Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday: Last One for 2016

Happy Friday, y'all! Let's jump right in: 

Brandon and I went on a day date yesterday, thanks to my in-law's who watched the boys for about four hours. It was so nice to have a meal together {and not having to cut up anyone's food!} and just have some uninterrupted one-on-one time. We had lunch and delicious margaritas at Chuy's and then, like the parents we are, we ran some child-free errands. This is what dates have become...and I love it! #adulting 

My grandmother gave me a gift card to Kendra Scott as part of my Christmas gift, and I took approximately 43 years picking out exactly what I wanted. Instead of my usual Danielle earrings purchase, I got these earrings and this bracelet, and I am really loving them so far! Since Knox likes to pull every single earring out of my ear, I have had to stick to studs when I'm around the house so he doesn't pull of them; these I purchased will practically go with anything! 

Brandon and I watched "Bridget Jones's Baby" last night and thought it was completely hilarious! Yes, I realize this movie has been out for practically a year, but clearly we don't go to the theater much anymore {#momlife} and wait for everything to come out on Netflix. And seriously, I'm not sure who I have a bigger crush on: Colin Firth or Patrick Dempsey!?

Have y'all read "The Magnolia Story?" I got it for Christmas and can't wait to dive in. One of my New Year's resolutions is to read more, and I'm going to start with this book on Sunday. I'm hoping I can do a lot more reading before bed now that I don't have super tiny babies who need my constant attention at night!

I saw it on Pinterest years ago and have wanted to do it since: have an engineered print done for our bedroom. We have a huge wall that's been needing some color, and I finally bit the bullet and had Office Depot do one for me. It was a 24x36 print on glossy paper...and it cost me $26 and some change. Y'all! That's insane! I had this picture done {that my friend Liz took} and it looks awesome hanging on our wall. I promise I'll share a good photo when my bedroom is picked up from post-Christmas craziness. ;) 

Have fabulous weekends! Happy New Year; see y'all in 2017!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Belated Christmas Weekending Rewind

Well, Christmas 2016 is in the books! I know I say it every year, but December practically flew by and I'm still in denial we're in the post-Christmas lull already. 

We had a wonderful Christmas -- Knox's first -- and while full of family fun and wonderful memories, I'm enjoying a little Christmas detox right about now. We had a trip to Urgent Care in my hometown for Knox {since our pediatrician was four hours away} who was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection, poor little guy. My kids really love to get sick on their first Christmases...I think we've made it a tradition! ;)

And even though it was a little stressful, I still giggle thinking about Walker's quip when he saw his ride-on excavator Santa brought him {which he saw at Sam's on a trip there with me and asked for it ever since}: "SANTA WENT TO SAM'S!!!!!!" And my mind will forever remember seeing my 98-year-old great-grandfather hold his two great-great-grandsons on Christmas Eve.

Here's a big photo dump of everything we enjoyed this past week: 

+ Time in my hometown in the piney woods of East Texas with my parents, including an ugly sweater decorating contest. I'm pretty sure Walker got more icing on his face than his cookies, but it was precious to see him sit up at the bar with my husband, brothers and their girlfriends and decorate. My Christmas heart was happy.

 + Exploring the new little Christmas Train Village in my hometown, and getting Walker and my best friend for nearly 30 years' little boy together to watch the "choo choos."

+ Celebrating Christmas with my family and grandparents at my parents' house. Walker was just over-the-moon excited with his new bike, fishing pole and astronaut costume that, when I handed him another gift to open, he said, "No, ma'am, I'm fine." Precious guy!

 + My Dad took Walker out to drive real-life construction machines, and let me tell you, his little life was made. If you know anything about Walker, you know that he can name anything from a skid steer to a backhoe to a tractor and disc to an excavator. He was just thrilled to do that with his Papa! And if that wasn't enough, the spoiling continued with a trip out to the deer lease to explore and ride the Mule. I'm pretty sure Walker thinks our house is extremely boring now after experiencing all that! 

 + Celebrated Christmas with my other set of grandparents, where Brandon looked up and realized he was the shortest male on that side of the family. Needless to say, there are some tall genes running deep there! 

 + Ventured out to my hometown's downtown area to see their light chandelier they display every year. And since it's such a small town, we were able to take the picture in the middle of the street and not a car was in sight at 9 p.m. Oh, how I miss that small town life sometimes!

 + Celebrated one last time with family, and seeing my 98-year-old great-grandfather hold his two great-great-grandsons...well, I had to try really hard to hold back my tears at that sight. My sweet Paw-Paw is a World War II veteran, and he was wounded on Nov. 11 in France. We sat and talked to him about some of his war memories, and we all got tickled when he told us, "Woodrow Wilson was President when I was born in 1918!" Y'all, Woodrow Wilson. I 

+ Made the nearly four-hour trek home and unpacked all the things {seriously} and then got ready for Santa to come! I think we had two pretty sweet little boys this year because Santa was awful good to them, and he somehow left his footprints on my wood floor to prove he was there. ;) The wagon was a big hit, along with his excavator

+ We didn't even get out of our Christmas jammies all day long, and it was wonderful. We opened gifts, cleaned up, had our traditional beef tenderloin dinner, and indulged in eggnog and wine. It was perfect.

+ We ventured out to the Galleria yesterday to get some links taken out of Brandon's new watch and have lunch {and let's be honest, to get out of the house}, and while crazy, it was a fun time with my people. I made a trip to Target -- with all the crazies who were practically stocking up for Christmases from now to eternity -- and even though it was a complete and utter madhouse, I was able to score our wrapping paper and tags for next year, along with some precious little Santa plates for Walker's "school" Christmas party next year, and a few stocking stuffers for the boys. 

I hope y'all had wonderful Christmases celebrated with the ones you love. Cheers! 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: A Walk Down Christmas Memory Lane

As I was going through photos earlier this week, pulling out photo after photo to see who Knox resembled more -- Brandon or me -- I came across some photos of Christmas past and thought they were too cute to not share. 

Growing up, I had such a wonderful childhood in a small town in southeast Texas (close to every member of my Dad's side of the family), and my parents always did Christmas big. We're talking one year, my Dad dipped his boots in flour and walked from the fireplace hearth across the carpet -- making Santa's footprints. We still talk about that sweet memory to this day. 

Similarly, Brandon had a great childhood growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee {eventually moving to North Texas when he was seven}, and his Christmas memories include a few white Christmases. 

We are so thankful for these sweet and special memories, and we can't wait to carry on many of these same traditions with our boys. Walker will be celebrating his third Christmas this year, and Knox his first, and we just love seeing this special holiday through their eyes. 

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Guest Blogger Post: Meet Julie from Borm & Co.

Hi, friends! My sweet fellow boy mom blogger Julie from Borm & Co. and I wanted to do a fun little feature today about just that: being boy moms! Julie and I met through this fabulous world of blogging, and I just adore her to pieces. She and I have so much in common, and so please stop by her blog and check it out; you'll love her! We're also swapping profiles for the day, so check out her blog to see the same article about our life, too!

Tell us about yourself and your family:
I’m Julie, and I’ve been married to Clint for almost five years. We met at a Chipotle, and it was a true love story ever since. We have two boys – Shepard who is 2.5, and Bowman (we call him Beau) who is 10 months. They are pretty different in their personalities, but both really sweet kiddos who light up my life.

We just recently moved to Columbus, Ohio from Tampa, Florida for my husband’s job and to get closer to family, and this city is incredible! We loved Tampa, but are blown away by all there is to do here. I miss our friends and the beach a lot, but feel so fortunate to be able to hopefully plant some roots here in Columbus and call this home for a long time.

I recently transitioned from full-time employment to part-time self-employment, and before that spent about 10 years in corporate communications as both a director of communications for a healthcare organization and an account supervisor for an international public relations firm. I work part-time now with several clients on various communications strategies and love this balance. While it’s not always easy, I love being able to essentially have the best of both worlds.

I also blog at Borm &Co. and am a contributor to the Columbus Moms Blog!

Thoughts on being a boy mom:
I grew up with three sisters (I’m the oldest) so never in a million years did I have a clue what it would be like to be a boy mom. My husband and I swore up and down we were going to be having a little “Charlotte,” but at 20 weeks our sonogram told us something much different! Shepard was our first sweet boy, and 21 months later Bowman Wendell was born, and he’s very special. This last year was hard for us when my mother-in-law passed away from cancer just several months after my grandma passed away. Beau brought us so much joy in a difficult season of our lives. He’s still the jolliest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen!

My boys have taught me patience, stamina and strength even when I doubted myself. The first two months with both boys was hard, for different reasons, but mainly the breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. Once I got through that, I felt like I could do anything. Now, I have such a blast doing “boy things,” and love how they enjoy being outdoors, playing at parks and building things. They are both little explorers at heart.

How you enjoy spending naptime:
I’m usually working during naptime, and really any moment I’m not with the boys. But occasionally I make sure I find some time to unwind, and love watching Gilmore Girls or a Real Housewives (guilty pleasure!). Since we are still unpacking, I’m usually still organizing things or trying to get through another moving box.

Favorite activities with two little boys:
I love finding new parks to explore with them, and now that it’s colder out, we’re either at COSI, playcafes, gymnastics for Shep or Gymboree for Beau. Whatever it takes to get out that endless energy! I also won’t pretend like we don’t enjoy a good Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Daniel Tiger. I try to balance screen time with playtime, but sometimes we all need 24 minutes of less talking.

Favorite places to buy boy clothes:
I love GapKids – it’s definitely my favorite. I usually splurge at Smocked Auctions or Vineyard Vines for special outfits.

Your answer when people ask, "Are you going to try for a girl?"
I come from a big family, so the idea of one more is definitely something we talk about a lot. I love the relationship that Shep and Beau have, and if we could add one more to the mix, I think that would be wonderful. My husband and I both agree we want to space a third out longer IF there is a third (so definitely not any time soon). But as far as trying for a girl – that’s not something I would worry about. I spent almost all of the first and second trimester with Beau praying he’d make it through – and he did (he’s my little fighter!) So when I say I’d want a healthy third child, I really mean it.

Your favorite tip for other boy moms:
I always heard that the way a boy treats his mother is the way he’ll treat his wife, and I think that’s true. Clint’s mom definitely taught him to treat women with respect and kindness, and I want to do the same. I have the honor and responsibility of teaching Shepard and Bowman some of the most valuable lessons in life, and I take that seriously. Being a boy mom is tough work, but it’s so, so rewarding! Boys are really affectionate, and truly love their momma!


Can any of you fellow boy mamas out there relate to Julie and me? I'd love to hear from you! 
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