Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: What I'm Loving Lately

Happy Thursday, friends! We are almost through yet another week, and one week closer to March…can you believe it?! Today I wanted to share with you some things I'm loving lately…from food to make-up to TV shows and everything in between! Here we go: 

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I'm sure y'all know by now, but Old Navy has recently become a favorite for me. Their clothes have really become cuter and more versatile, and they're easy for me to throw on when running errands or just doing stuff around the house. Because let's face it, I don't really have a huge excuse to dress up these days! Anyway, I found this top {currently on sale for $14!} and I absolutely love it! It's super soft and will transition well from spring to summer to fall since our temperatures here go from mild to scorching to mild during those seasons. 

This lipstick is the best! I've told so many girlfriends about it, and you can't beat its not-even-$6 price tag! It goes on very smooth, lasts forever and is the perfect shade of pink for spring and summer, but doesn't leave my fair skin looking too pink or washed out. 

Brandon and I are absolutely enthralled with "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson." We were about seven- and nine-years-old when the incident happened, so it's interesting to us to watch the show to see what we remember seeing, what we remember hearing, and what we didn't know at all. And of course, we're Googling absolutely everything to find out more! It's our new "Making a Murderer" now that that's over. ;)

After 5 1/2 years of marriage, I'm slowly starting to replace and upgrade a few things in my kitchen; things that I like better, things that have pieces missing; and just things I need new ones of. I don't know how, but my measuring spoons somehow go missing! {It's like socks in the dryer…I just don't get it.} Anyway, I love the fun, bright colors of these and that they click together, making them easier to find in the drawer and keep organized. 

This is one of those, "You know you're pregnant when you're blogging about _____" times, but I'm obsessed with these drinks! My friend Ashley introduced me to them, and I seriously have to limit myself to one a day. I especially love to have one when everyone around me is having a glass of wine…ha! So far I've only been able to find them on Amazon and at Costco and Target; my Kroger needs to carry them so I don't have to make any special orders or trips! ;) 

I searched high and low for a "Big Brother" shirt for Walker to wear to the hospital when he meets his little brother for the first time. And honestly, I couldn't find any that weren't ridiculously cheesy. So where did I turn? Etsy, of course! I found this precious "Brother Bear" onesie, and I asked the shop owner if she could make it into a T-shirt instead, and she said she could! It got here in three days, y'all. From Washington State to Texas from the time I ordered it. I was shocked! It's such a precious little shirt and now of course I want everything in her shop…including the "Mama Bear" shirt. Because as you mamas know, there is definitely a little mama bear in all of us! 

Also another "You know you're pregnant when…" posts, but my friend Ashley also introduced me to these 90-calorie Fiber One brownies. I'm trying really hard to watch and maintain my weight this pregnancy, unlike my pregnancy with Walker where I gained 40 pounds. {Yes, 40. Eeek.} So, I've been trying to make better dessert decisions, because let's face it, I'm definitely one of those girls who has to have something sweet after dinner each night. I totally thought these would taste like cardboard, but they're surprisingly good! And for 90 calories plus fiber that I desperately need whilst growing another human being, I'll definitely take one of these over a bowl of ice cream any night! 

And finally, this is my favorite concealer, hands down. Seriously. I have tried every brand under the sun and keep coming back to this one. I have dark circles under my eyes {hi, #momlife} and my skin has always been uneven. And let's add to that hormone-induced acne and it's just a lovely sight to behold. {Poor Brandon…ha!} But seriously, I dot this under my eyes and on problem areas on my skin, and then use a concealer brush to blend it all in, and it works wonders. I top it off with Bare Minerals powder foundation and you'd never be able to tell how uneven my skin is or how dark my circles are! 

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  1. Thanks for the lipstick recommendation!

  2. People vs OJ is definitely our new Making a Murderer too--totally sucked in with my husband as well! Love the Big Brother shirt idea for Walker at the hospital--so stinking cute!!

  3. Old Navy is my jam these days!! So cheap and COMFY! I've been dying to watch that show but haven't had time. Hoping to start it this weekend though!

  4. Oooh, I just blogged about concealer today! I am going to try this one!

  5. I love that old navy comfy top! And any Nyx lip product - yes!

  6. I can not EVER find anything if I am physically inside our Old Navy store but then I get online and it's like a whole different world! It's a life (money) saver especially during pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your fave concealer! The bags under my eyes are already unreal and mine is just not cutting it. Picking that up at Target today!! I don't know why I've never tried those Izzy drinks, I usually stick to they flavor Pellegrinos but I bet those are cheaper!

  7. That brother bear shirt is adorable!! Thanks for the lipstick rec! I love the Nyx Pops color too, although it's a bit darker.

  8. Those measuring spoons look awesome! Mine are all messy in a drawer - it would be so nice to have them click in place!

  9. I'm not pregnant and I still love those Izze drinks. Even though I think I did fall in love with them when I was pregnant! -Home of Malones

  10. I've been looking for a good white top for spring so I will definitely check that one out! I love the fiber one bars!