Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Confessions

+ So I'm kind of in shock that we only have one more full week of February and then it's March {I mean, duh, right? That's how a calendar works, Brittany!}. But seriously, March just feels like spring to me. Perhaps because we've been in the upper 70's and low 80's in North Texas anyway, but March is just kind of unofficially spring in my book: Spring Break, warmer temperatures, Easter {this year}, white pants…

+ And on that note, I'm officially in my third trimester. What the what?! We only have about 2.75 more months until this baby gets here and I still have to do ALL THE THINGS. I was so on top of things with Walker, but this go-round, I'm just…not. Perhaps it's because it's my second baby and I'm a little more lax about things this time, or maybe it's because I'm still in shock that we're actually having a second baby. Ha! But in all seriousness, I really need to finish adding the small touches to his room to finish it up. 

+ Some days I get really, really nervous about adding a second baby to the fold. As awful as it is to admit, we're in such a fun, easy stage with Walker right now {minus the tantrums} where we can just get up and go, relatively speaking. If we take him to a restaurant, we can simply order something off the menu for him to eat; we don't have to pack bottles or homemade baby food or worry about changing him every hour. Plus, he's just fun right now! And, selfishly, I just love the little schedule we're on right now where we get up, go do something fun/run errands in the morning, let him come back for an afternoon nap, and then have the rest of our afternoon to hang out and get dinner ready. I'm just nervous about having a lack of sleep; having a lack of sleep and still tending to Walker; feeling more restrained to the house for a while; and just how Walker is going to react to having a little brother overall. Not to mention -- as much as I know people say your love only multiplies, not divides -- I just worry about how I'm going to love both boys equally. I know that all sounds so selfish, but it's just a whole different ball of worries for me this time around. Can any of you moms of two {or more} littles give me any advice?

+ I feel like my life is so boring sometimes. I mean, obviously y'all read here and are so sweet with your comments about Walker, but I know I must bore y'all to death sometimes with our monotonous day-in, day-out lives at home. But, I know that's just the stage of life we're in right now: diapers, play dates, Chick-fil-A lunches, yoga pants and falling asleep on the couch by 9 p.m. It's definitely not a glamorous life {oh, I love to read y'all's posts about going out to late dinners, traveling and vacations!}, but I know we'll get back to the "fun" us one day. But until then, thank y'all for reading here and letting me document this sweet time in our lives that I know I'll look back on one day and miss. 

+ I am literally having to physically restrain myself from going into Target these days. Granted, it helps that I have a giant belly and I can't fit into anything I really like there these days, but I seriously want ALL THE CLOTHES and ALL THE HOME DÉCOR. Someone come put me in a straight jacket because I just need to stay away! 

+ As weird as it sounds, sometimes I forget that I have a belly right now. I mean, I obviously know it's there and growing by the minute, but I'm always caught off-guard when someone comments on it. Like, "Oh! When are you due?" "Oh! What a cute belly!" {Newsflash: NO IT IS NOT CUTE.} Anyway, when someone says something, I'm quickly reminded that they, too, can see this baby bump. Weird, right? 

+ After seeing so many bloggers post about infertility, miscarriages and other pregnancy-related issues, my heart just breaks for them and what they're going through. Owen made a great point on her post about not asking women or couples when they're going to have a baby. I mean, you just never, ever know what people are going through. And you know what? Some people may not want to have children, or simply aren't ready for them and don't know how to respond to your question. Even though we were very blessed to have Walker and now Baby #2, people immediately asked us after Walker was born when we were going to have another, or simply say, "Well, now it's time for the next one!" People: STOP. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. One of Brandon's relatives recently asked us if we were going to try for a girl {no}, but I simply just answered her, "Wow, our sex lives must be so interesting to you!" She turned beet red and I'm sure will second-guess asking or making any comments related to people having children from now on. But seriously, let's all think before we speak. 

+ I have seen so many people wearing things that are inspired by the 90's and I just…I can't, y'all. Flannel shirts around their waists, Doc Martens, overalls…I just, no. You know what the 90's were to me? Denim shirts, zip-up shirts, jelly sandals {bonus points if they had glitter}, butterfly clips, Doc Marten sandals {I mean, how did I wear those things?}, Mia sandals, clogs, and anything and everything Lisa Frank. Can we please keep those things in the past? Eeeek! 

+ I'd love to take a poll from you married girls about your wedding registry/gifts. My brother-in-law is getting married in April {on my birthday weekend, sigh} and after Brandon and I looked at their registries, we got to talking about the stuff we registered for for our wedding. What do we never, ever use? What do we always use? What do we wish we had registered for? So, can y'all comment here and answer those questions? I'm going to do a blog post on that soon and would love to use some of your responses! :) 

Okay, enough confessions for me today. Thank y'all for reading along, and Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Easter in March will just never feel right to me!! So strange. I am finally getting my s**t together this weekend and starting to get the baby's room together - I feel like I have never been less ready for anything in my life! I'm usually waaaay over-prepared for things and I've just been so busy lately, it's starting to freak me out!! This might make me more boring than you ;) but I totally think your life is interesting. I can't wait to have a mom life!

  2. Friend, thanks so much for the shout out. Your support means the world, seriously! I can't wait to ask you all my baby-related questions when the day comes (hopefully soon!) because you are a seasoned veteran mommy ;) And I know you are going to be supermom to 2 precious boys! They are lucky to have you as theirs!

  3. Ha so glad I am not the only one who doesn't think that my belly is cute. My friends tell me allll the time how tiny and cute it is and I am like nope I feel cute and ridiculous!

  4. Your life is so not boring, I very much enjoy reading every day. WOW third trimester, that is so exciting. And you are going to be okay with your second lil one I know it.

    I found Owen's post so brave too. I have quite a few friends dealing with infertility and it breaks my heart. I might not know what it feels like but I try to be someone they can talk to when they need to vent. Prayers to al the mama to bes struggling out there.

  5. I just don't like being asked about babies because I just don't know how that choice will turn out for us. We've been married 2.5 years and honestly they are no where on the horizon as I turn 29 next month. And YES please stop with the 90s inspiration. As for the wedding registry, we've pretty much used everything on ours minus the food processor because I also got smaller like items that usually work just as well. I also chose to do a pampered chef registry because I love their products in addition to 2 stores.

  6. I definitely had the same fears you had when I added a second boy to the mix, but trust me you will love both of them unconditionally. It is really fun to see the similarities and differences that your little ones will have, and where my boys are so close in age they are seriously best friends, which is amazing. You will do great, don't worry! :)

  7. I love reading about your "boring" life. Just the ins and outs of a normal day are interesting to me! I have definitely curbed discussing babies, unless I am close friends with the person, because you really do never know the situation!

  8. So many slow claps for your response to questions about babies. I hope I have the courage to use that!

  9. Target, ugh!! I went in the other day for some travel items and walked out with three things for spring. I love/hate it!

    Oh gosh, when we registered I thought I had to have everything! Our drying racks for laundry, mixing bowls, clear casserole dishes and such are probably our most used and of course the towels/bedding. I've barely used my stand mixer (I need to!) and thought we just had to have a popcorn maker and haven't touched it yet!