Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Belated Weekending Recap: Graduation + Family Christmas

We had such a full, busy, fun weekend celebrating both my brother, Royden's, graduation from Baylor and Christmas with my family! 

We got up super early on Saturday morning to head south to Waco for my brother's 9:30 a.m. graduation. We are so proud of him for graduating with his Communication Specialist degree! He now joins a long line of Baylor Bears in our family and we're so happy for him. 

Walker did great during the ceremony, but we decided to leave during the presentation of the Masters and Doctorate degrees and instead let him get some energy out on campus. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had so much fun letting Walker wander the campus where Brandon and I met. We looked at the Baylor bears, let him run around the new fountain on Fountain Mall, drove around to look at our old apartments and around campus, and then of course by Magnolia and the Silos! 

Fountain Mall on campus at Baylor University 

Looking at the Baylor Bears

Brandon and Walker sitting on the iconic green & gold benches on campus

Hi, Chip and Joanna Gaines!
After graduation, we had Royden's graduation lunch in the President's Suite at the Baylor Club in MacLane Stadium. It was such a nice lunch! It was pretty neat, too, that we ran into President Ken Starr {as in Judge Ken Starr from Clintongate} and he was so sweet to stand and talk to all of us and pose for pictures for a while. 

Walker, Brandon and Baylor President Judge Ken Starr 

The view from the President's Suite in the Baylor Club at MacLane Stadium

All of the Baylor graduates in our family, lined up in order of graduation year {R-L}

We drove to my hometown that evening and had a low-key night at my grandparents' house  eating Mexican food, watching football and just visiting. We stayed with them this visit since both of my brothers and their girlfriends were in town, too, so we opted to stay at my grandparents and visit with them!

Sunday, we went to church with my family, then went back to my grandparents' house to eat a light lunch and then we all took two-hour naps. {We were worn out!} That night, we all gathered at my parents' house to have a yummy dinner of pork tenderloin, potato casserole, green beans, Greek salad, rolls and my grandmother's famous dessert, Chocolate Crumb. 

My Mom's tree is gorgeous!

Walker had a ball opening his presents! He got the Cozy Coupe, a tricycle, a farm, cars and trucks, a dump truck, and a ton of other goodies. Santa doesn't even need to come now! ;) He did so great staying up late -- he went to bed at 10 p.m.! -- and we were super proud of that. {And him sleeping in until 8 a.m. on Monday morning was quite nice, too!} 

Walker and his Aunt Maggie

My brother, Royden, and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn

My brother, Parker, and his girlfriend, Emma

Our family, minus my Dad, who was taking the picture. I love these people!

My goofy grandparents playing with the ribbon from their gifts

My goofy grandparents playing with the ribbon from their gifts

My sister is obsessed with unicorns, so we got her a full unicorn bodysuit and slippers

"Ralphie" loved her outfit and hasn't taken it off!

It took my Dad, two brothers and grandfather to put together Walker's Cozy Coupe! Ha!

We left before lunch on Monday to come home and get all of our luggage and gifts put together and up; cars washed; errands run; laundry done and get prepared for Christmas week! 

Walker was pretty obsessed with his new toys and wanted to keep them within arm's reach. If we tried to move them, he threw a fit, yelling, "No! Toys, Daddy! Play!" Haha! 



  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! I bet it brought back a lot of great memories walking around where you and your husband first met. So neat! Merry Christmas!

  2. What fun! First, I love that Baylor has actual bears on the campus - so cool! I love how many of you graduated from there, kind of like my family and Penn State (well, minus Derek and I haha). Your mom's tree is SO gorgeous and the family celebration looks like such fun - love Walker with all his toys!

  3. What a fun weekend! That campus is so pretty!

  4. What a fun weekend full of celebrations!! Its so cool that you were able to take your son around campus where you all met. Sounds like you had a lot of family fun too! Your mom's tree is gorgeous and your whole family sounds really fun!

  5. Those cozy coupes are no joke! I remember putting together the girls and one of them had scampered off with the insert that was a NECESSARY YOU MUST DO THIS STEP and then only realizing it at the end and having to take it all apart to do it again. By the end Tyler came home and it was all put together but I was half a bottle of wine in!

  6. What an amazing weekend!! Congrats to your brother on his graduation! Love that you have so many family members who graduated from Baylor - so special!


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