Friday, February 26, 2016


Well hello, last Friday in February! You sure threw me a doozy of a week this week, and I'm truly not sad to see you go. This is me waving goodbye to you: 

Y'all, I'm not even joking, Wednesday was the day from hell for me. Let me set the stage for you: 

I had my 28-week glucose screening at 8:45 a.m., and my doctor is about 20 minutes away from my house. Walker had Mother's Day Out that started at 9 a.m., and that's about 10 minutes away in the opposite direction. So, I asked my mother-in-law to come over and take Walker to "school" for me since the times were overlapping. 

I was up early, showered and ready to go. I put a load of laundry in the washing machine right as Brandon was leaving for work and went to get Walker dressed. About 15 minutes later, I went back to the laundry room and noticed water all over the floor - and not just a little bit. It was probably about 1/4-inch of water pooling in my laundry room. Quickly, I shut off the washing machine and grabbed every towel I could find to sop up the mess. Just then, my mother-in-law arrived at my house and after going through drop-off instructions for Walker, I went to get in my car to leave and it wouldn't start. Not only would it not start, it wouldn't even jump; the battery was completely dead. I just started crying. I mean, seriously, OF ALL DAYS. 

I called Brandon panicking, then went back in the house and kindly told my mother-in-law she was taking me to my appointment and Walker was missing school that day. So, into her car we piled and drove the 20 minutes north to my appointment. A few minutes later, Brandon called me and told me he was on his way home to help out. (This was a huge surprise because his office is pretty old-school and this is a huge rarity.) He told my mother-in-law to take Walker to school; then he drove home to get Walker's packed lunch and nap mat and took that to his school; then drove back north to come get me from my appointment; took me to get a quick bite since I was fasting from my appointment and extremely hangry; and then we both came home, fully cleaned up the mess in the laundry room, and finally got my car jumped to get it to the nearest auto parts store to get a new battery installed. 

Seriously, WHAT A DAY. I was so ready for Calgon to just take me away at that point! 

My sweet saint of a husband cleaning up all the water in the laundry room. And seriously, I'm such a clean person; how does so much nasty stuff get beneath and behind my washing machine and dryer?! GROSS!

Do y'all know who Jen Hatmaker is? Well, she wrote this awesome article for The Today Show's "Today Parenting Team" entitled, "I Wish Someone Would've Warned Me About These BIG FEELINGS." {You can read it here.} It really helped me to see that the days are long, but the years are short when it comes to parenting. Grab a tissue, mamas! 

In fact, I took Walker to the dentist on Tuesday, and he was sitting there chatting away, playing with the toys, every now and then running up to me to show me the latest toy he'd found in the waiting room toy box. Two moms were sitting there waiting for their teenagers and one of them looked at me and said, "I miss those days." The other one quietly echoed, "Me too. I miss that sweet little voice." At that moment, Walker ran over to me and wanted to sit in my lap and lay his head on my shoulder. Mom 1 said, "Awww, that's precious. Enjoy it, because it really does go by fast." Mom 2 said, "It really does. In the blink of an eye, he'll be driving you around and you'll want him to lay his head on your shoulder." 

Well, my hormonal self almost burst into tears right there in the pediatric dentist's waiting room when Mom 2's boy came out and he was about a foot taller than her, deep man voice starting to crackle and she just simply said, "See?" 

So, onto something not really fun: maternity swimsuits. We signed Walker up for swimming lessons…and then they told me I had to get in there with him after he was signed up and I was about to walk out the door. I'm sure the weightlessness of the water will feel great to me being in my third trimester, but I'm not thrilled with being in a swimsuit at 7-9 months pregnant. (Brandon will go to his swimming lessons with him when he's not traveling, but when he is, it's me. Eeek!) So, does anyone know where to get a cute, affordable one-piece maternity swimsuit that won't make me look like Shamu?

I was looking at some at Target online, like this one, maybe? 

But as an aside, our little fishie did great at his first lesson earlier this week! He absolutely loved it and we were really impressed with how well he listened to his teacher and followed her instructions. 

I blame it all on nesting, but I'm dying to update the fixtures in our kitchen, dining room and entryway. Clearly I've been watching too much "Fixer Upper" because these light fixtures are calling my name right now: 

I'm obsessed with "Friends" and have probably seen each episode a handful of times. So of course when I ran across this meme, I was laughing so hard. Why? Because instead of saying "moot point," would said, "mute point." It took everything in me to just nod and smile when she would say that! So this reminded me of that and had me laughing to myself for far too long: 

Have a fabulous weekend, friends! 

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  1. OH man, hugs to you mama. Way to power through that ridiculous day!

  2. I love Fixer Upper! All of their style finds are totally up my alley, so I don't blame you!
    So sorry that the other day was a rough one--the good news is you all survived it! :)

  3. Oh man, your Wednesday was tough!!! So glad you are on the other side of it now. Happy Friday!

  4. Oh goodness, that's a rough day!! So glad Brandon was able to come help! (and yeah, I can tell our laundry area is getting dusty but how do you actually clean that!? I'm not moving my entire units every few months lol)

  5. What a crazy Wednesday you had! I would have cried my eyes out! So nice you had the help you did. Loving that bump bathing suit! Have a good weekend!

  6. Bless your heart! Hope everything gets better for you! Love that swimsuit you picked out, so cute!

  7. You got through Wednesday! I hope this weekend is more relaxing. I love Fixer Upper and that light fixture.Jess at Just Jess

  8. Tears in my eyes just thinking of my baby being a grown man. Boo hoo. We were in a similar boat with our laundry room on Sunday, but thankfully it was minor. So sorry you had so much to deal with!! That is crazy!! Hope you guys have a much better weekend. I think that swimsuit is cute!

  9. Sorry that your day was so rough on Wednesday, but glad you got through it girl! Love the Friends Meme - I often think of Joey-isms and they make me laugh! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. I just starting reading Jen Hatmaker's book, For the love :) I bought a tankini maternity top from Old Navy for $9! So sorry about your crazy Wednesday, that would put any person over the edge, but def. us pregnant ladies!

  11. Omgosh, this post got me all teary-eyed. The years do go by fast. I can't believe my baby is one and a half. Where did all that time go?! Also, sorry about your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. So glad it all worked out, but gosh that was not a fun one.

  12. Gosh you almost have me tearing up at that dentist story!! So sorry you had such a bad day but glad everything worked out! Xo

  13. When I was pregnant I went into a consignment shop and found one that still had the original tags on it for $12.00. It would be worth checking out if you have a nice one nearby. My last pregnancy was miserable. I carries very low. Swimming was very relaxing.

  14. That definitely sounds like a rough day! I got a maternity tankini from ASOS that was ok even though I tried not to be in a bathing suit as much as possible!