Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What's in My Diaper Bag

As a busy mom on the go, I always keep a stocked diaper bag. My diaper bag doubles as a purse, so not only do I keep Walker's necessities in there, I keep my personal stuff, too! 

Let's take a peek what's in ours {L-R}: 

{1} Toys: I love having extra toys in my diaper bag just in case things get a little unruly: lunch goes a little longer than we thought; we're waiting in a doctor's office waiting room with toys sick kids have touched; or Walker gets antsy in the car. I always keep these flash cards and this toy remote with me. 

{2} Disposable Table Toppers: I know I've talked about these disposable placemats before, but I had to include them here again. They're wonderful when you're eating out at a restaurant so you don't have to put your child's food directly on the table, or deal with them throwing a plate on the floor. {My kid has never done that...yeah right! ;)} Each placemat is disposable and sticks on the table on all four sides of the rectangle. They're awesome. 

{3} Snacks: I swear, we will go play with friends and their child starts eating a snack, and Walker suddenly acts like we haven't fed him in days. #drama 
I like to keep Goldfish {or "Doh-dish," as Walker says} on hand in this on-the-go snack container. I really like the OXO brand because Walker hasn't yet figured out how to get the lid off -- it snaps on instead of screwing on -- and I love that it doesn't spill when he tips it over, or throws it, or it gets lost in the abyss of my backseat. 

{4} Diapers: I mean, duh! You can't go anywhere without diapers. I always keep at least four in my bag just in case. 

{5} Outfit Change: You just never know with kids. They could spill something on themselves, have an accident or fall in mud at the park. I always keep an extra change of clothes in our diaper bag and switch them out with the seasons and his growth. 

{6} Boogie Wipes: These are great for those snotty, crusty noses -- especially in the winter! These wipes have saline in them that help immediately dissolve boogers. They really seem to help with Walker's crusty nose a little better than regular wipes, so I like to keep them on hand.

{7} Brush: Walker's hair is so crazy and his new favorite thing is mussing his hair after I fix it for the day. So, I have recently started carrying a cheap infant brush on hand for his unruly hair. This definitely isn't a necessity for everyone, but it is for us!

{8} Wipes: A travel pack of wipes is as necessary as diapers for those on-the-go diaper changes. Plus, as you know, wipes are awesome for things other than just diaper changes: messy hands, a quick spill clean-up and more. 

{9} Changing Pad: This changing pad came with my diaper bag and it's a big help. I always lay this down on the changing table in public restrooms {and then wipe it down with a Clorox wipe when I get home}. It's also good to have when you're changing your kids at other people's houses {especially those without kids who don't have a diaper changing area you can use!}. 

{10} Wet Ones: Wet Ones are the best! Like wipes, they can be used for multiple purposes, but I like them better for messy hands since they're antibacterial. I keep these in my diaper bag, in my car's console and in our house. 

{11} Itzy Ritzy Bags: I never realized the necessity of these until Walker had an accident while we were out and I didn't have anywhere to put his soiled clothes. The bags are fabric on the outside {and are washable!} and have a PVC-free lining that helps keep odors and leaks in the bag and not in your diaper bag! These are also great for swimwear after the pool or at the beach. The smaller one is a snack bag that can hold small snacks, but I typically use it for anything of mine that can't get wet at the pool, like my watch, phone, etc. 

{12} Hand Cream: My hands are super dry, and since I wash them ALL THE TIME with a child, I love to keep this hand cream in my diaper bag at all times. Definitely not a necessity for all, but it is for me. 

{13} Hand Sanitizer: Even before I had Walker, I kept a bottle of hand sanitizer in my car...germs! I still keep a bottle in my car and a little travel size bottle {or two} in Walker's diaper bag. You just never know!

{14} My Wallet, Makeup Bag and Sunglasses: Of course, I always keep my wallet on hand since my diaper bag doubles as my purse! 

{15} Desitin Maximum Strength: Walker has a very sensitive bum, so I always keep a tube of Desitin Maximum Strength in our diaper bag. {And at home in his changing area, and an extra tub on hand in our medicine cabinet…} I have tried many different types of diaper rash cream, and this really helps clear Walker's diaper rash quickly and without pain for him. It's always priced well and available everywhere. But, Target Cartwheel is currently offering a 25% off Desitin right now! {Here is a quick link to download the coupon.} Even if you don't have children of your own, this is always a great add-on item to give to a new mom with a baby shower gift…trust me, she will appreciate it! 



  1. I laughed the first time I saw boogie wipes at my friend's house, but I know they serve a purpose! A really important one! :)

  2. I love those wet/dry bags!! Nothing like a diaper blow out at a doctors office with your 10 day old ;)


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