Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Q&A: Getting to Know You

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me…" 

Those lyrics from "The King and I" always pop in my head when I think about a personal Q&A session. Last week, sweet Christina posted a Q&A on her blog {read it here}, and I loved it so much that I thought I'd steal borrow it since there are so many new readers here. Which, by the way, thank you all for stopping around this little ol' space of mine. It truly is a joy to get to know y'all and even form friendships through blogging…who would have thought!? 

So here it goes: 

Makeup item?
I am pretty much an all-or-nothing-type girl when it comes to makeup. As in, I wear everything or I wear nothing at all. I've always loved makeup and personally feel I look much better with it than without, but if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take one makeup item with me, it would be concealer. And a concealer brush. Okay, that's two. But you get the picture! My favorite concealer of all time is L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Concealer in Fair. I use it under my eyes, around my nose, on problem areas…

Cocktail of choice?
Wine, wine, and more wine! My favorite white is a very cold Sauvignon Blanc {anything from Marlborough is always a win in my book} and my favorite red is either a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Malbec. However, I also love an extra dirty martini; anything rum punch-related; and a good beer on a hot day. I don't, however, like shots. It reminds me of college and makes me gag just thinking about it. 

Vacation destination - repeat?
Oh, man. I've visited California a few times and absolutely loved the weather, the scenery and the culture. I would live there if it weren't so darn expensive! But I also loved our trip to Jamaica. The people there are so wonderful that I'd go back in a heartbeat. And of course, London. I studied abroad there when I was in college and it's my favorite city in the world. Brandon has never been, and I'd love to go back with him someday. 

Vacation destination - wanderlust?
Oh, Europe for sure. Like I said, Brandon has never been anywhere in Europe, and I've only been to Great Britain {England, Scotland and Wales} and Italy, so I'd love to go back with him and spend a month traveling to Western Europe: Italy again; Great Britain again; France; Greece; Germany…

Where did you go to college?
Baylor University -- Sic 'Em, Bears! I lived in Waco before Waco was cool. ;) No, but seriously, I loved Baylor and I loved college, and I wish I could go back every day! My parents both went to Baylor, as well as two of my aunts, two of my uncles and a great-uncle {and both of my brothers, my husband, my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law}, so I always grew up going to Baylor Homecomings as a kid. 

In early high school, I always said I didn't want to go there, but after visiting one of Baylor's Fall Premiere events either my junior year of high school, I knew that's exactly where I wanted to go. In fact, it's the only place I applied! I was accepted in late September of my senior year in high school and was so thankful I got in! 

How did you meet Brandon?
Brandon and I met at Baylor in January 2008. It was both of our senior years of college -- really his and technically mine since I graduated early. We were in a class together for his major {Communications} and my minor {I graduated with a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations and a minor in Corporate Communication}. As he tells it, he "sat behind the prettiest girl in class," but as I tell it, there was only one empty seat left in the classroom and he took it because he was late. Ha! 

After I realized Brandon was trying to peek over my left-handed self's shoulder during a test, we got to talking and flirting -- I was actually somewhat "dating" someone at the time, even though it wasn't ever "DTR" or serious -- and said guy broke things off on Valentine's Day. Being sad and having had a few glasses of wine, I called Brandon! {I kid you not. I had his number from a group project we had in class.} He was at home and we ended up talking for more than two hours that night. Before we got off the phone, he asked me to go to get sushi on Sunday night. I told him sure, that I was going to my parents' the next day for the weekend, and I'd see him Sunday when I got back. 

As I was driving back to Waco that Sunday afternoon, I got a text on my Motorola KRZR phone {ha, pre-iPhones for us!} that he had two tests the next day and couldn't meet me for dinner. I was bummed, but then later realized he had told me previously that he only had two classes on Monday {including the class he shared with me} and I knew we didn't have a test in there! Not one to be stood up, I marched into class the next day, called him out and told him he was taking me to dinner that night. We ended up at On the Border and the rest is history. 

Where are you from?
I'm from a small town in southeast Texas and Brandon is from a suburb of Fort Worth. I moved to Dallas after I graduated from college and we got engaged a year later. We now live in a suburb of Dallas. 

And since I'm from southeast Texas, I say weird things like "buggy" instead of "shopping cart", "supper" instead of "dinner", and "feeder road" as opposed to "access road."

How old is Walker?
Walker, our sweet little boy, is two years old. And he's every bit of two years old! As much as we adore that precious boy, he's every bit his mama and a spitfire. We're currently dealing with the #TerribleTwos: tantrums, not listening, telling us "no" and throwing himself on the floor wailing. But we love him anyway. ;) He really keeps us on our toes and we can't imagine our lives without him. 

When are you due with Baby #2? Are you telling the name?
I'm due with Baby Boy #2 on May 25, 2016. And yes, he has a name, but we're not sharing it publicly until he's born. Close friends and family know his name, but that's it. I'm not keen on hearing people's comments {good or bad} about his name, so we're keeping it close to the vest for now. There's just some things people won't say once the baby is born that they'll say when you're pregnant. ;)

Room in the house?
I love our bathroom. We actually redid a lot of it ourselves, so I take a lot of pride in that little room! 

Off-day routine?
Um, what's that?! As a full-time mom, I don't really have off days, but if I do, I love to spend them getting pampered: massage, mani/pedi, taking a nap and just relaxing. 

Can you cook?
Yes, but I cannot, for the life of me, bake. I always, always burn the desserts in our house, so Brandon is typically our dessert maker. I'm pretty good at those no-bake cookies. ;) I'm by no means a gourmet chef in a 5-star restaurant, but I can make pretty good meals, if I do say so myself. 

Flower type?
Tulips are by far my favorite, but I also love hydrangeas {they were our wedding flower}, hyacinth, lilies and pink roses. 

-Spending one-on-one time with Brandon, whether it's out to lunch or dinner; watching a TV show together; or just laying in bed talking after a long day. 
-Getting pampered {manis/pedis, massage, getting my hair done}
-Reading, even though I don't do it as much as I'd like to
-Traveling with Brandon 
-Having a glass of wine on the patio with my girlfriends 
-Catching up on multiple DVR'd shows on a Friday night
-Talking to my best friends on the phone 
-Organizing anything and everything
-Cheering for Baylor football 
-Sleeping {yup}
-Cleaning when I'm stressed


  1. I loved reading how you and Brandon met! Did he ever tell you why he had tried to cancel on you?!

    Also we've got pretty much the exact same favorite flowers and reading your list of activities had me nodding my head in agreement, especially on the sleep one now that I'm a mama haha!

  2. This was such a fun way to get to know more about you! I love how you and your husband met - way to call him out! He deserved that, for sure.

  3. FUn post idea, I may have to borrow it from you :)!

    So cool you went to Baylor, I have quite a few Baylor [well and TCU haha] friends. Way to be cool before it was cool!

  4. I forgot to tell you I bought that concealer and it really IS magical!! I may have to steal this post from you, too :) I love learning random stuff like this about people. I am so not a baker, either! I do cook well, but mostly because I like to eat well (lol) and I don't really care about dessert, so I just don't try! Off to read about your trip to Jamaica - I love love love vacay posts!

  5. Loved this fun way of getting to know a bit more about you! :)

  6. Couldn't agree with you more about the names! This is our first and we made the decision not to tell anyone, family included. We have gotten a lot of flack about it, but once baby girl is here, no one is going to say anything negative about her name!

  7. Loved learning more about you! One of my good friends lives in Dallas and I'm dying to see yalls city! Cannot wait to see your precious new baby boy!

  8. That loreal concealer is my go-to concealer, I love it! & I'm from Southwest VA but totally say buggy instead of shopping cart-haha! This was fun learning more about you!

  9. Love this post! I love how everyone in your family went to Baylor! That is so special! Your meeting story with Brandon is so adorable :) BTW, I had no clue that people didn't use the buggy when referring to shopping carts lol