Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: Kiddo Bath Time Favorites

Ever since Walker was born, he loved taking baths. I know that's weird to say for a newborn baby, but seriously, it was the one thing that calmed him down and relaxed him. And to this day, we seriously have to pry that slippery naked boy out of the tub every night. {And that, my friends, is the opposite of calming and relaxing!} 

So as I was bathing him the other night -- and pulling out baby bath stuff for Baby #2's impending arrival in three short months -- I thought I'd share our kiddo bath time favorites  with y'all! These are what worked best for us, so they may not work well for you; you may love them; or you may despise them…but here's what we love around here: 

For babies

one || two || three || four

five || six || seven 

For toddlers

one || two || three

four || five || six 

What about y'all? Any kiddo bath time favorites in your house? Please share! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I was literally thinking this morning (at 3 AM when I couldn't sleep) that I hadn't really thought about baby bath items, yet! LOVE the idea of that Puj Tub! I added it to my Amazon registry immediately. It's so cute that Walker has always been a water bug! Does he love pools any everything too?

  2. So glad bath time has become a favorite around my house! I did not like the infant tub we got, so I might have to check out that blue mesh one for the next time around!

  3. How fun are those little sea animal toys!!!