Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday: First One of 2016

Happy Friday, y'all! 

We survived our first full week of the new year…wooo! I'm kind of living by this little mantra today: 

Do y'all have Ace Hardware stores where you are? Ours are so cute and such a nice break from the larger-chain hardware stores. Lest you think this is about a hardware store, let me tell you that our local Ace Hardwares have the cutest little shops in them where they sell candles, barware, college regalia, cute coffee mugs, platters, etc. It's precious! My favorite one sells Tyler Candle Company candles, including my favorite: Dolce Vita. If you have an Ace Hardware near you, run -- do not walk -- to scoop up this scent. It's amazing! 

Have y'all heard about Chick-fil-A's new Mommy Valet service? You can read more about it here, but I'm so excited about this! There is nothing worse than wrangling a kiddo {or more than one} alone while you're trying to order, pay, find a table, carry food and drinks to a table and get everyone situated. With Mommy Valet, you go through the drive-thru to place your order and let the person taking your order know you're using the service and then pay. Then, go park, unload the kiddos and when you get in the restaurant, your table and food will be there waiting for you! 

All I have to say is: THANK YOU, Chick-fil-A! 

On the Mommy side of things, do any of y'all out there have this stroller? If so, what do y'all think? 

Since the boys will be so close in age, I definitely need a double stroller; we use Walker's all the time still for walks, trips to the mall, etc. We used this stroller and this carseat {and will with Baby #2 since it's still safe to use} with Walker, so thankfully it has an adapter that snaps into the Joovy Caboose stroller. I love my Britax, but the need for a double stroller is a necessity. So tell me: do you love it? Hate it? Meh?

My brother-in-law is getting married in April, and it's a black-tie wedding, starting at 7 p.m. Oh, and I'll be 8 months pregnant. *Heavy sigh.* I absolutely refuse to buy a formal dress for this event since I'll be huge and will never have the need to wear a formal maternity dress again. And Rent the Runway doesn't do maternity. Are y'all aware of any maternity dress rental places similar to Rent the Runway? Should I just go up a few sizes in a RTW dress? So tell me, what do I do?! 

Walker's birthday party is next weekend and I'd be lying if I told y'all I was going all-out again this year like I did last year. Being pregnant and having a party two weeks after the holidays just has me wanting to keep it low-key this year. 

Walker loves airplanes, so I'm having the party at a place centered around that, and found some precious airplane-themed paper goods from Oriental Trading. We're going with a red, white, and blue theme, which made finding table cloths, plastic cutlery and cake toppers super easy -- thank you, Dollar Tree! 

I'll leave y'all with a sneak peek of his invitation, which was designed by my ridiculously-talented cousin. I saw this on Etsy, sent her a screenshot and she practically replicated it -- adding in the precious little sleeve that you see below -- for less than half of what the Etsy seller was charging. I'm in love! 

And I'm a paranoid Mom, so I'll show y'all the actual invitation following the party!

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  1. I think Walker's birthday is going to be great because he'll be surrounded by people who love him. No need to go nuts with everything, it'll be fine!
    Could yo try StitchFix for some maternity dresses? My friend did that for her baby shower (I know it's not the same as a formal dress but they may have something?) Worth a try to check it out?
    Happy weekend!

  2. So excited for you and Walker's party :) Have fun!

  3. I bet you could order a few sizes up in something that has a lot of belly room from RTR! Good luck =0)

  4. I havent heard of anything that is similar to rent the runway but maybe check ebay for something that way you aren't spending too much or like the girl above me said - size up!! The party sounds like it's going to be amazing for his birthday! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Woohoo for Walker's party! And I hear you on being paranoid, I'm the same way with internet creepies even without kids. The valet service sounds amazing, what a smart company!

  6. Love that Mommy Valet service - what an awesome idea!

  7. I would maybe try Stitchfix for a dress. Asos had some good maternity dress options when I was in the market and they weren't too pricey. Good luck! Yay for Walker's bday! Happy weekend, lady! xo

  8. I love the new Chick Fil A service, what a great idea! If you could find something empire waisted from rent the runway and go a few sizes bigger that could work I would think! Love the birthday theme!

  9. Have you looked into the Britax B-ready stroller? My girls are 16 months apart and I LOVE that stroller. The car seats are stackable with an attachment. It was nice because the infant seat just clicks into that attachment and the baby basically rides under the other, big seat. I liked it because it was still the size of the regular stroller and the baby was so tucked under that no one ever bother her :) There is other attachments to make it a second seat as well when you are finished with your infant seat. Anyways, there are a million options out there, but I loved sticking with Britax! :) Good luck and I found your blog through momfessionals link up

  10. It's Friday is definitely a term I am using today. Good luck finding a dress!

  11. What an amazing idea from Chick Fil A - they just keep getting better and better! I can't wait to see Walker's airplane party!! I'm sure it'll be absolutely adorable!

  12. Oh my gosh - that Chick Fil A thing! As if that company couldn't get any better - perfect!!!

  13. I LOVE Tyler Candle Company!! I haven't ever seen anyone else have a candle from them, how cool.


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