Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all! We've made it to mid-week, praise the Lord! Brandon had to work on Monday, so it has seemed like an extra long week for us. We're definitely looking forward to this weekend where we have nothing to do! 

Here's what's been "hap-pinning" with us as of late: 

+ Celebrating this cutie's 2nd birthday party 

+ And celebrated sweet Peyton and Parker's joint birthday party on the same day. Whew!

+ Playing hair salon! My hair was a mess of tangles, but Walker loved it, and that's all that matters. 

+ Spending chilly mornings in the teepee reading new birthday books; this one is his current new fave! 

+ Getting the little man a much-needed haircut, even though it's too short for my liking right now! {And I'm getting my hair trimmed today, hallelujah! It was getting entirely too long and stringy!}

+ Playing at the cutest little museum, of which Walker is dragged out kicking and screaming each time. Ha! {And of my local DFW people, you have to go here! It's absolutely precious!}

+ Trying out this recipe, which was delicious! It's basically a "clean-out-your-refrigerator" recipe, which I love. Even Walker ate it, and we've been battling him lately with eating anything, so I consider that a win! 

+ Needing to print this for my front door…because if the mailman rings my doorbell three times in rapid succession during one more nap time, this mama might lose it! I just want to scream, "I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME!" ;)

I can't wait to read what's been "hap-pinning" with you! 

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday to your little guy!! Glad he had such a good time--he looks adorable!!

  2. So much good stuff! Happy Birthday to your boy. Love those cakes and that noodle recipe looks delish!

  3. I told my husband that when our baby girl comes, we are disconnecting our doorbell. My dog goes bananas when it rings and it drives me insane!!

  4. That teepee is the cutest!! Off to check out that yummy looking stir fry recipe!

  5. Of course everything here is absolutely presh! Love that first pic and happy 2nd Bday W!!!

  6. You have such a cutie on your hands and the stir-fry recipe looks great! I feel your pain with the mailman ringing the doorbell. I think a sign would be great if they actually listen.

  7. He is such a handsome little man!! Happy 2nd birthday!

  8. I am loving the sign but more so for myself (as I don't have children) but I totally need it for when I nap. People always seem to knock when I need a nap so annoying!

  9. You guys have been busy!! That little museum looks so darling and I love playing hair saloon with our nieces haha but agreed, always ends up with tangles!


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