconstructed: I put the meat on his plate and sprinkle with some grated cheddar cheese and serve with refried black beans, rice and a side of a sliced fruit.) 

We top ours with chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream and a little bit of salsa. Yum! 

My birthday is in two weeks, but we're celebrating next weekend since my brother-in-law is getting married on my birthday weekend. ;) What's on my wish list? These. Dying for these

Pinterest is killing me with all the precious spring clothes! I'm especially really loving scallops lately, and I can't wait to get my hands on a few pairs of scalloped shorts to wear this summer after baby boy #2 arrives in mid- to late May! 

And because he's so dang adorable, I couldn't resist snapping this picture of Walker heading into Mother's Day Out on Wednesday. I mean, why does he look 12?! I can't even with this whole "growing up" business! 

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