Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy Monday, and Happy February 1st! We had a fabulous weekend celebrating our sweet Walker's 2nd birthday, coupled with amazingly gorgeous spring-like weather, so let's get to it! 

Friday was Walker's actual birthday, and since Brandon was en route from his work trip, I made Walker breakfast. Waffles (that I have to call "pancakes" so he'll eat them) and fruit! 

That morning, Walker had his 2-year well-child visit at the pediatrician, so we went to that and he did great! I'm still in shock that he's 33 pounds (94th percentile) and 36 inches (92nd percentile)! After a quick lunch, we picked Brandon up from the airport -- it was so good to see him after a week away! 

Once Brandon got home, we got him all unpacked and started to work on our taxes {blegh}. When Walker got up from his nap, he sat down at his "uh-poot-er" (computer) and told us he was doing "work, too." Ha! 

That evening, my aunt joined us in taking the birthday boy to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A! I went to a local cupcake place to pick him up some cupcakes to enjoy after his meal, and of course he devoured his birthday cake-flavored one in a heartbeat! 

We had a lazy morning lounging around the house, and then joined our friends Ashley, Steven and their daughter Caroline for lunch on the patio at a local Mexican restaurant. Seriously, our weather was in the mid-70's all weekend and it was just beautiful! After running a few errands, the little man was out like a light and Brandon put together his new trampoline from us while he napped. 

He was completely shocked when he woke up to find his birthday present outside! 

We were outside all afternoon and evening: jumping on his new mini trampoline, pulling weeds in the garden, going on a walk, playing at our local track and grilling out for dinner. 

Walker was being such a silly kid on Saturday night and was very interested in what on earth was on my face (make-up). He kept saying, "Wha dat?" Ha! 

Once the little man went to bed, Brandon and I watched "Whiplash," which was actually a really good movie! 

We went to church, came home and ate leftovers, and then promptly went outside, where we spent the rest of the day! We just couldn't get over that kind of weather in January! 

We had such a great weekend enjoying our two-year-old and spending time together as a family before a busy, weekends-packed-full February comes rolling through next weekend. I hope y'all had a great one! 

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great birthday weekend for Walker. I love that he set up his computer to do work too--so cute! And glad that the waffles/pancakes went over well haha

  2. What a cutie! Happy Belated Birthday to Walker!! Looks like he's really enjoying his present! We liked Whiplash too - it was an unexpected movie for me! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. What a perfect, perfect weekend! It's so fun celebrating our littles birthdays (but why do they grow so fast?!) Happy 2nd birthday, Walker!! And seriously, the weather was gorgeous here as well! Yay for spending the days outside in January!!

  4. Happy birthday to Walker! Too funny about the waffles vs. pancakes haha

  5. Happy Birthday Walker!! Looks like he had great time celebrating!

  6. That trampoline looks like fun! Glad you all had a great time this weekend :)

  7. He is such a cutie! Looks like a great little birthday! Great idea to have his party beforehand so you could relax and enjoy his actual bday as a family. Love his little table and chairs too! I'm on the hunt for a set for Logan.

  8. Happy Birthday, Walker! It looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating the birthday boy!

    Amy @

  9. Walker on his computer & trampoline is just too cute!! Glad to hear you all liked Whiplash, it's on our to-watch list!

  10. Your weekend sounds amazing!!! Walker is so adorable "doing work"!

  11. Haha so funny you have to call them pancakes! Chick Fil A AND cupcakes – Walker is a boy after my own heart!!

  12. Our weather has been crazy awesome for this time of year this week, too. Is Walker having birthday withdraws this week?! ;) For real though, he could not look more precious jumping on that trampoline!! Glad you all had a good weekend!