Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekending: Walker's Birthday Party Edition

We had such a whirlwind weekend celebrating our sweet almost-two-year-old! I still can't believe it was time for his second birthday party, and yes, if you're wondering, I got misty-eyed during the "Happy Birthday" song! Just looking around that room at all the people who love Walker, care about him and pray for him made my heart swell. 

I picked up Walker's cakes and the goody bag treats from my aunt on Friday afternoon and spent the day doing last-minute stuff for his party, including making the party favors for the guests: her famous Sparkle Sandwich Cookie in a cellophane bag with a label that said, "In-Flight Snack." My cousin made these and I loved the simplicity of them! 

Party favors

Friday evening, my family came to town to celebrate the little man. We all had dinner together at Twisted Root, which was so nice. I love when we're all together in the same city, and I'm so thankful my family came up for Walker!

Saturday was birthday party day! It was held at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field, and it was perfect for our sweet airplane-loving little boy! I truly did keep it pretty simple this year, and I think it turned out really well. {I will say that it was super nice to have it at a different location this year; they pick up and you can leave the mess!} 

I ordered 99% of the party supplies from Oriental Trading Company's "Up and Away" party line, and the rest came from Dollar Tree. My cousin made the invitations, party favor labels and party signs, and my aunt made the two cakes and her famous Sparkle Sandwich Cookies as takeaways. 

Our sweet birthday boy!

After the party, we came home for a quick nap for Walker while my Dad put together Walker's new table and Brandon and I sorted through gifts! We put some in the attic to switch out when the baby gets here in May so he has some new stuff to play with. ;) 

After some recharging for Brandon and me, we headed out to celebrate the joint birthday party of my sweet friend Liz's little girls, Parker and Peyton. January has proven to be quite a busy month for us this year; totally different from our norm, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Walker and Peyton giving each other big hugs. They love each other so much!

We went to church Sunday morning and then finally were able to meet our twin nieces, Caroline and Noelle. Our sister-in-law was super exhausted, so we only stayed for about 15 minutes and I didn't get any pictures, but rest assured they're gorgeous and just perfect! We relaxed and recharged the rest of the afternoon, which was nice after a busy past two days. It was a fun-filled weekend, and we're so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate our sweet boy! 

As promised, here are some party details and pictures from the fun: 

Invitations {And we just realized in making these in December that the date says "2015" and not "2016." Thank goodness no one noticed that -- except a snarky blog commenter! -- and everyone showed up this year as opposed to last January. ;)} 

Party favors

Food Table

Presents ("Baggage Claim") and Drinks ("In-Flight Beverage Service") table 

Our little family

Blowing out his candles…I love, love this picture of my precious blue-eyed boy!

Stealing bites of cake in between present-opening from my Mom ("Foxy")

Opening presents

Cheesing really big with my Mom and Dad ("Foxy" and "Papa")

More goofy cheesing with Brandon's parents ("Mimi" and "Pop")

Completely tuckered out after his party!

And of course I couldn't resist a few small touches at home, too! 

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