Friday, January 29, 2016


Happy Friday! 

Brandon has been traveling for work all week to the frozen tundra that is the Northeast and has missed the absolutely gorgeous, spring-like weather that North Texas has bestowed upon us most of this week. We have been in the mid-60's almost all week and are expected to get up to the mid-70's this weekend! 

All of that to say, we've been enjoying being outside and trying to busy ourselves while Daddy has been away. ;) But let me tell y'all, it has been A WEEK. Walker is definitely in the midst of the Terrible Twos and it's been a battle of the wills around here. We're talking getting out of bed, screaming at his door to sleep in our bed {which he's never done} and kicking his door. That happened Monday-Wednesday morning, and I was just at my wit's end. If I wasn't pregnant, I'd be consuming all the wine! Ha! 

BUT: Our trip to the Fort Worth Zoo on Monday was a perfect way to kick of the week by ourselves, and we're planning to celebrate our OFFICIAL {as of 12:03 a.m.} two-year-old tonight by eating at his favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A! 

So the dress I blogged about two weeks ago? A total bust. It had a weird hemline and just didn't look good on me at all. I swear, these "pregnant" models wearing their fake bellies…ugh. ANYWAY, y'all have been so beyond helpful in the whole "finding-a-dress-for-Easter-and-my-brother-in-law's-wedding" department by reminding me of sites like ASOS Maternity and Pink Blush Maternity, so I've been doing some looking around on those sites. 

I'm currently pretty sold on this one for my brother-in-law's black-tie wedding: 

And perhaps this one for Easter: 

I posted two videos on Snapchat of Walker playing with some toys earlier this week and got messages from some of y'all asking what they were. I'm always happy to share toy{s} we love around here, and both of them just happened to be Melissa & Doug, which we adore!

The first is the Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set. Santa brought this for Walker this year, and I must say, he loves it…especially when I give it to him to play with while I'm cooking dinner. It really makes him feel like he's "helping" me! It's wooden pretend fruit that's Velcro-d together, and kiddos use the pretend wooden knife to "cut" it apart. Genius!

The second is the Melissa & Doug Beginner Band Set. Another Santa find, Walker loves to "make muse-ikkkk" with these instruments. {And my Mom gifted him with a little Mickey Mouse Karaoke Machine for his birthday, and he loves to use his "my-ter-pho" -- AKA: microphone -- to accompany his music.} 

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Walker and I had lunch with Liz on Thursday after my doctor's appointment, and she made me laugh when she told me I was always her "go-to" makeup/hair product person when we worked together! I told her about my new favorites: NYX #529 lipstick and Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. If y'all haven't tried those, you must! They're my favorites! 

And just because I love them both to pieces, here's a picture of Walker and Liz at lunch. {Or "Yiz," as Walker calls her.} 

I saw this article that Real Simple tweeted out earlier this week, and I wanted to give it all the praise hand emojis. Are any of y'all habitually early like me? I had a choir teacher in high school who always said, "If you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late; and if you're late, don't bother showing up." I still repeat that to myself to this day!

And speaking of Twitter, it's my favorite thing on Monday nights during "The Bachelor." The commentary literally makes me giggle! This Monday was no exception, especially during Olivia's "talent." Y'all, that girl is nuts. She totally reminds me of Amy Dunne in "Gone Girl"…like she's just going to kill you at any minute for taking "her man!" Ha! 

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  1. I lol'ed about the Olivia comment. She is definitely freaky, for sure! Glad that you've been surviving the week without your husband there--I know it's been tough but you're doing it!! :) Those kids toys look adorable!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Spring weather, can you send it here. I am so ready for warmth and sunshine, time to melt away the snow!

    How fun you had a great lunch with a friend, Walker looks adorable and I can almost hear him talking, haha. What adorable toys!

  3. OMG I thought the same thing about Olivia/Gone Girl Amy! So creepy. It's like Lace dropped her crazy on the way out and Olivia picked it up! I wanted to tell you - I saw a super similar to the dress we have been look for from Old Navy at Target yesterday in a few different colors! I bought the grey and the black - pregnancy has me totally convinced of the idea of "if you like something, buy it in multiple colors." Have a great weekend, girl!

  4. Love that blue dress, it would look gorgeous on you! Have a great weekend :)

  5. I live in the metroplex too! This weather is killing me. I've been dying for snow but I feel like that time has past. I love the fruit set. I got that for my daughter for christmas too. She loves to "cut, cut, cut."

  6. how fun and that blue dress is stunning girl! so glad i found your blog through the link up! hope youll stop by mine as well :D

  7. Love both of those dresses! Olivia is so crazy. I can't wait to see Monday night's episode!

  8. I love that Texas sweatshirt! Have a great weekend. Jess at Just Jess

  9. Love the style of those two dresses! The blue one is the perfect colour and length for Spring, hope you manage to find something that you like!

  10. I love that blue dress you posted, so pretty! Also, gotta love the Melissa and Doug stuff. My little guy is finally getting to the age where he can play with those toys, so we might need to pick some up for Easter or something...


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