Friday, February 19, 2016


Happy Friday!

Brandon has been traveling in Tennessee for work this week, and we're thrilled he's coming home today! He was born and raised in Knoxville {cue "Rocky Top"} until he was seven, so he was happy to get to go "home" and even stopped by his old house to see what it looked like today. 

Meanwhile, Walker and I had a fun week running a ton of errands; having a Chick-fil-A date; feeding the ducks at a pond by my in-law's house; and trying to play catch-up from being gone. That's not to say we didn't have our rough moments, but this week went by quicker than some week's he's traveling. 

Have any of y'all tried Whole Foods' Berry Chantilly Cake? When I left my job doing PR for American Airlines, my sweet team brought me that cake on my last day. And I've been obsessed with it since. Brandon, if you're reading here, I want this cake for my birthday in April…! ;) But in all seriousness, I found this recipe for it on Pinterest and am dying to recreate it. Pregnancy craving, much?! 

Speaking of Pinterest, I found this quote on there last night, and it really hit home with me.  We always pray for Walker's future wife; that she love the Lord and be a woman among women. But I, as Walker's mother, must also remember that what I emulate at home as his father's wife will also teach him what to look for in his future wife -- the woman we pray for daily. I hope and pray that I can always emulate the characteristics I so desire Walker's future wife to have: patience, love, gentleness, self-control, control over her tongue, thoughtfulness…and the list goes on and on. 

I'm currently about to hit "order" on this precious dress from Nordstrom. It's the same brand {Lush} as those coveted tunics, and it looks right up my alley for summer wear post-baby. And it doesn't hurt that Nordstrom is having their Winter Clearance Sale right now either with up to 40% off some super cute stuff! {And no, this isn't a sponsored post.} Can I call this an early birthday gift to myself? Wink-wink?!

I mentioned this on Wednesday, but I'd love for any of you who missed it to chime in today!  I'd love to take a poll from you married girls about your wedding registry/gifts. My brother-in-law is getting married in April {on my birthday weekend, sigh} and after Brandon and I looked at their registries, we got to talking about the stuff we registered for for our wedding. What do we never, ever use? What do we always use? What do we wish we had registered for? What can we laugh about now and say, "Why did we register for this?!" So, can y'all comment here and answer those questions for me? I'm going to do a blog post on that soon and would love to use some of your responses! :) 

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Registering is SO MUCH fun! I would say Corningware and Pyrex dishes. I find those so nice to have. Also, a set of bakeware, measuring cups and spoons. I suggest two sets of each, I feel like half the time I need a specific measuring cup, it is dirty! Happy Friday!

  2. That berry cake looks like a dream - totally pinning that! I am not a baker AT ALL but I like to dream I may be some day :) That tunic dress is absolutely perfect for post baby!! I always tell people that it is not sexy but thing main thing I am so glad we registered for is a nice kitchen trash can. I would have rather died then spend $100 on a trash can back then but I will never go cheap in the kitchen again! Get a nice one that holds in the smells!! Have a great weekend, friend!


    I say mix in big items [we LOVE OUR NINJA crockpot. It's a three in one and everyone I've suggested it to LOVES IT. and a Kitchen Aid] along with cute decor and monogrammed stuff. People can go in together for big items but they also love getting personal items for a couple. Happy Friday!

  4. That dress looks perfect for post baby!! For the registry questions: I always use our crock pot and LOVE our nice set of pots and pans. We never use our ice cream maker, but now that we have a bigger house and a kid I feel like I will. I registered for a set of everyday white dishes and white serving dishes - some from the same line and others from different stores. It's so easy to match white dishes and you can add color to your table with accessories for every season. Happy weekend lady! I feel ya on those traveling husband weeks. They are rough!

  5. Loving that dress, and that you had a cute Chik Fal A date with your little dude.
    I think one of our favorite things was a wine fridge and wine accessories. We use them all ALL the time. The least used and the worst gift we got? Napkin ring holders. Seriously, someone just got us a pack of napkin ring holders. If I did a gift like that, I'd have gotten some nice napkins...maybe monogrammed. I think anything you get that's personal or will get a lot of use will be a great gift!

  6. Yay for hubby coming home! I don't think there is anything that I got for our wedding I thought, why did we get it. Now we've been married almost 11 years, I do think that I love that we got formal china (dishwasher safe of course, I know I wouldn't use it if I didn't), but now that we've started to take over hosting Christmas from my parents, it's nice to have the good stuff to use :)

  7. I would say a good crockpot, Tupperware, nice pots and pans are a must. We didn't have anything before we got married so we literally had to register for everything down to even like vacuum and stuff like that!

  8. Some of our most used wedding presents include mixing bowls, measuring cups/spoons, and everyday dishes (plates, bowls) and glassware. Those are super practical, but we use them all almost daily. We might get more use out of a few kitchen items once we move into our new house where we can actually unpack all of our kitchen stuff and have it live in the kitchen, but we haven't opened our immersion blender yet. Everything else I think we've used at least once. I will say that we registered for the heavy duty Kitchenaid mixer and while we like it, I didn't realize on that one that the head of it doesn't tilt. That makes it really hard to take out and put in the beater/whisk and I wish I would have known that ahead of time. Also, I really love our Dyson. It works so well!

    This is kind of a side note because it's not really what you asked about, but I do love to include a personalized Grocery notepad, a family recipe, or cute oven mitts from Anthropologie if I'm giving a kitchen gift. It makes the gift feel much more personal to me.

  9. Love that dress! We got a set of mixing bowls that we use all the time for not just mixing. They have been great. We have never used our waffle maker. We always just make pancakes instead.

  10. Love that quote!! I own that Lush dress (bought it for our fall anniversary pictures) and am probably going to order more! It's super comfy but it is a little shorter than I expected. It works with leggings though!

    On the wedding note: we registered for a salad spinner. It's never been used. Why did I want one? I have zero clue. Martha Stewart at Macy's was just my obsession at the time. There are a lot of favorite gifts we received and then there's stuff that if I knew how little we used it, I would have just registered for something different!


  11. Cute dress, and the best gifts tend to be the most practical things like cookware.

  12. I love those cult-followed tunics and have them in several colors, so I am probably going to need that dress :)

  13. Looks like you definitely had a fun week! I am loving that cake, and that black dress that you just purchased! Adorable!
    I also blogged about my top 5 happens this week over at
    Hope you hop on over to check it out and show some love! Have a great weekend!

  14. I know I've said it before but I love yours and Walker's dates - always the cutest and love the chick fil a one! Happy that Brandon is back home with you guys!


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