Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's Hap-'pinning' Wednesday

Y'all. I can't believe that this time next week is Thanksgiving Eve! {Yes, that's a thing! Ha!} But seriously, November has absolutely flown by. Here's what's been "hap-'pinning'" with us lately, aside from our big announcement

We've been working to finalize Walker's big-boy room, and we're almost there. I'm hoping to share it with y'all next week before Thanksgiving. It's so cute! {Now I'm just hoping he'll sleep in there…!} 

Cool -- dare I say "cold" at times? -- weather has finally made its way to North Texas, and we've been enjoying a lot of time outdoors on walks, playing in the backyard and on outings with friends. Our recent outings have been to the Fort Worth Zoo

…and to a pottery-painting place where the kiddos painted coffee mugs for their daddies for Christmas {and Walker painted an ornament brown}. Haha!

And to The Galleria, where we did a little Christmas shopping and then Walker and I had a little Mommy/son date. He did so great in the restaurant and I was really proud of him! {And I especially loved the sweet waiter who told this tired pregnant lady, "However old you are, you look really young. Whatever you're doing, keep it up!" I could have kissed him on the mouth. HA!} 

Brandon and Walker are absolute best buds, and I woke up on Sunday morning to find this hilarious scene. Seriously, the first thing Walker does when he wakes up is stand up in his crib and yell, "DADDY! DAAAAAAA-DDDDYYYYY!?" #imchoppedliver

Other than that, we've been prepping for Thanksgiving! I am bringing potato casserole and squash casserole to our family's annual gathering; I can't wait to partake in all the yumminess and see my grandmother's side of the family on Thanksgiving Day!

On another note, I only have one more Christmas gift left to buy and I'll be finished for the season! My goal is to have everything purchased and wrapped by Dec. 1. I know that sounds outlandish and I'm sure some of y'all are thinking I've totally skipped over Thanksgiving, but with a toddler, a husband who travels for work and being pregnant? I totally just want to enjoy December and try to sit back and remember the true reason for the season instead of feeling rushed and exhausted to the core by the time Christmas Day rolls around. Fingers crossed, because as y'all know, December quickly gets jam-packed with company Christmas parties; events at kiddos' schools; family gatherings; December graduations; recitals; etc.! 

And finally, on a completely random note: this is Walker's favorite new toy. Seriously, it keeps him busy while I'm cooking dinner; when he goes with me to my doctor's appointments; and in the car. For all you mamas, this is the best $15 you will spend today. And for those of you looking to gift something to your niece, nephew, cousin or friend's kid? They will thank you for this. Trust me. ;)

I can't wait to see what's "hap-'pinning'" with y'all! Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. The photo of Brandon and Walker in the crib together just made my day! Love it! Lots of fun things going on with you guys lately--the biggest is that baby announcement! Congrats (again)! :)

  2. Wow, only one present left?! That is amazing!! Congrats!!

  3. Ahhh! Playing catch up on posts! Congrats on #2!!! And love your family pics- beautiful!!

  4. The mommy/son date melts my heart and the crib scene is too funny, ha!!

  5. Magna doodles! So glad they're still a thing! And I am totally getting this for all the kiddos I play fun aunt to!!


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