Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 Holiday Home Tour

The Christmas season is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year: the lights, the treats, the merriment, the décor…I could go on and on. 

Speaking of the décor, I've been known to put my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving just to enjoy it all, much to my husband's chagrin. There's just something about having a morning cup of coffee by the lights of the Christmas tree, or watching a Christmas movie on TV with the fire blazing and Christmas tree glowing -- and no other lights on in the house. It's just so happy

Today, I'm participating in the 2015 Holiday Home Tour with Laura from The Avery Grace, and I'm so excited to share our Christmas décor and a few of our traditions with you! Our house is by no means a showroom floor -- we're more like the house next door -- but I'm thrilled y'all want a little peek inside our decorated home.
Welcome to our home! 

Each year, we hire someone to hang the lights on our house and set up the garland around the door and reindeer in the side yard, and my favorite thing is that our son, Walker, is now old enough to enjoy them. Hearing his little voice say, "Whoa! Lights!" every night when they switch on makes it all worth it. 

We have a bright Christmas tree, which is a bit untraditional. All of our other decorations are quite traditional, so I wanted to have a bright, fun tree. Our tree skirt was made by Brandon's grandmother many years ago, and I love the vintage look of it underneath our tree. 

Like my parents did for us, each year we purchase a Christmas ornament for Walker, and will do so for our other children. The year's ornament has a theme from what we were interested in that year; mine range from everything from "Sesame Street" {when I was a toddler} to a car the year I turned 16. This year, Walker's is an airplane for our sweet airplane-loving boy! 

Another tradition Brandon and I started when we got married {on our honeymoon, to be exact} is to purchase an ornament from our vacation destinations. I love opening the boxes each year and reminiscing about our trips to Antigua, Mexico, Jamaica, New York City and even just our Baylor ornament! 

This ornament is from our anniversary trip to Jamaica this summer. 

I also love including the sweet little ornaments Walker makes at "school." The one below is a clay mold of his handprint, and I'll treasure that sweet little ornament forever!

We hang our stockings by the chimney -- yes, with care! -- and yes, even the crazy cat gets a stocking! 

Of course I had to include this sweet baby's stocking on the mantle this year, even though we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet. As soon as we do, you bet I'll be getting his or her name monogrammed on it, too! {We find out the gender on New Year's Eve! Eeek!}

In our house, Santa brings gifts and fills stockings for the kiddos, and of course Brandon and I fill each other's stockings with fun little gifts. Santa leaves his presents for the kiddos unwrapped by the fireplace, and those are Walker's gifts from "us." He gets so many other gifts from my parents, both sets of my grandparents and in-law's that he is set! Brandon and I exchange small gifts to one another on Christmas morning. 

Some other fun touches we display around the house are this tall wooden hand-painted Santa Clause my grandmother brought us back from one of their many trips across the pond, and I just love it! It's perfect on our entryway table.

We also display this snow globe that was Brandon's when he was a little boy.

Perhaps my favorite nook is where we display Walker's Santa visit pictures! This was his first visit to Santa, and I couldn't believe he didn't cry. I can't wait to display and frame this year's photo! 

{And excuse my husband's sandwich in the background! Apparently he couldn't wait to make his favorite PB&J until I was finished taking photos. Ha!}

I purchase a new Christmas-themed book each holiday season and keep them on the coffee table for us to read to Walker whenever he wants. It's a fun way to always keep us in the holiday spirit…even when we read the same book 40+ times in a day!

And just for grins, this year, Brandon strung lights in our tiny little backyard and through our yaupon holly tree. It's fun to sneak a peek of the twinkling lights as the sun is setting in Texas! 

Thank you for visiting our home!

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  1. I love seeing everyone's Christmas decor and their own personal touches on everything! Your front door is so pretty--what a bright way to light up your entrance!

  2. Beautiful!!! I love your tree, so colorful! P.s. I cannot wait to find out if you are having a baby boy or girl, eek!

  3. What a great Santa picture! When I saw the first picture of the stockings I thought you'd already monogrammed baby's stocking and were keeping it from us! haha. Can't wait to find out what you're having! Your decor is beautiful!

  4. I LOVE that cookie plate! And I am with you on being excited about the baby stocking! I haven't bought ours yet, but we have the stocking holder on the mantel already and I smile every time I look at it :-) We find out the gender Dec. 30th, so close to you! Already DYING to know!!

  5. I love the bright tree you guys do and it looks fabulous all lit up at night! My most favorite is that extra stocking up on the mantel!!

  6. I love your decorations!! They are perfect! That is so exciting you'll find out the gender on New Year's Eve!!

  7. Such a beautiful home! I really like the personalized stocking on your front door!

  8. love the all white stockings and the framed photos with Santa

  9. I love the cookie plate and glass
    Milk carton that are for Santa! Lol so cute!!

  10. I love how your tree twinkles at night! So pretty!


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